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  1. I ponder why certain Russian ships have a radar reach of 12km (look them up yourselves https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Surveillance_Radar_Data) whhen the closest competition maxes out at 10km, and the Belfast has a paltry 8.5km despite tha FACT that
  2. Tantallon

    This Upcoming Election Season....

    Or a Starbucks cup, athlete or gay person (edit) or shoe
  3. Tantallon

    This Upcoming Election Season....

    It's always some moron spamming "woo, trump 2020, hee sthill yoo prezdent, i ownd a libtard"
  4. Tantallon

    Duke Of York, yes or no?

    I'm not sure what these people above are talking about, perhaps they just can't play BBs or something: The DoY is a great ship, amazing guns, great heal, decent mobility. I adore mine.
  5. Tantallon

    Ranked ...breaking the mold!!

    gotta be Black
  6. Luckily there is an option for this.....two in fact. Your left eyelid and your right eyelid. Close them and you won't have to see any chat.