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  1. I don't know anyone who likes this.
  2. 138 planes destroyed, and Midway was still putting up half-strength squads at the end. Totally balanced and fun ship to play against Let's give the benefit of the doubt and assume all 45 fighter planes were killed, that's still 93 attack craft killed and he was still operational lol
  3. Arclyte

    Finally Met a CV Unicum in a FDR

    I watched an FDR with rocket planes hit my friend in his Montana that was barely moving It was like a portal to hell opened up and spewed out 120 rockets. I think he took about 20k damage and had 3 fires on him.
  4. Arclyte

    Petro buff?

    lol, imagine thinking the petro is bad and needs a buff someone get this kid a helmet
  5. Any nerfs to ships that deserve it? Petro / Stalingrad / Richtofen?
  6. Arclyte

    CV Airwing Sizes?

    There is no "misconception". I've personally seen tier 10 CVs lose 80+ planes throughout a game and still have half-strength squadrons to fight with until time ran out.
  7. If you want the game to revolve around your own individual ship play a CV
  8. Ramming does way too much damage anyway. Had a friend die to a dumb ram last night. Enemy BB going 10 knots forward and tapping the bow of his BB reversing at 5 knots and it did 80k damage.
  9. Magic radar spotting through mountains + Carrier cancer in half the games = DDs are neutered most of the time If you want to have the most influence on the game and don't mind being a scumbag, play CV
  10. I already have Grozovoi, Shimakaze and Halland. I think the Halland's torps and guns are really weak, so I don't like playing it. Shima's torps are great but games can be hit or miss. Also very weak v.s. other DDs, which is a big part of carrying from what I've seen. Groz seems to be pretty good. Good balance between guns/torps. I like the russian railguns. I heard Yueyang sucks after its nerf. I was debating between Daring, Gearing or Kleber.
  11. Arclyte

    AA is meaningless vs tier X carriers

    I spent the entire game protecting my teammates from planes, constantly killing his attack runs using Def AA and he was still able to kill my teammates and bring me down to 82hp Are we seriously ok with that?
  12. Tier 10 carriers can flat out ignore AA and just attack whatever they want regardless of the situation. It does not matter how many planes are shot down when they have such a deep reserve of attack craft. It would be awesome if my DD could just ignore my counter (radar) and continue to kill ships for the entire game. Totally fair. Context: Game was very close. We won by points with having 4 ships left including myself, and the enemy had a DD and Midway left alive. Even at the end he was able to deploy half-strength squadrons, all the planes I killed didn't seem to really matter.
  13. Arclyte

    'Jerk in chat'

    this game is full of 30 year old effeminate "men" who spam the report function instead of just ignoring chat or using the blacklist WW2 battleship game has to be a safe space you see
  14. Which one is better for Randoms solo and with 3 man platoon? Is the smoke a fair tradeoff for lack of HE on Mino?
  15. I free xp'd to the Amalfi and have enjoyed it so far, and found I was just spamming SAP all the time. I got lucky one game and had a 5km broadside of a worcester, and hit him with a full salvo of AP and they all overpenned. When do I use AP? Only for heavy cruisers?