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  1. Like I said I played games I should have won and didn't. You get teams that melt in 5-8 mins and there is nothing you can do... You can't stop bads from ruining a good game. If I had 2 ships maybe... lol. Your chances of wining as your team dies goes down drastically. That's why solo warriors are so rare. I got 4... You have to have terrible reds left to get them or a massive points advantage.
  2. Usually you lose if they'er 8 terrible players on your team. Ranked is better to measure win rate with. Since there are 4 less people that can drag you down. As a solo player you only acount for 8.33% of your team in randoms. If you'er unicorn you can account for 16.66% or so. But you'll never account for the 6-8 bads. Which account for 50-66.66% of your team. Survival rate, cap and defend are the best to measure true skill with. I can't count all the games I lost after getting 3-4 caps or 20+ defend ribbons. CV's would be measured more for spotting damage and damage done.
  3. I always take Defensive Fire over Hydro and my BB's always have some sort of AA. CV's are so OP in the right hands... That having AA when you need it... Is better then having other things that are marginal to ones survival.
  4. Only thing it's got going for it is burst and that's it. If you average out it's damage over 10-11 mins it's closer to other T9 BB's. You only get 6 (7 or 8 if you are low enough HP [adrenaline rush] to get enough off to clip the 30 seconds) extra shots total. But you have to pay for them.
  5. Only buff Atago needs is it's historic AA.
  6. Hindenburg: Range or Reload?

    If you are good with WASD you should always be in range of a target... So Reload mod.
  7. Tired of this.

    Here is what most players consist of... Lemmings Island huggers People too scared of DD's, they wont move till another ship is in-front of them. If you want to win you have to take the initiative. It's hard to carry 8-11 people.
  8. Alaska, I'm not into battleships... I Got my Missouri in December and still haven't played a single game on it lol.
  9. There is already or was 2 (+1) (mo, mus and jb [future]) free XP BB's at T9 and only 1 cruiser. So logic would dictate that it will be free XP. If WG decides other wise would be pretty dumb on their part.
  10. Kinda hard to take you seriously when you say the max it took you is 6 games. When in fact I played 6 games. Never had it not pop in 3 wins or 350 points... Which ever came first. I'm not playing 7,8,9,10, 11 or more games to get a screen to pop... I don't sit on a computer all day playing games.
  11. Played 6 games today and nothing... Normally pops up after 3 wins or 350 points. I got 4 and over 350... I'm not going to sit on here for hours to make the screen pop... No idea what is wrong.
  12. Who takes detection reduction on a BB? lol 1 less fire, 10% less chance, 50% reduction in duration and extended damage control cool down. Yeah... People love to cry. The limp 105's got a nerf to fire. But range was increased. Anyone building a secondary build these days are pretty much lol.
  13. With the mod they will have to choose if they want 10% concealment or 3km off radar detection. That way they can't have everything. The more skilled DD's will be using concealment mod and the less ones will be crying they are being spotted non-stop by other DD's.
  14. They should just make a mod for DD's... Put it in the concealment slot to reduce radar detection range by 3km. So they stop crying.
  15. After slowing the video down 75%... 36mm deck good enough to stop up to 216mm HE (unless 1/4). Ok... That turn radius is terrible... Unless the engine has good power... Then it won't be too bad... If not... Yuck. P.S. Upper belt is only 28mm... Suck's it's not 29mm then it would have been enough to stop 406/410mm.