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  1. RevTKS


    This is what the third round of these lootbox series unlock thingies? The ship has sailed on decent value being available. It's all about the psychological tricks now.
  2. RevTKS

    How is the Halland?

    85 AA rating CV's nightmare in a DD
  3. RevTKS

    Dumb KotS question:

    Well, if we have to watch twitch to get it; then I have wasted my time. Thanks :)
  4. RevTKS

    Dumb KotS question:

    Yeah; that's what dawned on me...I might be wasting a lot of time for something I can't finish. If I have to watch some streams...well, not gonna happen :)
  5. Well WG has multiple spotting points on their little tanks in WoT. Since WG is the 500 million dollar company, why is it good for tanks but not for botes?
  6. It really blows my mind that they only have one spotting point on the ships. WoT has multiple spotting points on tanks...which are a great deal smaller :) They map out points of LOS on the tank as to what it can see and what can see it as well. It seems that the Devs really don't even share good ideas across the games. I've seen time after time where a 'problem' arises that has already been neatly solved in another WG property. Very frustrating.
  7. Just finished the first leg, then reviewed the requirements. For the 'Twitch Drop' missions, are they going to drop for everyone or just those who watch the streams? Bit confused on that...thanks.
  8. RevTKS

    AP rockets, eh?

    As a person who occasionally plays CV's (very poorly) going near any AA CA is not smart. They shred planes. Basically, CV's went after DD because they were the only ships with low AA (with a few exceptions). So this just means less performance overall for the CV, a bit of a break for the DD.
  9. RevTKS

    Premium Ship Review #141 - London

    OMG...ROFL... Seriously, this was some great writing!
  10. So many threads whining about someone else 'Saving a star' perfectly illustrates why WG stopped listening to player 'feedback.' Players are the ones who whined, complained, moaned, and begged for WG to let the Top Player in a loss Save a Star because no one should be punished for a bad team. WG finally caved and gave the players what they wanted. Now the forums are full of people whining, complaining, moaning, and begging for Save a Star to be removed because selfish players aren't trying to win, they are just Saving a Star. Congrats, you've given WG every reason in the world to just ignore us all.
  11. First offense is to play two games without a violation... There is no 'wall of shame' so if you hadn't told all of us, we wouldn't know... So...good job?
  12. RevTKS

    CV's should not be able to keep a star.

    If a CV is the highest ranked player on your team in a loss, he should not only get to keep his star...but you all should have to give him a star as well. Also, if you're getting outranked by CV's in most battles...I would NOT come on the forums and tell anyone...lol.
  13. RevTKS

    Asashio Torps

    LOL...I've said plenty; just over your head.
  14. RevTKS

    CV in Ranked

    The tags for this post should be hanging from your mirror. LOL