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  1. I was hoping it might be become a regular feature; I didn't even have the CA transition in mind. But I am glad to hear that it might have been helpful :)
  2. I want to believe! I'll take your word for it, thanks for the update.
  3. I agree. I think it is a better value proposition and I think more people would take advantage of it.
  4. I used to go to the 'proper' forums...then I saw suggestions being made here get used, when I had suggested them in the correct forum weeks or months earlier. So, they don't read that stuff...IMO.
  5. That's a good tip. I think it would give WG a lot of goodwill if they implement my idea. All in the client and allows a 'test drive' - and unless they are banking on those of us who make unfortunate clicks, shouldn't hurt the revenue.
  6. To Re-spec a ship's Captain, we must pay doubloons. I don't think most of us really have a problem with that part. We do have some issues though: 1. The higher the Captain's rank, the more expensive it becomes 2. To change even one skill requires a full reset. 3. One mis-click can be very expensive (late night sessions; group distractions, pets, etc.) The very easy solution which I propose is this: Allow a 24 hour window to adjust the Re-Spec. That is, I pay the doubloon price, from that moment I can change the skills to my heart's content for the next 24 hours. It addresses Issue 1 by providing more value to the doubloon cost. Issue 2 is a wash. But it encourages more experimentation. It completely solves Issue 3 by allowing us to edit and revise our choices. It also provides more value by allowing play testing of the changes. Nothing worse than spending the doubloons only to have 'buyers remorse' and having to shell out MORE to change it back. It's not perfect, no solution usually is, but I think it goes a long way to improving the experience while preserving a legitimate revenue stream for WG.
  7. Torpedo Damage Question

    Up votes to all for the information on Co-op. Don't usually play much of it, but late nights kind of make it a necessary part of my games now.
  8. Torpedo Damage Question

    Not a big Co-op player, so I didn't know about the lack of achievements. Thanks for checking out the replay. I was completely confused.
  9. Torpedo Damage Question

    Honestly don't remember what the animation did. I did post the replay as well. The two torps should not create 54,000 damage. Best should be 14k x 2 for a bit over 28k. No detonation. No damaged modules. I can't figure why I took that much damage.
  10. Torpedo Damage Question

    Here is the replay if anyone is interested. 20180520_002109_PFSB109-Alsace_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  11. Torpedo Damage Question

    I have it; I will post it...but I stated in the opening...no detonation.
  12. I just came out of a game where I was hit by two torpedoes from a Z-39. Those torps are rated for 14,400 damage. I received 54,000 damage. I don't see any indication of detonation. I also received some shells which finished off my ship. It all happened at once, so I received the two torps, didn't see the shells, and exploded. After battle, I can see the two torp hits and the shells...which brought me to the stock 69,000 hp of the Alsace. Any help on why those two torps did 54,000 damage would be appreciated.
  13. Commas, Decimals, or spaces...but anything would help. Just wanted to add my vote...