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  1. digger52

    FPS Help

    If im reading your setting correctly you are running at a resolution of 5120 x 2800. That is way too high , what is your monitor? Such a high resolution would usually mean you dont need AA as your trying to run beyond 4K. The left hand side of your Advanced display setting dont make sense, have you tried reducing your resolution and seeing if FPS improve.
  2. In the last 24 hours ive had 1/ A tier 10 battle with 4 dds, 2 subs and a supership CV per side, try playing a BB and getting any enjoyment out of the game 2/ Multiple battles across most tiers where 4 dds and 2 subs 3/ A number of battles, no subs whew but 2 cvs and up to 4 dds. Surely you can program matchmaker for 1 sub per side if there is a cv , or balance dd numbers with subs. For the first time since closed beta I have lost any enjoyment in this game. Often now if in a BB or a non radar cruiser I feel like im in a spectator sport hoping our dds, cvs and subs are better players than theirs.. Maybe its just me, what is everyone elses experience in the last few days.
  3. well time to drop in to the discussions. Australia had a proud history of destroyers , it is possible to work up to tier 10 with real ships and if it was a commonwealth tree then combining Canada into the mix , you have a combination of Atalantic, medit. and Pacific theatre in WW2 all the way to Korea. Below is some ideas for RAN ships, Tier 10 - Tech. tree ship could be HMAS Voyager (2) , a sister ship to the Vampire which is historically known for the sad reason of sinking after collision with CV HMAS Melbourne. The Voyager would differentiate slightly with the Vampire as it had a slightly different AA layout, making it in my opinion slightly better at AA defence. Tier 9 - HMAS Warramunga , a tribal class DD configured post Korean War in its sub hunter configuration ( both the tier 9 and 10 unique qualities would be the creeping smoke as well as advanced sonar ) Tier 8 - HMAS Arunta - also tribal class but but configured before conversion to sub hunter , similiar to HMS Cossack but with creeping smoke. Both Warramunga and Arunta played very active roles in the Pacific with USN forces. Tier 7 HMAS Nestor, one of 4 destroyers of the N class, fought in the medit. and sunk during the battle for Crete, the only Australian destroyer to fight but never sail in Australian waters. Im sure there are are ships that can fill tier 5 and 6 eg HMAS Quickmatch), and Vampire 1 sistership in its upgrade form could be the tier 4 (ie HMAS Vendetta) Not sure how the tech tree fills out below tier 3 though.
  4. digger52

    Playing NA account at EU?

    you should be able to play fine on the NA server from europe, for example I play on the NA server from rural Australia with a ping of about 100 which is fine for me.
  5. digger52

    The Marlborough (dockyard)

    Dont listen to the nay sayers, Im having good results in the malborough, average damage over 100K , more wins than losses, you have to play it more like a heavy cruiser at range, its like a Slava at tier 9 without the accuray but with more rifles. Mind you I enjoy and do well in the Tiger 59 and Mysore so people will think im crazy.
  6. digger52

    Tiger '59

    My average win rate is 52% but 59% in Tiger 59. However by last couple of years my win rate would be i expect about 55%. In closed beta there was a lot of draws, before they changed method of victory.
  7. digger52

    Tiger '59

    I have to disagree with most of the posters here.Havent played it for a while as have been grinding german BBs but 37 random battles, 59% win rate in the Tiger 59. Average damage is 38K but its what you damage that counts, most of that is red dds and cruisers. If you can support a DD that pushes the reds back from a cap then you are doing your job, This is a support cruiser, early game your supporting your DDs with radar, cover close in to the caps, later game you can be more flexible. It is not a damage farming cruiser which seems to be all what people want to do now. Ive nearly given up playing DDs as every red DD I light up, the closest cruiser is sitting way back farming a BB, and then wonder why late game they are getting torped. The Tiger 59 is made for randoms and tier 8 ranked, it is not a great coop ship. My next project is to prove everyone wrong about the Malborough. Early days, but in 5 randoms so far averaging over 100K damage and having no problems hitting ships at range, I think everyone wants the perfect ship, rather than adapt to the ship.
  8. digger52

    Patrol Aviation: Fighting Against Submarines

    where is the reference to the Short Sunderland Flying Boat, one of the primary u boat hunters of the second world war
  9. Please leave the Tiger 59 alone, its a blast to play if you are uptiered as you can annoy all the red team the whole match, its a support ship, you will never rack up big damage but its what you damage or what you make turn away from caps that counts with this ship.
  10. digger52

    Weekly Combat Missions: The Story of Barham

    My grandfather served on HMS Barnham and was transfered to shore with lung cancer just prior to its sinking. Sadly he passed away shortly after the sinking of the Barnham. I think the news of the sinking had a terrible effect on him. If this ship was available I would purchase in a heartbeat
  11. digger52

    Change, Adapt, and Overcome

    well I think what needs to be added to the discussion is that matchmaker hasnt adapted to the introduction as well. I have been in battles of 5 dds and 2 subs an i am a cruiser/ bb main so thats painful. I have been in a battle with 2 cvs, 3 dds, 2 subs etc etc . Then you have hybrids have no sub defenses at all , ie the Tone, which makes no sense as the aircraft should be able to use anti sub munitions . The Dutch cruisers have no anti sub munitions so they cant drop on a sub unless its surfaced. Then you have players who can jump into a tier 10 sub with no experience whatsoever , so you can have very unbalanced situations so I think its more a poorly thought out implementation. Im adapting to them but when you can be pinged by a sub. further away than your hydro when active something is very off, and homing torpedoes, seriously!!
  12. digger52

    My next coal ship

    i would go Napoli as well but remember its only the secondaries that fire SAP so she is different to the tech. tree cruisers
  13. digger52

    Ships people are keen to see

    HMAS Canberra HMAS Sydney HMAS Arunta
  14. digger52


    Firstly whilst my first example was in a BB, my second was in a cruiser trying to help the DDs. I play as a cruiser player mainly and all im asking for is if they put in subs, they take out something that keeps the game balanced. If you think 4 DDs, 2 subs and a CV makes for enjoyable gameplay then im never going to convince you.
  15. digger52


    well another full tier 10 battle ( im in a moska), 4 dds and 2 subs a side, worse their 2 tier 10 subs were a division, basically the moska was unplayable in that environment as I tried to support our dds with radar, and was hunted for the next 2 minutes by both subs, torped 8 times, they were not spotted once until their last salvo then our ds hunted them. I was no use in that battle unless I camped at the back of the map, is that what we want?