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  1. USS Texas Reward?

    Why would I, because I WAS being robbed before and WoW looked into it and saw YES I was being robbed for some reason and they did fix the problem and it is why I am back.
  2. USS Texas Reward?

    Thanks for the reply, yes I earned 25,000 base. Oddly, after posting this it showed up in my harbor, maybe a slow glitch or something. All good I got it, Moderators can delete this post.
  3. USS Texas Reward?

    Sorry been away for a bit, but when I came back I had a "Personal" Mission that stated if I get 25000 XP I would get a Texas BB. I finished the mission and I got nothing. Did I read wrong or something? Very annoying exactly why I quit playing before because I was being robbed rewards after completing missions, it never credited my account ANYTHING on any mission.
  4. Dive Bombers

    I can see your point to some degree, but "have it all"...having 2 Fighters to play chase with, and then also getting a pointless dive bomber who *might* hit something for a pathetic amount of damage, is by no means "having it all". It by no means screams fun and why I can only stomach it for a few games at a time.
  5. Dive Bombers

    I am sure this is a dead horse...but SERIOUSLY. I think a good fix would give dive bombers the ability to see if a enemy ship has used its repair consumable or not, because dive bombers depend on starting fires and if the fires they do create are instantly put out, then whats the point. It is alot better option then making the bombs do more damage or anything of the sorts. Yes... Yes... torpedo first, but I like Air Superiority and only have a single Dive Bomber, and to be honest the CV part of the game is SORELY lacking in the fun department compared to the other areas. Right now dive bombers are a joke compared to torpedo planes. Im sure someone will say watch the map, but first I am to busy chasing after the torpedo plane hoard, and fighting other fighters and for some reason Im stuck in 2 vs 2 CV battles 90% of the time anymore, so I don't have time to watch when a enemy ship uses its repair. Just a idea...Im sure some will disagree and so be it.