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  1. ^^^^^This There would be no point to 2nd wind if it was on all the time. e.g starting the game with a heal (over 120sec pd) would be pointless. ...and it does say earn a Big K, or 1st blood. This would be a per game.
  2. The biggest losers to RN BB's will be RN Ca's and CL's. Nice speech thou.
  3. I'm doing it for the 30K credits and the chance to get a free ship Its sad players need to ask about these things.
  4. Abit slow Niko I posted this up a few days ago, but thanks anyway
  5. That 1 player, will always find a way to grief. e.g ramming another player out of a smoke bubble. e.g not dropping smoke to support that guy receiving fire. e.g ramming into a minefield (current operation) e.g. yolo and/or passive play The punishment system is already part of the game. Mistakes should be punished. You do TD/TK you go pink, badly angle to an enemy - lose HP and/or die. You win, you get a star. Lose a match, lose a star. Brawling by definition is not safe. Please don't argue that it can be made safer. Anyone not involved in the brawl can ether hold their shots, find another target or shoot and risk the consequences. As a player, I appreciate WG giving us this choice. Escort missions/Mines/Flame throwers/Missiles WoT has asked for these for over 5 years. I doubt they (WG) would enable it for one product and not the other. Yes, RNG is part of the game, and even the best aimed shots can go wild. Part of the skill (and fun) involved in this game is knowing which risks to take and which to avoid. Thank you for you POV thou
  6. Fear of change is it? How about you and your team tell us the benefits of this change? So far the argument is: We want FF removed so we don't turn pink. That sounds like a change to support lazy players. Too lazy to aim. Too lazy to pay the consequences of team damage. Too lazy to have the foresight to read the mini map.
  7. Mains? I plug all my electrical equipment into mains. So far mains has never complained, and once a month I get a bill for using mains. I found your post very confusing.
  8. Are we having this conversation because the US has FF more allies that any other nation?
  9. Have you tried minesweaper on easy? How about Monolopy and decide no one has to pay rent. That be easy and less stress too. Most likely boring as hell. No challenge, no fun.
  10. My goodness, I can just imagine the torp spam if there was no FF. E.g. 2 BB's having a brawl. DD's/CV's on both sides will be spamming torps trying to save their BB and get that +1 on the score board. No FF would be a step backwards, it would lower the skill levels and enable more 2-3 y/o's to use WoWS as a baby sitter. I say No TY. Leave the game as it is. The current issues are enough without making more changes.
  11. Wows Modpack is finally up.
  12. Can someone help me? I want to know the 'reason' for the proposed smoke change. The most common line being used is "...smoke is being abused by the team...". If this is the only reason, then no change is required. As it is a TEAM game and dropping smoke for the TEAM benefit should be encouraged, not penalised. It is already hard enough to get some DD's to support with smoke. This change will be detrimental to team cohesion. WG, if you are finding smoke to be a problem, try the following: 1. Random torp spam into the smoke. 2. The use of radar. More ships have it now, and with the changes in this patch, the +40% active time module is now more viable to use than before 3. Hydro 4. Yolo charge 5. Go push the other flank With these 5 options, I am surprised you feel the need to even suggest [edited]with the game mechanics.