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  1. Nothing... Like other people wanted year of prem 50% off. Even though I already have almost a billion credits and about 15, 19 point commanders.
  2. If you can't wait go for it. If you are low on credits and need them... You can wait. It takes about 30 million credits to buy/deck out a T10 cruiser.
  3. I really wish they would buff Atago's AA. But a Slight torp buff is good.
  4. You have the biggest most accurate guns in the game... You failed to delete a cruiser... User error.
  5. My react to a good Khab as of now... Feels like RU DD's have a built in lag shield.
  6. Was good for a little... Then became obsolete. It's a meh DD now. Rarely ever seem them any more.
  7. I feel bad for all cruisers and bb's... Flame thrower is coming for you.
  8. My fav T8 DD...
  9. They need to move it to Chicago... I'm sure the reason they don't is because they still have a lease agreement. So another 2-3 years of crappy service.
  10. I get lots of clan invites. I don't need to ask either. They just flow. I like knowing my stats are pure and that I don't have to rely on others. I would do well in a post apocalypse world.
  11. I got better stats... Ship is fine... No one really cares about what a 3 man Div does. I use mine solo and I'm not in a clan either.
  12. I tried all times of day... 2-5 pm seems to be the best time. I've been racking up wins left and right. Though, I've been playing T5 only for the past week... That has something to do with it. T8-10 is the worst by far for teams. I see way more blow outs at those tiers. I lost about 1% win rate in from September to October. Since November I've been playing lower tier and getting better games. I got about 0.5% of my win rate back.
  13. If I didn't have an already beast mode DD hunter Lo Yang. I might have bought it. 1 Torp launcer with forever reload kills it. P.S. Would have bought it if WG gave it single launch like brit's.
  14. I had 3 bad corsair coolers from them. The pumps keep giving out on them. I went through 2 H80i and 1 GTX H100i V2. Since then, switch to a better AIO and haven't been happier. Lower temps too.
  15. I let people know when they screw up... I find it hilarious when they try and tell me I'm bad.