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  1. Forgotten_Void

    Copy Pasta

    lasagnia I made
  2. Forgotten_Void

    What happened here? Wrong answers only!

    Pigs doing the doggie paddle
  3. Forgotten_Void

    Forum game - The worst battle in history

    Friendly CV focus is here, so the opposite flank collapses
  4. Forgotten_Void

    Enterprise & Hornet Superstructures

    yes, that is why we get premiums that are same class different ship makes sense
  5. Forgotten_Void

    Ranked Time Gating

    time gating ranked is not for the benefit of ranked, it is to keep randoms populated when not many people play randoms, but also, people can just choose not to play if a lack of choice is forced on them
  6. Forgotten_Void

    Next Auction Will Be Japanese

    How do you feel about being right?
  7. This is the only mode that doesn't count and we all wish it did
  8. Forgotten_Void

    Rewards for Raptor Rescue?

    I generally get 1500 base xp on raptor runs, more than I would get in a loss in randoms, so for me it is a safer (and more fun) place to grind t6 ships
  9. Forgotten_Void

    Announced on Discord: Multi-Tiered Operations!

    Mostly this TBH (other than meme/challenge runs)
  10. Forgotten_Void

    Announced on Discord: Multi-Tiered Operations!

    I think you have it backwards, the hard core people will be taking t6, hell there are people who chose to take t5 into newport instead of t6 because they could (and still did well). As for me, I wouldn't mind bringing repulse, nurnburg, geade, or ise into narai
  11. Forgotten_Void

    Steel Ship for $$$?

    How to actually get steel for cash: Buy all the ships, every single one you can. Wait for christmas, then buy all the christmas containers. once you have every ship the containers can drop, then they drop steel if you would get a ship. Is this reasonable? absolutely not and costs way too much money. Do people, do this? some do, more especially the ones who buy everything as they come out.
  12. Forgotten_Void

    Steel Ship for $$$?

    I think they did last year
  13. Forgotten_Void

    Nerf Alaska

    Reduce the firepower of the cruiser with one of the worst dpm in the game, sounds perfectly reasonable
  14. Forgotten_Void

    Help me understand

    Yes, you need to spend cash, no you don't need to spend it on Dubs. You can buy a ship with money and get the value spent as dubs in addition to the ship. But I think most people just by dubs and treat it kind of like a half off cupon
  15. Forgotten_Void

    Hull Numbers and Names

    probably not going to happen, so they can sell a clone as premium with a different gimmick