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  1. RevTKS

    Uhmmm... whaaat?

    I think they have gone overboard with the bans, while allowing chat spammers and F Key spammers to run rampant. I was just answering the 'how it happened' not whether you should have gotten one.
  2. RevTKS

    Uhmmm... whaaat?

    3 day chat ban has to go through a live person. 1. The offense you committed occurred sometime in the past 3 to 7 days most likely. 2. Someone actually submitted a ticket on you. A live person reviewed the chat logs. 3. The delay is simply due to the ticket being in the queue and the time it took to process it. That's why you could have done nothing *today* that got you banned.
  3. Because they have no other way to boost their fragile egos. This game is their only claim to anything positive. /s
  4. RevTKS

    Dear WGing

    Ouch! That has to sting! Maybe that will get them moving :)
  5. Yeah, I'm bad at losing my own point sometimes.
  6. This is going to be just one of the side effects. Then we have the fact that AA is not even close to being balanced, and so you have the wait time until they make the first adjustment. Then you have the shock that many are coming into the rework without even knowing it exists. And on it goes...
  7. I think it's closer to 'most' but as soon as you say that...well, it brings out the wrong crowd.
  8. I agree. I didn't make it clear above I guess, but new players and those who don't come to the forums are in for a huge surprise...
  9. I think the storm is going to be in the game as well. The new folks and the folks who don't even know it's coming are going to be very confused, to say the least.
  10. Well what's been lost is that they've largely been gone for some time now.
  11. CV's had been an endangered species. They had largely disappeared from the live server. I could play more than half my battles without a CV and sometimes closer to 4 out 5 battles. This meant that for some time now, CV's have been nothing more than an occasional irritant. Many of us have enjoyed the lack of CV's. I personally have relished it. It also shows that CV's aren't needed for any real reason in this game. However, CV's are back with a vengeance. The fact that players are grinding CV's prior to the rework has brought them flooding back in their admittedly 'less than perfect' state. So we have to deal with the 'old' CV's for two weeks, and then we get to deal with the 'new' CV balancing test on the live server after that. For me, it's already having a negative experience on my game. I don't like CV's as they currently play and I am hoping that the new rework will make them tolerable. Honestly I think testing them on the live server will take longer than expected and the game play will not improve to a level that will make people like me happy. Some issues coming up: New players aren't going to have any idea what's really going on Many regular players who don't keep up with all the 'latest' news are going to be surprised when the rework hits Game play is going to be changing drastically on the live server with each adjustment Some people have already decided to take a few weeks or months off Some of us are happy without CV's and are going to resist the rework on any level Sounds like fun right?
  12. You have 9000 games and you didn't notice that CV's almost completely disappeared from Random games for quite an extended period of time? Any stats you pull from the live server about planes shot down or whatever will be terribly skewed. CV's have only reemerged since the rework became imminent. The fact they were gone, and I could play just surface ship vs. surface ship, cemented the fact for me that the game works great without CV's.
  13. I thought I was pretty clear that CV's just need to be removed, imo. If not, it's not about damage per game, it's about games that have a CV. I prefer 4 out of 5 to simply not have CV's.
  14. Great player spends entire game under attack by CV; never kills a single plane. Carries his team until he dies (4 kills)...at the hands of the CV. Last two ships alive are CV's on opposing teams. All of his great play is rendered moot by the opposing CV and he has to hope his CV wins for him. That is not how I want games to go. EVER. (like the ads say, 'not even once.') The CV rework is an attempt to 'save' the CV game play that (is it 60% or 70% or 80% or 90%?) of players don't want in the game. The happiest I have been in WoWS has been with the relative absence of CV's. Their current reemergence is not conducive to my continued happiness. WG should have learned from WoT and the ongoing ever present Arty SNAFU that two different play styles don't work well together in their games. \ This isn't a small change they are working on. It is an all encompassing change that will affect every other part of the game. They are literally risking the survival of the game on a 'live server' beta test that most of us don't want. If they don't achieve some kind of balance - and do it quickly- then the player population will take a severe hit. If they mess this up, will it recover? If it takes too long? Will it recover? I don't know. What I do know is that: my spending has been declining my patience is running out my goodwill is waning my 'give a dam' is in danger of complete failure So, let's just hope this doesn't go as badly as I think it will. Let's also hope enough of us are around when the dust settles for it to matter.
  15. RevTKS

    Win rate

    1. Play in Divisions 2. Don't play ships you aren't familiar with 3. If you lose, switch to another ship. Play a ship until it loses. 4. If you lose two in a row, you must log off for the day. *The most serious tips are at the top, but I've seen people use that bottom one as well.