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  1. madgiecool

    Is the Guepard good?

    What makes a ship good? This is a very good question. I believe good is working for the people, watching the alignment meter showing green rather that red. Red is always shown as evil alignment. Even Darth Vader's light saber was red. I dunno if the tracer colour in an indicator of the captain alignment, but it would be cool if i could do additional damage to a ship of another alignment. Oh Snap! Maybe everyone on the green team is the 'good' alignment and everyone on the red team is the not-so-good alignment. Maybe I'm looking at this in too much detail? Srsly - Try the LWM reviews, GL.
  2. madgiecool

    Question about the Montana

    @CaptainZade_NA Take another line. IMHO - no point playing at tier X any more, as the Legendary Upgrades are now Unique Upgrades (and unlocked from the RB). There are some exceptions e.g. Clan wars, as there is usually 1 BB (or no BB with a CV) having a Monty is not a great choice for CW. If it's your 4th tier X and you want to unlock the RB (Research Bureau) - Only needs to be researched, not brought Otherwise the credits are better off being saved
  3. madgiecool

    Texas OP Plz Nurf

    If I found a ship I considered to be OP, that no one else was complaining about... ...I would keep that information to myself and have another game. I guess you are a better person than I am.
  4. madgiecool

    A CV Torp run

    eh? Are you in the same conversation? Not sure what SE has to do with the achievement above. edit. Oh do you mean the SE takes the HP above 'normal;' making it easier to farm the dreadnought achievement? No Sorry. SE just makes the a new normal (if that makes sense). e.g. Normal HP is what we see in port
  5. madgiecool

    A CV Torp run

    I only know of 1 special IJN captain and this isn't it. As the screen shot says ranked in the top left corner - correct.
  6. madgiecool

    A CV Torp run

    ..and here is me getting a dreadnaught in a DD that doesn't have a heal
  7. madgiecool

    You have warship meme's?

    I shamelessly stole this (image) from a WOT forum back in 2011/2012. Unfortunately I lost the original when Photobucket changed. I do have this version (below) which still has the WOT logo's on the laptops. I honestly thought I was being clever when I put the wows icons over the top. Thanks for the tidy up on the image SerB was constantly nurfing tanks and buffing others at the time. Was a very classic meme at the time
  8. madgiecool

    Anti fire Builds useless

    Too much information provided by OP. No listing of captin skills used (or not used) No list of signals used (or not used) No info on which BB No info of what ship(s) started the fires No list of support he had (or did not have) which would help with.... ...Position. why you got focused
  9. madgiecool


    I got all 10 before the mercy rule kicked in Needles to say, this game was enough to unlock the next tier The new player experience on 'other' servers can be fun and rewarding.
  10. madgiecool

    Arkansas Beta - for new CV players

    0 planes killed with 0 AA. OMG - How has everyone missed this?!??!!?!?
  11. madgiecool

    KOTS XI begins now!

    Well, I watched a few games on Dobby's channel. I'll wait for his next stream -Thanks for the info.
  12. madgiecool

    Asym bot team activated!

    ...or if you want bots - just go low tier randoms.
  13. madgiecool

    KOTS XI begins now!

    Anyone else find it odd that none of KOTS is available on the WOWS channel?
  14. madgiecool

    Why did you wreck the Yamato

    Nice pun - I see what you did there. The allies turned the Yamato in to a wreck. Wrecks can be salvaged.