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  1. What is the best T9 CA

    I like all of the tier 9 cruisers thus far. Although not very popular, I liked the Ibuki. I wasn't particularly successful, wins wise, but I did enjoy her. The Roon is a strange beast and takes a bit to get used to. A solid ship though. It's weird that the DM and Neptune do not show up in my list even though I've had them for a while.
  2. I do love the German cruiser line. My stats in the Admiral Hipper are not great but she was a keeper for me. The Roon takes a bit to get used to but I do like her a lot. I will probably keep her as well. The only ship in the line I didn't care for was the Yuck (aka Yorck) I had a tough time with her.
  3. Been here for three years now. Of course there have been some gaps here and there. But boats is a tough habit to break.
  4. Kraken Club

    My Kraken list (several ships are repeat customers): Destroyers: Kamikaze Hatsuharu (old one) Benson (6 Kills) Maas Nicholas (6 kills) G-101 Cruisers: Hipper Edinburgh Shchors Fiji (7 Kills) Roon (Just last night) Nurnberg Aoba St. Louis ARP Takao ARP Ashigara Erie (Only two battles in her...I guess I started off with a BANG!) Chester Independence (This one surprised me) Scharnhorst (6 kills) Warspite Colorado (6 kills) Gneisenau Tirpitz Texas (7 Kills) Konig Arkansas Beta (6 kills) Bayern King George V Konig Albert Myogi Kaiser Giulio Casare
  5. The Yubari would be an excellent candidate for tier 0.
  6. What's with ageism? From my experience Potatoitis knows no age, sex or geographic limitations.
  7. As much as I dislike the Izumo and would love to her replaced or buffed or something. The Musashi is too much like the Yamato, they are sister ships after all. Moving from tier 9 to 10 would be not much different. Too much like a tech tree upgrade from the "A" hull to a "C" hull (see Amagi).
  8. You know what they say about assumptions? This 40+ year probably knows an order of magnitude more about how the Internet works than the average twenty something. Not that understanding how a technology works is a requirement to be good at a game. Just an FYI.
  9. Premium Ship Quality Overall

    Agreed. Perhaps instead of the term "good" we should use "popular" instead.
  10. Branching out advice?

    I recommend playing all lines, at least enough to get to know them. You know the old expression "no your enemy...". It will make you a better player.
  11. First ever!

  12. Premium Ship Quality Overall

    Considering how rare the Indy is I'd say people have spoken with both their wallets and choice of ships to play. Perhaps RNGesus isn't smiling on me and I don't get too shoot at the Indy as often as I would like. I do see the Sims fairly often at tier 7ish battles. In fact saw two in the same battle yesterday.
  13. Free Experience

    Get some or use any Papa, Papa signals you might have on some higher tier premium ships you might have. My go to ships for this are the Missouri (you sad you don't have it yet), Scharnhorst, Tirpitz or Alabama. If you are missing higher tier premium ships then anything you've got in that range will do almost as good a job. I believe 100x Papa, Papa signals is only a few dollars. So if you don't want to break the bank or deplete the doubloons you have that might be a cheaper route.
  14. server error - cant login 48 hours now

    Getting the same issue. Not as long though.
  15. Premium Ship Quality Overall

    The Sims is a quality ship. The Indy...well...not so much.