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  1. Waiting till Monday, Sharks?

    Ah, well then it all makes sense then. Guess I missed that part.
  2. Waiting till Monday, Sharks?

    Well I think most of us were going for those 125 Token Camos. So you needed to get tokens for both teams to do it.
  3. Waiting till Monday, Sharks?

    Why would you not switch; you max out your winnings at the half way point. If you stay you don't get anything else but crates. To get the max tokens you have to switch. I guess I'm confused.
  4. Sharks are still winning easily. So I guess all the Sharks are waiting till Monday to switch teams?
  5. I attempted to read this, but it's not in any language I am familiar with.
  6. Replay file for anyone interested. 20180802_060214_PJSD108-Akizuki_44_Path_warrior.wowsreplay
  7. The detected Icon actually got me killed in the last game I played. I was capping in a DD. I get the Radar/Sonar indicator. So I start moving. A few second later it changes to being only detected by Visual means. I think that I must have moved out of the CA radar range, so I smoke and hit the brakes. Then it switches back to Radar. And dead. Basically it's just switching back and forth when you are detected my more than one means. This is death to a DD.
  8. I am amazed at all the side arguments over water temperature, top/side view, etc. The Gearing is too wide as modeled in the game. All this other stuff is just proof of why humans are infuriating. Woof!
  9. I have always noticed the Gearing is too wide. If you've played that line, the Gearing seems to be a completely different kind of boat. So, there is something wrong with the model and has been since it came out.
  10. Out of Date Missions?

    Very weird. Hadn't seen it before. But I ran Texas just to see...and that cleared the missions. Back to normal.
  11. I noticed in my Personal Missions that the mission for Twitch Prime Camo for Texas was back. Expiration of 05/05 (May 5th, if I understand correctly) and Aigle Missions for Feb thru July were back. Anyone else have this?
  12. Well, we now know some diehards won't switch. But it still seems like if you don't switch to Sharks, you're just hurting yourself. So, imagine it will just become more and more lopsided.
  13. ...joins the Sharks? Seriously, the Sharks have pulled so far ahead, that even with a multiplier there isn't any real hope of catching up. So, the obvious choice is to switch and then stay with Sharks. More containers and loyalty to boot. What happens then?
  14. Voice Commands

    Oh, didn't even know about something like that. I agree, it should be a built-in function or else fully supported option by WG. Too much headache otherwise.
  15. Voice Commands

    I'm sure that others have thought of this, but this game is just begging for Voice Commands. It would do several things; bring some immersion in the form of the Captain Experience(TM), make it easier for some of us who have fumble fingers. Imagine being able to change speed, deploy consumables, all without ever moving a finger, and while engaging the enemy. Is it 'necessary' - obviously not, the game is doing just great without it. Using the key commands is just fine. Adding in the Voice Commands would just be a fun addition, with some actual usability improvements. Discuss.