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  1. digger52

    A Gift to Turn the Tide

    much appreciated.
  2. digger52

    who else is excited about HMAS Vampire

    commonwealth creeping smoke is very different to the italian. If you have played the Perth or Haida you will understand. This is a very iconic ship to us Aussies, and there are many that play on the North American server. It is not a case of " just put a camo. on a daring". I have a Daring and i'm happy this ship is coming into the game. I used to work in sydney close to circular quay and have sailed past the Vampire on many an occassion. Doesnt matter what wargamming seems to do , people see the negative sadly.
  3. digger52

    who else is excited about HMAS Vampire

    Ive been wanting this ship in game since the first vampire was released. My wish will be granted woo hoo.
  4. digger52

    USS Kansas is a bad ship they said.

    To support the original poster, II have played 4 battles now in the Kansas in random battles and have a 100% win rate. I use the same approach as I do with the California where I have over 30 random battles with a win rate of 62% and im using the same 14 point captain with both. The 4 battles have been a mixture of all tier 8, 2 pulled into a tier 9 and one pulled into tier 10. So advantages - This thing is a cruiser killer irrespective if they are tier 8, 9, or 10. I took a Hindenberg down to half health with one salvo over 18 kms. The thing I like is that the shells dont seem to float like they do in the North Carolina so your first salvo as teams position can be deadly. Speed - How many yamatos, Kremlins, Iowas, etc do you see charging round the map? You dont they bow in firing from over 18km. I play both the Kansas and California as if they are "monitors" , pick a cap and protect your team mates, you can easily open for a broadside and then bow again due to the maneuverability. The ship has good AA and in between the long wait for your next salvo, you go dark unless you are being spotting. You may not like the playstyle but the ship is competitive.
  5. digger52

    RAN / Commonwealth Ships

    Actually a bundle is a great idea, why not for ANZAC day 25th April 2021, gives the developer plenty of time, include HMNZS Achilles, creeping smoke with HE to differentiate. So can buy each individually or as a bundle, I dont see why every ship has to fit into a tech. tree unless they have one developed. They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them. Whilst I was born in england i am a proud Australian. My father served in the atlantic convoys , I have his atlantic star in my desk drawer, my grandfather served on HMS Barnham, he was posted ashore with terminal lung cancer just before she was sunk, so im proud of all sailors who fought , survived or gave their lives in the Navy.
  6. As I read many requests for , for example even more US battleships, we've recently had a second branch of soviet cruisers, how about we actually introduce ships that fought , won or sank in WW2 and also went on to fight in The Korean War. I'll speak on behalf of Australian ships but im sure our kiwi and canadian cousins can add to the list. Firstly I dont care if all the ships I mention are premium ships as we cant fill out a tech. tree . HMAS Australia - Fought in every theatre from Atlantic to Medit. to the pacific - A Town Class cruiser for a DD what about HMAS Arunta a tribal class DD obviously for its famous history and association with the American Fleet and its sad ending HMAS Canberra and what about at Tier 10 - HMAS Sydney ( 3) a CV that fought in the Korean War extensively. As ive said id buy them all. and before you ask yes I have the Perth and vampire and Haida
  7. digger52

    Saddest picture ever?

    Warspite aground on the way to the scrap yard
  8. Played a few battles now both as the high tier and lower tier sides and some very early observations 1/ As a low tier BB the Mutsui seems well suited as it hits hard for its tier and torp, I took on 2 tier 8s with it, killed 1 seriously damaged another before dying 2/ Took the California in to a cruiser and dd heavy fight on the high tier side, with its accurate rifles I decimated 3 cruisers and top scored higher than our 3 tier 8 bbs 3/ High tier DDs - The japanese gunboats seem to work well as stealthy enough, can hunt down the low tier dds early Havent played enough to see which cruisers suit this battle type but i will be trying out my Perth and Exeter. For those that have tried this mode which ships do you think are best suited?
  9. digger52

