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  1. French Collection???

    WG def rigged the drops. I'm 3 short...
  2. What's your solo WR

    Pretty much this... I rarely ever division and it's usually only 1 other person who is average.
  3. French Collection???

    Yep, I had barely any unique... But kept getting duplicates. I'm way short on what I need. I have 5 more chests to open and I still need 9 more unique items. So unless those chest are all unique... I'll still be 1 short and if any of them are dupes, it'll be 2 or more short.
  4. Encore Graphics Engine

    Just being lazy is what it really is. The more they add to and old out dated engine they have. The more work they will have to do later to covert it over. Heck, they still wont upgrade the UI to scale after all this time. So I really don't expect them to give a crap.
  5. Encore Graphics Engine

    That's a total lie... When there is a lot going on in a battle with smoke, planes, guns firing and ships close... The frame rate drops 40%-50% and it chugs from increased frame times.
  6. Encore Graphics Engine

    Looks really good. They should switch over... Since the game is still young. My Score...
  7. What do you think of RDF?

    Sorry to say it does. If I go into a Cap I know a DD is going there too. Doesn't take rocket science to figure that out.
  8. Well that took long enough... Rate of fire buff? Heal? Both? Will be nice if it's legit and goes through. Can finally dust off my Eugen.
  9. Perfect logic actually. There are a lot of people getting bans because they don't clean old mods and ones who installed others by mistake. The whole this mod is ok and this one isn't, is convoluted. You don't need mods to play this game. A blanket ban will ensure... There is no mistakes and unfair play. You can live with out sound or skin mods. The world isn't going to end.
  10. Most people are potatoes. I get a lot of solo caps even though I'm scouting with hydro. You would think BB's would come up near cap but they don't.
  11. What do you think of RDF?

    One of the few worthless skill choices. I don't have it on any of my ships. I do just fine. It actually gives away your position too.
  12. I love jack of all trades ships. I don't see any appeal to Asashio. Sure there are potato BB's, they are a dime a dozen... But I don't want to just focus on any 1 class of ship the whole game. Been loving German DD's. I should have leveled them up long ago. Instead I got the gimpy Gearing and the ok Shim. Pretty amazing stats... So solo and grinding from stock. Doesn't feel like my arm is cut off like other DD's.
  13. Detonation Change in 7.2

    They should have just made it so you only lose 50% HP when you det and disables the affected magazine.
  14. Pretty stupid... They should have just called him Casey Ryback. Instead we now have a generic commander.