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  1. Nice game. Looks like you almost got an arson achievement.
  2. Sorry, I don't know much about the Graf. But just to confirm, you lost all your fighters and shot 7 planes while doing so? I see why players complain about the Graf.
  3. in case a TL;DR is needed. American
  5. In WoT we called them TD's. Tanks Without A Turret Ask your 'friend' to drive a T.W.A.T today
  6. Funny. This is the 2nd time I have seen this post. Perhaps WG needs to make this info more accessible. e.g some other way to see the mounting requirements without owning the module. Or perhaps a larger font on the module requirements?
  7. Bring on the doby dust!
  8. patch 0.6.0 All commander skills reset, and for 1 week WG had very cheep skill reset so skills could be tried. I like to call WG alot of names, but buffs, nurfs and skill resets have been part of the WG product for almost 10 years. I see no issue with buff/nurf policy.
  9. eh? What buffs/nurfs.
  10. ...yes....completely unfair advantage.... How dare he know when a player on his team is using an active consumable. How dare WG put such a mod in in WOWS modpack, and Aslain put it in his mods....
  11. Srsly WG. I don't know how you did it, but I assume you're responsible for the glitch that caused players from both teams to DC simultaneously. Please pay for my repair bill. Regards,
  12. I wouldn't mind alot of stuff in this game. Whats wrong with the way US CV's are? Sure, I only got to tier 7.... but it seems to me the choice is strike heavy or AS heavy. If I wanted a balanced loadout, I'ld go IJN, or wait to see what RN or Ge navy has. Asking for balanced loadout seems like a game changer. Like asking for US BB's to have torps, or RN CL's/CA's to have HE
  13. I refuse to do a WoWS search for a topic called 'above'. Can't you just post a link?!?!?!
  14. About 6 months ago WG sent out a survey on making WoWS better. As a clan, under suggestions we added 'Allow multiple purchases from the prem store'. This was months ago.....