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  1. Me too! I'm glad it's not my computer dying.
  2. I played World of Tanks and watched Jingles videos to get better. He showed a WOWs video from Beta, signed up for Beta and have been playing ever since. I don't play any other game at this point.
  3. I've enjoyed it. I'm at tier 8 now. The funnest thing for me is deleting destroyers with a broadside of HE! (rare but fun)
  4. I've read all the books in the series. Some are better than others, but the series as a whole is very good and entertaining. Looking forward to the new book. Thanks
  5. I just played a game on the test server and I agree the graphics are amazing! Well done!
  6. Me to. I didn't know this. Thanks
  7. The only T7 in a T7-T9 match.

    It's rare, but it happens. Just like LadyJess said I turn total support and end up doing OK since I'm not overly aggressive or over extend.
  8. I've been having this issue as well, but only when I exit the game without exiting to port first.
  9. Upgrading USS Iowa

    Hull C gives a better rudder shift which is noticable as well as better AA. I'd recommend getting the C upgrade first.
  10. Iowa C Hull question

    I didn't know about the rudder shift time benefit. Thanks all.
  11. Iowa C Hull question

    Hi All Working my way through the Iowa, I noticed the C hull has fewer AA (by -16 if I remember correctly). Is there any reason to get the C Hull? I'm guessing there's something I'm missing. Thanks in advance.