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  1. MorbidGamer

    game just not FUN anymore

    I haven't played for over a month now... I got sick of WG direction they were/are taking the game. I actually don't even miss the game. They keep sending me e-mails to try and lore me back. But I haven't decided to come back yet. Maybe if they fix T8 match making I would. But yeah, I would leave for awhile if I were you. It feels great not to keep grinding these generic events or caring about trivial stuff. No reason to get grey hairs from the eroding game play.
  2. MorbidGamer

    Wargamings biggest mistake yet?

    Game will be just fine. As long as they keep making good choices and not listening to minorities.
  3. MorbidGamer

    Wargamings biggest mistake yet?

    I bought GC when it first came out too... I was jelly that people who didn't play, were getting them free. I didn't know it was OP when I bought it. Even tough I'm a 64% win rate player... I don't think it's OP at all. I have like maybe 30 or 40 games in it... After all this time. Just like my other "OP" ships... I don't play them much at all. If they were SOOOOO OP I would be playing them non-stop.
  4. I rather them take forever to release a new ship... I don't know how they aren't getting enough data before the ship is released. Their testing method needs totally re-tuned. It's their fault for not fixing these issues. We can only hope they will address future ships testing process. For one, I think they should let everyone on live play test a new ship over a course of a month... Using 4 waves, 1 for each week. Each wave gives 25% of the player base the ship. Each new wave is the only ones with the ship. This will prevent over queuing. Doing this new testing method will give them more data and also let players try before they buy. With the added benefit to fight boredom for people waiting for the next ship.
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/b0ygul/psa_giulio_cesare_testing_and_premium_ships_status/ Testing has stopped and a decision was made to leave premium ships alone.
  6. Sub_Octavian's words are extremely empty... He already admitted on another forum, that he is dead set on nerfing prems. He has been begging and pushing for premium ship changes. I wish he would have put that energy into fixing T8 match making. The funny thing is, he say's their testing has gotten better... If anything it had gotten worse. CV patch proved this. They have been "TESTING" the dumbest changes to the game that I have ever seen... Like they don't even play the game. Lucky for us those changes never made it, because they were so terrible. I've been with WG'ing for around 8 years. I did so many surveys and tests for them... I invest thousands of dollars and months of a accumulated play time. This will all end once GC is nerfed. I seen this day coming over a year ago. Watching one bad decision after another be made... It's hard to watch a game you love die from bad choices. During my 30+ year gaming history it comes as no surprise really. I already have moved on to other games in anticipation of this final straw.
  7. Better then what you have which is nothing.
  8. Search is hard to use. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/184421-poll-now-that-its-highly-likely-that-giulio-cesare-will-be-tier-6-does-this-affect-future-purchases/
  9. Yes you have because you posted in them... Not hard to use the search feature.
  10. You'er on the forum more then me... You should have seen the 10 or so polls on it.
  11. As the polls show your in the minority sorry... Stop trying to speak for most of us.
  12. The only way is to stop selling and giving it away. No other option is acceptable to paying customers... Except a cash refund. Stop try to punish people for your mistakes. These ships cost ridiculous amount of money. Once nerfed there is no justification for such price. It totally negates your ability to test and provide a product worthy of the cost to invest.
  13. MorbidGamer

    Giulio Cesare poll

    I think it's because the minority hope the numbers change.
  14. MorbidGamer

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    Just think... In that video he doesn't even get shot at much. He had it pretty easy, except near then end... When the CV's were attacking him. Now if someone posted a real video of what happens in game. 3-4 T8 salvos and you would be looking at a sunken ship. T6 gets up-tiered +2 a lot. T5 usually stays in +1 or less.
  15. 40% Say no more ships. 30% Say will buy same or more. 30% Say they will buy less. Pretty damning. Goes against the vocal minority that say it's fine.