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  1. Dreadwolf74

    How to "repair" a ping?

    But pinging a CV is a frustrating thing with their OP auto DCP you have to constantly just spam at a CV and eventually one will stick... for a short period.
  2. Dreadwolf74

    WG's worst nightmare???

    Viva La LWM! #VivaLaLWM
  3. Yes-yes, return Skaven, man-things!
  4. Dreadwolf74


    WG useto have fun April Fools events..... :P
  5. Dreadwolf74

    "Waiting for Authorization"

    Third time in like a month I've had the 'Waiting for authorization' thing once the game initially 'loads'. I have created exceptions for Warships and the Game Center in my firewall and i'm still unable to log in.
  6. Dreadwolf74

    "Waiting for Authorization"

    *sigh* once again after another patch-update I am getting the 'Waiting for Authorization' message, last time I had to start Warships in 'Safemode' this time I've tired that and no luck. This is getting frustrating WG.
  7. BOT CV squadrons are often laughable, but there have been times in COOP they are a constant annoyance and if your in a big ship (GK etc.) certain bombers can constantly hit you if you are isolated.
  8. As a CBT player+ I remember when they had a proud declaration of 'Operations Seasons', and we'd get new operations. Yes we got them, they were good (some were nightmares at first as nobody really knew what to do in them), and I was loving the Dunkirk one as well as giving us a t8 (although limited in what ships were allowed) one. But now they yanked them with the CV rework stating they needed to fix the AI or some such on the CV. Well CVs in COOP are there now and yet around half the operations are still MIA. Perhaps if enough players spoke/petitioned WG they might listen, they do care about our moneys after all :P Also with newport ops how about letting in t7s :P The Izumo and all the flooding of enemy ships near the end can end the defense quick-quick.
  9. Dreadwolf74

    "Waiting for Authorization"

    I've done that and I still am left with the "Waiting for authorization" message....
  10. Dreadwolf74

    I'm baaak....Georgia in ranked

    Something isn't right here, there is no Kami R porn?!
  11. Dreadwolf74

    Time for some New Scenarios?

    Quite a few of the Operations were 'removed' because they involved bot CVs with active squadrons, both friendly and enemy. heck no CV bots in coop anymore. It was nice when WG had introduced them slowly over time, some were really good and fun (Operation: Cherry Blossom the only t8 one but only for 'allied' cruisers). Hopefully WG will return them once they get the kinks worked out of the AI. I useto play randos almost exclusively with doing the 'new' Operations to 5 stars. But as Random play became more and more toxic and stressful, I quit playing for about six months, returning and instead playing coop and Operations with very little to no randoms anymore.
  12. Dreadwolf74

    Unable to log in after patch

    I can't even download it, the WG.net game center won't update or install the game, even if I attempt a reinstall it tells me it can't :(
  13. Dreadwolf74

    Mouse's Angry Youtuber Reviews of IJN Destroyers

    I kind of miss the old glory days of IJN DDS. True one of my best games ever was in the Isokaze in closed beta (pre Kraken award). I still keep my kami R around (all hail Saint Falbo), and on occasion putt around in other IJN DDs, but they've been so nerfed they perform often like the short bus gunbotes as the torps are more like a FAF (Fire And Forget) and on occasion they catch a ship. But now all the other DDs will always beat you in a gunfight (Akizuki can throw lead but is still a slug in the water for DDs)... but hey they give my ARPs something to do ;)