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  1. RevTKS

    How is this possible? I'm seething.

    She archives the old .exe files for each version. This is what allows her view old replay files.
  2. RevTKS

    How is this possible? I'm seething.

    She archives and keeps all the old .exe files for the game. That is what lets her watch replays from old versions. She doesn't get a special client. She is just detail oriented and works her little mouse tail off.
  3. Cosmetic enhancement to botes! Clan related, themed, whatever 'flotes the botes' as long as it's cosmetic. I can see camos, badges, flags, even commanders and what not...
  4. RevTKS

    Santa Containers Contents Details

    Thank you, I did catch your post after I had already made mine. I do appreciate the re-post on my behalf.
  5. RevTKS

    Santa Containers Contents Details

    Link went 404 for me. Can't find the article on that blog at all.
  6. RevTKS

    Spotting after sinking?

    If you watch; you will see spots during the game while you are alive that you shouldn't be getting. I've noticed on several ships of different classes, DD's, CA's...I won't mention CV's because planes could be doing weird things. But I've hit 18+ spotting during a game, and they'll be popping up but I can't locate the red ship that got spotted. Now, I might miss one here and there, but it's happened enough that it seems to be part of the bug. WG hasn't been in a hurry to fix it, because they think (rightly so) that the spots after you are dead are just a badge issue (not actually giving you xp, etc.) With the in game spots, I'm not so sure.
  7. RevTKS

    Some other Accuracy Quirks...

    Also, beware when using "X" to cycle through targets...as it's easy to accidentally hit the "C" instead during a heated moment and not notice. I spent two battles the other day missing a lot of shots, but being very close each time. It was driving me crazy. Finally noticed my camera view ("C" selected) was on the far rear turret, instead of my B turret. It was a derp moment by me, I rarely change my turret camera, so I didn't think to check it right way.
  8. Same thing happened to me, try this: I logged out of my web site account for WoWs...when I logged back in, I tried the 'Twitch' sign-in ---then reopened the Wows client----and this seems to be the magic ingredient. (I had thought the account was already linked as well, but apparently not)
  9. *UPDATE* I logged out of my web site account for WoWs...when I logged back in, I tried the 'Twitch' sign-in and this seems to be the magic ingredient. (I had thought the account was already linked as well, but apparently not) ============================================================ I tried it as well; but nothing has shown up in the game so far. Like the previous poster, it shows claimed in Twitch, it's linked to Amazon Prime. Just nothing in the game. So, I must have messed up the same thing. :)
  10. RevTKS

    What's with all the early hydro use?

    Fat Finger; it happens to all of us. But I'm with OP, I see it far too often for it to be just that. Second, I see it not only at the first of the battle, but CA's with Radar will be way to far from a cap or a place where the DD might be and will burn their Radar. So, basically the people he is talking about are just not using the consumable correctly. Either out of lack of knowledge or maybe just burning them to be burning them. It's a shame, because they can be game changers when used right. And if you see multiple ships on your team throwing them away, it is usually a bad sign for the game as a whole.
  11. RevTKS

    STOP RUINING COOPS FOR US again 9x9 joke

    Outstanding idea. Maybe WG will see this; a reasonable idea presented clearly.
  12. RevTKS

    200 and leaving your team

    What the 'strat' is really, is a way to keep from getting your paint scratched and making your team do the work. That's it.
  13. RevTKS

    200 and leaving your team

    Those four spawns have 450 filth. If you leave two people there to fight; you better leave the right two...most teams don't. The two die or get hammered. And then the whole group limps out or dies.
  14. Those of you who leave your team in Twilight for that clockwise 200; you're screwing your team every time. Kill the four spawn targets, THEN go get the 200. It will be there...and you have to go that way anyway. And if someone 'steals' it...kill them with your whole team. That YOLO everytime is costing your team.
  15. As you go up in Tiers, the game gets more 'expensive.' Tier 8 is the 'sweet spot' where an average game can make you money. Tier 9, you have to do well to make money. Tier 10, you have to do REALLY well to make money...and even then you might not. Flags, premium time, premium ships, perma camos - these things take out some of the sting. Tier 9/10 are generally where you are going to lose money to play the game. This is to 'encourage' players to spend time at lower tiers making credits.