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    Subs: End of the Game?

    this was the story with WoT. Not surprised it is happening here. I am not that great of a player, and that's pretty much how it is, but, I do try to learn, and that's what some players need to do. Learn the game the mechanics, and strategy. A lot of us just move out from the start position, ready to engage. Many of us don't do mutually supporting things, instead, we go out, stumble into two or three BB's on our way to cap an area, and get pummeled, sometimes barely firing a shot in return. I try to remain in the company of other ships (esp. if my ship has good AA, and CV's are in the game) so I can be as supportive as possible. Still and all, I find myself alone often enough, and it's not fun, and that's mainly because I lost sight of the bigger picture. With WoT, I feel that WG gave in to the complainers a bit too much. It's not about driving a tank or a ship, and blasting all that come your way, and assume you'll be the winner, just because. I don't want to see that happen here. This game is fun. I enjoy it quite a bit, even if I am not so good at it.
  2. Abacab81

    Subs: End of the Game?

    I don't disagree. Actually, that is disappointing. (Sigh) ... I don't play WoT as much as I used to because of the way that game works sometimes. I enjoy WOWs much more, but, I guess I will just wait and see how it goes.
  3. Abacab81

    Subs: End of the Game?

    I don't know... I think subs will be difficult to play, and hard to manage. If WG stays true to how subs operated in WWI and WWII, running on the surface to position for attack, and then submerging to attack is, in short, how they operated. Most WWII subs couldn't keep pace on the surface with most warships, so, based on that, I would imagine positioning is going to be difficult at best, and damaging more than one or two ships in a battle is going to take some effort. Also, the countermeasures should be pretty effective, and, a sub that is running on the surface will be meat on the table to any cruiser or destroyer.