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  1. This seems like a bad idea. It also seems like AP secondaries will be buffed considerably.
  2. Transaction Error

    Wow. So, if I understand you correctly you're saying that it seems to be a corrupt file? That makes me nervous.
  3. Transaction Error

    Seems that a reboot has fixed it for me. So must be some kind of network sync issue.
  4. Transaction Error

    Anyone else getting 'Transaction Error' when trying to equip flags or camo? Just started for me, so I was curious.
  5. Good Analysis. I have to say I was scoped in. Second, the Tirpitz was essentially grounded, he hadn't moved in a long time. Third this was coop, and I had been raining fire on the tirp for quite a bit. So, the minimap shows him very close...so my bad.
  6. LOL. Those may relate to your point.
  7. Shhhhhhh! The point was to see how many would look at the replay. So far, one guy. The second point was, it's a 50-50 out there. I have had games where there were several DD's in a tight group and we were able to fire and move with no verbal communication, just being aware and knowing some basics. And then there are games where you can make a 'safe' shot only to have some lovely creature decide to drive into torps.
  8. I enjoy your informative posts. The fact that you didn't even watch the replay but knocked on me anyway has caused me to lose all respect for you. Thanks. For the record, haven't down voted anyone in this thread. I marked either as 'funny' or 'cool.' Please continue to infer and assume.
  9. Thank you for missing the point completely. You deserve a prize, but I'm all out those.
  10. Thanks for watching and giving and informed opinion. I had a feeling that I just didn't see him, but in all fairness, I had been in that area alone the entire match. He just wanted a cheap kill and didn't care what it took.
  11. One guy watched the replay. The rest of you opined from ignorance. Point made.
  12. I had fired torps at a Tirpitz. No other ships were in my field of view. A Cossack comes from my right side, drives in front of my torps, takes the kill and eats one of my torps. Game ends. This is for those of you who think griefers and trolls can't cause a person to turn pink. I made a clear shot, and the Cossack simply chose to eat a friendly torp in exchange for an easy kill for him. As for me, got a two game 'penalty' so not a big deal. But to me this is a great example of how someone can be turned pink, even though they are being reasonable about their torp shots. 20180930_211607_PJSD108-Akizuki_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay
  13. Nuking team mates in co-op

    Point taken. I guess I should have clarified that I just meant the players 'in the coop match at the time' and not 'Coop mains' - The 'coop mains' I have met are all top notch people.
  14. Nuking team mates in co-op

    Having recently started spending a decent amount of time in Coop; I have to say that I continue to be shocked and amazed at the cavalier attitude that some coop players have when it comes to rushing in front of another ship. I asked a few people about it; one said he does it on purpose because DD's are basically taking all the kills...(I was in my Akizuki)...so he deliberately moved so I couldn't use my torps and to take the kill. Most other didn't respond, but it seems it's done purposely by a few of the coop folks. They don't like someone coming in and racking up 3 to 5 kills it seems. Having said that, the kill blockers seem to be a minority. Most of the coop players are cheerful and pleasant team players.
  15. Heh. It's the Spinal Tap gag. But you are correct they do not number 11...