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  1. Loaded up my signal flags at the right time. Was a bottom tier CV in a game that went so well, I got 2 caps.
  2. Dognes

    matches ending far too soon

    Games end when: One team reaches 1000 points. One team drops to 0 points. Time runs out. It's a game where each team has one cap zone, and one of the cap zones gets capped.
  3. Dognes

    Ark Royal Secondary Duel with Sub

    I have done this a few times as a CV. If the sub gets too close, I just rush towards them.
  4. Dognes

    Missouri B

    What does being a "B" version do?
  5. Dognes

    Need help please i hate cvs

    I have played against subs in Ranked. To be honest, they are pretty much a non-factor. In fact, I have yet to be sunk by a sub or even seriously wounded by one. I have had a few get close to me, but in those cases, I drive towards them and use my secondaries on them. I am sure there are some uber sub pilots who could do some real damage, but I have yet to cross paths with one.
  6. Dognes

    Need help please i hate cvs

    Heh...I was thinking the exact same thing. :)
  7. Dognes

    Need help please i hate cvs

    As a CV main, I can tell you that this is the number one thing you can do to get me to leave you alone. I am always looking for lone targets with no allies around. Your goal isn't to get me to leave the game, your goal is to not be the most inviting target.
  8. Dognes

    Gsync support?

    These are excellent. Thank you very much!
  9. Dognes

    Is it fun to play CVs?

    I mainly play CVs and enjoy it quite a bit. I strongly recommend Ahskance's YouTube and Twitch for getting up to speed. However, when you are learning, be prepared for some teammates to complain that you are doing it wrong and caused them to die. Then, once you get better at the game, be prepared for some teammates to continue to complain how you are doing it wrong and caused them to die. Also, be prepared to get lots of negative karma from those teammates as well as enemy DDs that don't like losing.
  10. Has anyone got the game working with Gsync? I have Gsync enabled (I used the Nvidia control panel setting to tell me when Gsync is on). But, when I run the game with Vsync on, the game caps at 60FPS. My monitor supports 100 Hz. If I disable Vsync, then my frame rate will go up to my max fps setting, but then I see tearing.
  11. Dognes

    Max FPS

  12. Dognes

    Max FPS

    I saw in the patch notes that there was a new place to put the max fps setting. I tried putting it in the file, but it does not seem to work. Are there good, updated instructions somewhere on how to set this properly?
  13. I have not tried FS borderless. I just use plain old "Full-screen". When it first happened, it felt to me like the game was losing focus (so that the mouse inputs were being directed elsewhere). This would happen before the patch when another program would pop-up and steal focus. I figured the easiest way to make sure the game didn't lose focus was to make it fullscreen. So far, it has worked. When using "Full-screen", if you need to switch to another app, you can use alt-tab to toggle the game in and out of windowed mode.
  14. I noticed this problem after the latest patch. I fixed it my switching to playing in Fullscreen mode. Since that switch, I the problem has gone away.
  15. Dognes

    So what about your Karma?

    As a CV main, I got to 7 once. That was pretty exciting. But, it never lasts. After torping a few DDs, it quickly goes back to 0.