    Compliment to the graphics team

    well lert, looks good until the 500 lancasters arrive in the next 15 minutes and obliterate the port with 633 squadron as pathfinders
  10. digger52

    Premium Ship Review - AL Littorio

    My only view is I was going to buy her until I saw it was an exact clone of the roma. My advice to LWM is dont get too frustrated or stressed, your health is much more important and consider whats going on in the world, this is only a computer game and you already have wonderful respect from all of us in the forums
  11. digger52

    We need more WW1 era content

    Well I think wargamming could make some decent money by Selling RN and German Jutland packs containing a BB, Battlecruiser , heavy cruiser and dd that fought at Jutland ( think of how many diferent packs you could choose from). Then having a battletype called either Jutland or Dreadnought which is a "random" battle without CVs and dds spotting with limited visability, where ( say varying between 11 and 14km which were conditions similiar to the actual battle and everyone goes for it. They could even sell a pre upgraded warspite as an example that fought at Jutland. I would buy both a RN and german pack in a heartbeat if this was available.
  12. digger52

    ranked experience so far

    well I was enjoying ranked until tonight. Had fought my way up to level 2 always as a cruiser player, then the next 3 battles went as follows, 1/ For over 2 minutes we had an afk tirtiptz and dd( a single dd battle). The dd finally wakes up and rushes into a cap where the reds had a radar cruiser, died within 10 seconds. You can guess how this worked out as their bbs had a 4 vs 3 advantage with no spotting by our dd vs theirs. I was in the only cruiser focussed fired trying to keep their cv off our afk tirpy. 2/ battle 2 - 2 dds race into a cap and smoke up, our benson instantly dies from a torp salvo as he is stationary, the other takes multiple hits and dies , yes they had a radar cruiser, game over. 3/ battle 3 - OK so ill change tact and take a tallinin into the battle, tell everyone ill radar the dds but its only worthwhile if people actually shoot at them. 3 times im able to radar their dds ( both teams have 3) I have a kill then realise our 3 bbs have been camped behind islands for the duration. yes you can guess how that ended. So I give up having lost 3 stars taking me back to level 3 im left with questions. Why jump into ranked if you re going to be afk for such a significant time. If your load in crashed, surely thats an ongoing problem and sort it out before joining ranked. Once you get to tier 8 surely you know that smoke is a get out of jail card for kiting away especially if there are radar cruisers on the other team Why bring a bb into ranked if you arent going to take the pressure off your cruisers who are trying to keep dds off your back. Im a cruiser player at heart, although play bbs and ds as well and in ranked your cruiser team mate is critical to your success, give them some love and support.
  13. Ah thank you devildog i didnt realise they used the name twice I just knew of the Baltimore class.
  14. I here what you are saying steelRain, but heres my point of view. 1/ Agree 100% to also address game issues as well but that is not the purpose of my post. 2/ This game at its heart is a multiplayer naval combat game with grounding in WW1 and WW2 . The commonealth naval forces have a very proud actual history in actual ships that fought in WW1 and WW2. The only ships I can sail from that proud history I have purchased. I guess the soon to be released german carriers finally sent me over the edge, a whole tech. tree of paper ships. 3/ If an american or russian doesnt want as an example HMAS Canberra, fine, but you would be suprised how many australians, kiwis and canadians do want ships that did their country proud. The USN has a full DD line, CL and CA line, BB line and Cv line as well as for example 8 or more premium BBs with another on the way, 6 or more premium cruisers ( either purchased or other resources) and im sure there are more and a significant number of multiple tier premium DDs. Am i being selfish, I dont think so but thats for you to decide in your opinion. Why is this close to my heart? My father ( now passed away) fought in the battle of the Atlantic and medit. I have his Atlantic Star medal in my desk top draw along with his other medals. He was an AA gun team leader on merchant ships seconded from the Royal Artillery and he spoke with fondness about the Navy Escorts from all the commonwealth countries. Later in life we moved to Australia and when you read of the fighting qualities and history of these ships its inspiring just as the story of the Indianapolis is to an American.