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  1. Yeah, but the surprise on peoples faces when they are 18 km, about a min later when they get 15km to cap and a wall of skill washes over them... Priceless. Works great on those lemming trains trying to all go for one cap at the start of the game.
  2. Man, I had leveled up to T9 over a year ago... But never bothered to finish. Today I said screw it and blew Free XP to skip T9 and HOLY COW! OOOOPPPP! Ship feels great... All I ever heard was how bad it was. Seriously, don't listen to the naysayers... Really the only thing I can't decide on is 20 km or 12 km torps... 20km is so fun to spawn snipe with. A lot of people expect 10-12km torps and don't bother turning lol. Plus they are great for when lemming trains try and run away. P.S. Can't wait to smoke farm once the nerf hits.
  3. I got 50 Dragon Flags and a worthless smoke mod.
  4. Some people just work better alone... Like me... I feel people in a division are a distraction. That's why I don't join a clan or divisions.
  5. These achievements suck... To many require certain ships. Not wasting my time doing them.
  6. Last year was nice with every $15 (ave) you get a ship. I hope they do it again this year... But given how disappointing I am with 2 year anniversary... I might be a sad boy come December.
  7. Just defensive ships like Molotov and Atalanta... I hate island humping and not being able to push. The only other exception would be Prinz Eugen where it's guns are just terrible and feels like 2 tiers lower.
  8. All I wanted was Dragon flags... WTH is a Blue Dragon Flag? I will only get around 80 this year... If it was the same as last year I would have gotten over 550.
  9. I must have opened closed to 25 SC's and all I ever get is mods, camo and flags. 2 times I did get gold and 1 time I got prem time. Maybe it's because, I already have so many prems and since you can't get duplicates... It lowers your chance.
  10. This is why the game is going to hell... So much whining... End up breaking the game. Messing around with AP now... Now they wont leave their hands off nothing. Might as well remake the whole game at this point.
  11. You are all over the place in that video. BB's have a really long reload compared to cruisers. Their dispersion is way worse then cruisers. These 2 things right there have big impact. HE is not the be all end all. Never was. It was meant to counter bow or stern facing ships. You get diminishing damage with HE as well. I don't have any problem with BB's using HE. Really, the only issue I have with HE is the ability to strip all of your AA mounts off in a few volleys. Even with the mod. They need to triple AA module HP. Because it's not worth investing into AA, in a ship that has lots of short and mid range AA.
  12. It's ok... I still remember the days when HE was king. AP was crap for taking out light armored stuff.
  13. That's why I was hoping they would have moved the server from CA to IL... Would have been amazing.
  14. It was never as good as HE. The damage, fires and disabled modules totally screwed them over. They moved up the HP and skill that prevented them losing modules. Then they added a mod that is almost as good as a det flag. So HE got a big nerf with that. You don't see DD's exploding like you used to. P.S. Plus they also made it harder for guns to be destroyed... You used to knock out all their guns in 1 HE volley.
  15. You know the funny thing is everyone whined about AP vs DD (HE was better) so WG buffed it. Now we got whining again. Can people make up their minds? This is why you shouldn't listen to potato players asking for changes to the game. It often breaks it.