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    Naval Christmas Story Contest!

    I watched the dark North Sea from the deck of the H.M.C.S.Breakaway, the ice clinging at her hull, 15 minutes had quietly passed since the torpedo hit, funny to think we where bound for Halifax the home I had said farewell to two years earlier, as I headed towards the last life boat, my captain took me by the arm, I could see in his eyes a sorrow, He said, "Tom you and me are the old men of this ship, we have seen the world, known love ,adventure and heartbreak, you see my friend that life boat wont hold two more souls, and I ask you Tom, will you join me for Christmas day on the Breakaway, we launched the boat standing there as the waves washed the deck, sharing a merry drink we began to sing " Silent night, Holy nightAll is calm, all is bright," and from the darkness a chorus from the men we herd, " Sleep in Heavenly peace, Sleep in Heavenly peace." NA Server Meeeee