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  1. 1. Remove Subs - First problem solved. 2. Remove Planes - Second problem Solved
  2. madgiecool

    Anzac Day – Vampire and Perth

    I'm glad the bot knows that NZ is spelt with capital letters. Thanks WG for the chance to get some Australian ships.
  3. madgiecool

    Rogue Wave + Benham

    If it was a mistake, they would remove it and replace it with something else. They haven't. I wasn't planning on holding my breath. When a % of the community is getting buffs and bonus for 100's and 1,000's of games, and a % of the community can't get the the same bonus. Then something is clearly broken.
  4. madgiecool

    Rogue Wave + Benham

    Do you know if WOWS will do the Military Month Contributor flag again? Some of us missed it back in 2016 and it does grate that some players have been getting XP buffs for 100's of games over the last 6 years and there have never been another release like it. If I had known back in 2016 that I was still playing in 2022, I may have made more of an effort....
  5. madgiecool

    Petro Banned in CB's

    Which one?
  6. madgiecool

    Didn't see a single darn pirate at tier VII!

    Did you use the schedule?
  7. madgiecool

    Pirate Exploit

    When 2 (or more) players who are not in a division, count in to enter the battle at the same time. Normally works best when the ships are the same tier. This does not always work And may (or may not) be on the same team
  8. madgiecool

    Pirate Exploit

    The rules for the Pirate are clear. #6 No Sync Dropping. Sad that a fun event was exploited. Thanks for the info.
  9. If you're going to take the time to write a response, then write a response. Taking the time to write: I could write a response.... and then not actually writing anything productive seems like a waste of your time, my time, and everyone else's time who is reading this thread.
  10. And this would be useless for the team. For a DD to remain 12.5Km away from the reds, there will be a lot of reds that will remain unspotted.
  11. Also try "Tell me how you really feel".
  12. madgiecool

    An apology - very sincere....

    100% This^^^ Grats on having the courage to stand up