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  1. skaol

    USS Texas Reward?

    Why would I, because I WAS being robbed before and WoW looked into it and saw YES I was being robbed for some reason and they did fix the problem and it is why I am back.
  2. skaol

    USS Texas Reward?

    Thanks for the reply, yes I earned 25,000 base. Oddly, after posting this it showed up in my harbor, maybe a slow glitch or something. All good I got it, Moderators can delete this post.
  3. Sorry been away for a bit, but when I came back I had a "Personal" Mission that stated if I get 25000 XP I would get a Texas BB. I finished the mission and I got nothing. Did I read wrong or something? Very annoying exactly why I quit playing before because I was being robbed rewards after completing missions, it never credited my account ANYTHING on any mission.