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  1. Did Someone Say Carry Harder?

    I know the feeling... Happens a lot to me... I soloed 2 full HP BB's and got 2 caps... Look at that Tirpitz.... Less then 200XP. Seriously....
  2. Flamu

    I changed the name like how flamu changed his. I guess my joke missed it's mark.
  3. Flamu

    For your stocking pleasure... https://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/529265619-lIl0lIl/!/pvp/overview/
  4. Are Premium Sales Declining?

    There really isn't any reason for me to buy any more new ships. I have over 50 and almost all are prem. I play maybe 6-8 of them. So a lot of rust buckets. No more T8 ships for me either. They keep ignoring the T10 issue.
  5. New Game Modes ARE Coming!

    You must not have been here when the AI had guns on the map and cap points gave bonuses. It was STUPID.... WG eventually removed it. These new modes are even more stupid. There will literally be no reason to play certain class of ships because of how they will be. Sorry to rain on your hopes. Just the facts. I will not play this game if they force me to play it. Just like tanks... I quit that, because they screwed it up and I quit warthunder planes... When they screwed it up. So my words are not meaningless. I didn't start playing this game because of gimmicky modes...
  6. New Game Modes ARE Coming!

    Nothing to be excited about... If they want to add them, keep it out of randoms. I already had to deal with that horrible mode with AI control batteries and still have to deal with epicenter (which is only ok for 1 low tier map). I'll be quitting the game if they add these stupid modes into the game for randoms without a way to filter them out 100%.
  7. Some new game modes are tested

    Yep, they should be focused on new maps and making high tier maps more fun to play. Not these terrible modes.
  8. Some new game modes are tested

    New modes sound like poop...
  9. Notser: Fix XP (ranked)

    Take a look at my cap rate 36% and defense 44%... Yep, your case does not prove any statistical significance of playing “the right way”. Most of my game in a cruise too. Look at my KD... I blow through ranked like butter. I always keep a star if i lose because I play the objective. So much for that whole fat lie of snipping.
  10. Notser: Fix XP (ranked)

    Yawn... I really starting to think he loves to complain about everything. If you suck at a class your going to do bad with it. Just looking at my stats for ranked... Puts Notser's whole theory into question. Pretty clear he doesn't know what he is talking about.
  11. I know when windows dropped 1803 on me my FPS is all over the place now. Used to run 120 stable now it dips to about 60's. It's like that gd fps bug is back. Every other game runs fine though but for ships.
  12. I know... I been sitting at a billion for a long time now...
  13. I don't see anything... I didn't even get my survey flag. *Yawn*
  14. I rarely ever see lemming trains win a game. They are usually dead in less then 10 mins.
  15. Typically blows outs are caused by lemmings. They all bunch up on 1 side of the map and die to 4-6 ships.