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  1. Hi POW, I've never been a big fan of CV's. I did play early/mid tier USN CV line for the 2 Sqn's of fighters. Doing no damage was fine as I was pretty much able to lock down most other CV's during a battle and enable my team to focus on the forward torpedoes rather than torpedoes that came from any direction. I took a break and some random patch has made my USN CV's ONLY have a stock configuration. So here is my feedback: 1. This is rude. I still have modules on my CV's like Air mod 1 and Air mod 2. Which now seem rather redundant with only 1 fighter Sqn, and I'm expected to pay gold if I want to change this. 2. I got the Sai Pan for the same reason. lots of fighter Sqn's, therefor I could use the same captain from the Ranger onto the Sai Pan. TL;DR my crew trainer that I brought is no longer the crew trainer as 2 fighter Sqn's have been removed from ALL low/mid tier USN CV's. I'm considering asking for a refund on my prem CV. 3. Would a new player entering the game bother with USN CV's knowing that every boat is going to be stock up to tier X? That sounds very boring to me. In addition to my feedback. While going thou trying to find the reason for the changes... I found..... nothing. I see AP bombs were release for some CV's but NOTHING to indicate why the low tier USN CV's needed to have all the options removed. IMHO (not that I play much anymore) the loadout on the low/mid tier USN CV's is utter rubbish. 1/1/1. 1 fighter will not 'heard' other planes into a trap. 1 TP can't cross drop, and while the 1 bomber can still start fires, this is only viable if the target ship has it's repair skill on cooldown. e.g just repaired from flooding from the cross drop.
  2. Just letting players know, so they are prepared for disappointment.
  3. How about NO! We've (and I mean WG NA WOWS) have done a "create a camo before", and it was poos. The winner, painted a ship black...put on a jolly roger and won. Cammo is there to serve a function, a skin is there to look cool. Not wasting my time with this one.
  4. When people get angry at their CV...

    Nice game. Looks like you almost got an arson achievement.
  5. When people get angry at their CV...

    Sorry, I don't know much about the Graf. But just to confirm, you lost all your fighters and shot 7 planes while doing so? I see why players complain about the Graf.
  6. What is the best AA DD?

    in case a TL;DR is needed. American
  7. - WG Mod Pack

  8. In WoT we called them TD's. Tanks Without A Turret Ask your 'friend' to drive a T.W.A.T today
  9. Funny. This is the 2nd time I have seen this post. Perhaps WG needs to make this info more accessible. e.g some other way to see the mounting requirements without owning the module. Or perhaps a larger font on the module requirements?
  10. patch 0.6.0 All commander skills reset, and for 1 week WG had very cheep skill reset so skills could be tried. I like to call WG alot of names, but buffs, nurfs and skill resets have been part of the WG product for almost 10 years. I see no issue with buff/nurf policy.
  11. It's a bit of a role reversal, isn't it?

    https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/pt0610/ eh? What buffs/nurfs.
  12. Flamu's Mod Pack

    ...yes....completely unfair advantage.... How dare he know when a player on his team is using an active consumable. How dare WG put such a mod in in WOWS modpack, and Aslain put it in his mods....
  13. Srsly WG. I don't know how you did it, but I assume you're responsible for the glitch that caused players from both teams to DC simultaneously. Please pay for my repair bill. Regards,
  14. I wouldn't mind alot of stuff in this game. Whats wrong with the way US CV's are? Sure, I only got to tier 7.... but it seems to me the choice is strike heavy or AS heavy. If I wanted a balanced loadout, I'ld go IJN, or wait to see what RN or Ge navy has. Asking for balanced loadout seems like a game changer. Like asking for US BB's to have torps, or RN CL's/CA's to have HE