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  1. The mods don't have to deal much with those I wouldn't think unless there was a ticket generated for it by someone. When you report someone, it just adds a number to an algorithm and when that numbers gets so high, it takes action. Automation my friend :)
  2. We'll I understand all of that and it's all fine. I'm not saying everyone should HAVE to sit there and wait... I'm saying that if your still in the battle, alive or dead... not in the port... when the game ends, then your automatically put into a channel with everyone else that was still in the battle. Obvously if you quit back to port and start another game.. then you wouldn't care to be a part of the conversation anyways. One of the very few things that really peeves me off about WoWS is when I'm in the middle of typing something and the game just BAM! ends... I'm like... WTH! It would be nice if we all went into a temporary chat channel. It was really cool when they did it on WoT. Yeah, there were people that just trash-talked the whole time (all one would have to do is click the x and leave the chat) but the WoT community is A TON more triggered than the WoWS community. One of the things I like the most about the game. I don't run into a triggered person very often.
  3. Hey Everyone, I don't know if y'all remember... but... in WoT they used to have an after the battle chat that both teams were put into an after the battle was over. Of course, you could press the little X in the top right corner and leave immediately if you want, but I think it would foster more comradery. It gives players a chance to congratulate each other. I know there is the "Compliment" thing, but most people don't do that. If they were forced into a chat after the battle, maybe there would be more of that. I just got finished with a battle where I'd like to message the whole team... or most of them... but it takes SO much to message someone. I'd have to right-click add the person to my list. then open a new channel with them THEN I can type my message. I don't think the battle was THAT good... but a good a "Great job team! Congrats to the other Akatsuki and the BBs for pushing through A while we held C!" would be awesome. I know I would feel better after a battle to hear that. Especially if I were a BB that died trying to push through A! Anyway, just a thought. Not sure if it has been brought up here or not but... thought I'd mention it. -BW
  4. *****************ATTENTION WARGAMING***************** Specifically the World of Warships Team, You guys ROCK!!! You nailed the CV gameplay!!! It is absolutely amazing! Thank you SO much!!! PLEASE work with the World of Tanks Team to fix artillery gameplay!!!! Since you obviously can't just take it out, I'd expand on the stun mechanic. Have a "Napalm" shell that sets fire to tanks (or with a chance to set fire) and maybe a "Smoke" shell that basically produces a huge "bush" in a specified area. I believe arty would fit more on the support role rather than "invisible damage dealer" that it is now. Make their credit income be based on how much damage with assistance (rather than raw damage). That would include damage from tanks hiding in smoke clouds as well as damage from stun and fire damage from napalm. That would force arty to play a supportive role rather than just trying to hit what they can (which isn't much most of the time). Just a suggestion. I work in IT for a large organization and know the struggles you devs go through. Hope you actually see this suggestion and that it helps or at least supports what you guys are already planning! Thanks for everything!!! Keep it up!!