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  1. RevTKS

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    Villagers with pitchforks and torches.
  2. RevTKS


    I had a very long streak without any super containers...then I got 4 in the last seven days.
  3. Well said. I tried to tell them this when the game first came out of beta. Second Life and IMVU are proof people will spend tons of money for aesthetic items.
  4. Ouch. I just sold the few CV's I had. I had no idea they ran it that way. So, I really screwed up. Thanks for setting me straight. And, now I'm off to get torches and pitchforks.
  5. RevTKS

    Flawed Logic Behind Training Center

    Yeah; the way I read it...it seemed they were gonna roll it all over...but now it seems tier 1 is the only one to get that benefit...so you either have to re-grind or convert the needed XP... So, I screwed up.
  6. If that's the case...then we're back to pitchforks.
  7. *****I have had my errors pointed out to me, and if you read my replies below, I have admitted I misunderstood how this NTR worked. So, save the pitchforks for WG :) ***** I scanned two of the threads. So far, most folks think you have to 're-grind' all your ships. That's not what the Training Center page says. When you re-set a branch; it drops ALL the XP you have built up on those ships back onto the Tier 1 of the branch. Most of us have TONS of XP scattered across ships. Yeah we convert some of it; but most of us would need serious money to convert it all. So, this lets you use that mountain of XP you have to run back through the tree again. Not everyone will have a mountain of XP on every branch; there is the incentive to play more until you do, then reset. You only have to rebuy/research the ship and play ONE game in it to get the little resource thingamajig. (seriously, another resource?) So, it should be much easier than it sounds, and will finally make use of all that XP that most of us have lying around. What bothers me, is the credit hit of 50% we get for selling the ships and then have to rebuy at full price. Yes, they are increasing credit earnings, but we'll see if it does the trick.
  8. RevTKS

    Flawed Logic Behind Training Center

    It uses all the Exp that is built up on the ships to let you re-research them. This is designed to draw down that huge pile of XP that most of us won't ever convert fully.
  9. RevTKS

    8.5 will kill cvs again

    Good point. I'm not a CV expert by any stretch. So, I had some assumptions on how it worked...and I've just recently started to dig into the particulars on how damage was assessed and all that. Needless to say, I was surprised...very counter-intuitive system.
  10. RevTKS

    8.5 will kill cvs again

    Yeah; it took a second for that to sink in. They get that first attack through, but they have to balance at what cost...and then subsequent attacks will be where you see the difference.
  11. RevTKS

    8.5 will kill cvs again

    I watched the video...he states that the planes doing the attack run are counted 'first' and the planes in the reserve squadron *(those just flying around) as the 'last' planes. So, since damage is counted towards the 'last' planes, damage will go to the reserve squadron first... This means, your AA will have to kill the entire reserve squadron before you do any damage to the attack squadron. So, yes, the CV will experience more plane kills but it won't matter much to the ship being attacked during that specific attack run. Very strange way to do it if you ask me.
  12. RevTKS

    8.5 will kill cvs again

    It kills the planes in the RESERVE squadron...not the ATTACK squadron... ...incredibly #%%^#%^&$.
  13. Why is every decision designed to be inconvenient, annoying, or downright infuriating? Short time windows with no notice. Ships locked behind some 'resource' when people are willing to pay money. I get that there is a balance between those who play for free and those who pay to support the game, but WG continues to befuddle, bemuse, and baffle the players with these arbitrary limits without reason or rhyme. I'll just state again, I've gone from $75 average per month to $0.00. I don't know why I even bother to leave feedback...
  14. RevTKS

    With The Economic Changes

    If you have every worked in customer service, the answer is, 'yes.' I worked for a cable company, the service went out for 15 minutes. The customer demanded cash payment for the time missed. He went through multiple customer service reps, wasted hours of time, all to get a cash refund that would amount to $.25 (one quarter).
  15. If we are to say that 'passive play' is not good for the game, we should do something to encourage players to be active. Currently XP rewards for actions are the same throughout the match, so there is no incentive to do anything sooner rather than later. In fact, it is generally better to let the other team 'yolo' and make mistakes, so therefore passive play is actually rewarded in the current meta. How to change that? Our games are 20 minutes long. So let's divide that into four 5 minute sessions. Session 1 = Max XP rewards for actions (first five minutes) Session 2 = 75% XP rewards for actions (second five minutes) Session 3 = 50% XP rewards for actions (third five minutes) Session 4 = 25% XP rewards for actions (final five minutes) So, now if you wait to the end of battle to 'make your mark' you may win, but you'll be getting a smaller overall reward. If someone on your team suggests a bold plan, you would be more inclined to support it, since every five minutes of game time your rewards drop. The drive is to get into contact with the enemy and complete caps as quickly as possible. *(You could also adjust it so the change is 100%, 100%, 50%, and 25% since it does take some time to get to the enemy) Just a thought...