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  1. MorbidGamer

    Sudden Graphical Downgrade

    I noticed the extra jags too... I have always ran 8x MSAA. It's annoying as heck to see jags.
  2. MorbidGamer

    (Not) Saving Transylvania

    3 times this event was here... People should be getting 5 stars easy. It's not hard at all. BB's priority is Catapults. CL's priority is BB's and spreading fire to them. DD's priority is to nuke closes BB's next to the circle... So Transylvania doesn't stop. People should be killing the 2 ships at the end first then Rasputin.
  3. Glad they aren't temping me with any ships... I've been on a WG diet most of this year. I only slipped up twice... I got a Russian OP commander and 2 for 1 ship deal. They are so creative now... That they are going to be selling black camo ships... Yeah... That's really a thing.
  4. If 5 mins blow outs aren't fast enough 4 min blow outs are on the way.
  5. WTH, they just can't leave stuff alone and trying to make the game faster pace. Then they have the nerve to call it improved... You mean unrealistic and terrible idea.
  6. MorbidGamer

    Sometimes it’s Good to Take a Break

    I only play just enough to get my 2 crates a day unlocked. Usually only takes me 1-3 games. Then I'm done. News past 3 years has been terrible. I miss the old days when News was news and you could learn things. Why I really only watch Nova and other documentary style shows. They actually put hard work and thought into what they are doing. I always wanted to see an aurora borealis... I love seeing stuff out of the usual. I miss seeing the thousands of stars at night (thanks light pollution). But yeah, it's always good to take a break and see what your missing in life.
  7. MorbidGamer

    Absolute garbage games.

    Been having really good games on my DD. Had a lot of losses on my cruiser past week. *P.S. RPF is a bad skill.
  8. MorbidGamer

    Torpedo of Doom

    Torps bug out now and then. Been that way for around 2 years. Usually the bugged torps do no damage once range is exceeded or pass through land. They still never fixed the turret bug that's been in the game for around 3 years. Where guns that's can't spin 360 will. Some times you can end up shooting yourself with your own guns.
  9. Don't expect WGing to ever do anything about it either. They will tell you about Que times. They act like it takes 1 or more mins now to find a match. If they change anything it's going to take 2-3 mins to find a match. When in reality Que times are too fast from 0-30 seconds. There was a poll a while ago, where everyone would be happy with a 1 min 30 second Que time if MM'er put you in more 1+/- games. That's why I don't play any BB from T6 that is slower then 27 kts. It's already bad enough having terrible AA and then having deal with huge maps where it takes 6 mins to get to a cap if you sail strait at full speed. Not counting all the ships that can cit you like crazy.
  10. MorbidGamer

    Dev Diary and BB protection

    I made it in MS paint...
  11. MorbidGamer

    Dev Diary and BB protection

    Fake news... All you have to do is look at your average que time now and times it by 25%-50% and you got the new time. 1 less DD in game is not going to increase your que time 200-400% like WG wants you to believe.
  12. MorbidGamer

    Dev Diary and BB protection

    It is a soft limit... It will try to do 4 and make more games more average in the number of DD's you see and there will be fewer 5-6 DD games. Fakes news on que... You'll see a max of 50% que time. So if it takes you around 30 seconds now... You'll still be able to get into it 45 seconds. 1 DD on average less per game isn't going to make que times explode.
  13. MorbidGamer

    Dev Diary and BB protection

    WOW!!! They finally listen to me, when I brought this up over and year and half ago! Limit should be 3... But I'll take 4. Still find it funny they keep saying que times will increase. Sorry to break it to you WG... But that is fake news. You can stop with that tired old argument now. I get into games all the time in 0-15 seconds even with 4k players online. So you might have to wait an extra 30 seconds... NOT 2 mins or more like you said.
  14. MorbidGamer

    Spotting gives no XP

    You have to hit at least 1 target or you get no XP.
  15. MorbidGamer

    PSA: The salt has got to stop in randoms

    I find it funny when people say I'm hiding after they die and spectate me... Only to see I'm near full HP. Learn to WASD and you can do the same thing. With stats like these... I'm not hiding at all. Heck I travel almost 57 miles or around 92 km per game.