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  1. Hey, I'm searching for a clan that is well organized and has highly skilled players to learn from. I really enjoy clans that have designated match leaders, members that follow direction and willing to teach advanced techniques. I play a few nights a week for about an hour at a time, no problem with voice comms and mature with no smack talk.
  2. Hoping to find a clan that offers a clear rank structure with assigned commanders and who coordinate fleet operations where possible. Team play where everyone knows their role and is expected to perform is very important to me. Stats are not as much an issue as working as a unit. Have TS and Ventrillo with working mic. Play time is 1-2 hours per night. Central time zone US
  3. USN DD's

    If you are playing a DD and shooting at things 10k away, you're doing it wrong.
  4. Pros of Lemming Trains

    Just an FYI, there isn't a ship on any list that was ever meant to operate alone and out of formation. That was reserved for subs and commerce raiders.
  5. Seems to me the whole capping mechanic doesn't fit for this game anyway. That seems to lend more to land based warfare and I think this format would be better suited to missions like: Bombard land targets Sink the flattops Run the Gauntlet (get from one end of the map to the other with as little damage as possible) I think the immersion factor would increase significantly if the flavor of the game became more akin to it's real life application.