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  1. PRO_Gaz

    Was it worth it WG?

    Hi All I'm also going to take a break, don't know if I'll be back, I've played this game since beta, through all the different to torps, detection, invisifire and radar changes but since the last patch I'm not enjoying playing the game anymore. When the fun stops, stop!
  2. PRO_Gaz

    Destroyer suffering

    I normally play destroyers, with this new patch it makes them unplayable between 2 CV's and and at least 3 radar ships its not enjoyable so I guess its time to start looking for a new game. :(
  3. PRO_Gaz

    Standard account battle credits

    No I have not got premium time and no I was not using a premium ship
  4. PRO_Gaz

    Standard account battle credits

    Its the post battle splash screen not the credit and xp screen
  5. PRO_Gaz

    Standard account battle credits

    I've checked and the post battle results show a preimum account cash value not the standard account without the resupply costs not deducted. I've left the game for tonight but will post tomorrow
  6. PRO_Gaz

    Standard account battle credits

    I've just checked again and free xp and xp display correctly but credits still show for a premium account
  7. PRO_Gaz

    Standard account battle credits

    Hi Can someone explain when using a standard account the post battle screen displays the premium account amount, this has been checked using the credit and xp tab. thanks