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  1. Dry your eyes and do what all the CV mains keep saying. git good or git gone
  2. As the CV players have been saying since 8.0, Dry your eyes, Dodge, Git gud or git gone
  3. PRO_Gaz

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.5

    Without any alteration to the way CV's effect the current meta it looks like I'll not be coming back any time soon
  4. Sorry WG I could not with a clear conscience recommend this game in its current state to any of my friends. I have played this game since 2015 through all the updates and changes but with the advent of 8.0 to current the incarnation I even don't recommend my self to play. Its such a shame as I really enjoyed the time I was playing.
  5. PRO_Gaz

    8.4 same old

    Logged in the first time in 45 days, got my free 7 days of premium to add to the wasted 230 days of premium while i read the patch notes then logged off as nothing WG has done in 8.4 inspired me to try playing again. such a shame
  6. PRO_Gaz

    Do you pay money for this game?

    Not anymore
  7. Adapt, git good or git gone :)
  8. PRO_Gaz

    Dont mess with the CVs, fix the DDs

    Ohh the tears of a clown :)
  9. PRO_Gaz

    From Sub Octavian on reddit regarding CVs

    Ohh the tears of a CV main
  10. PRO_Gaz

    Players, Vote with your play time

    I'm on week 3 of the WOWs detox, Going ok but still struggling to find a game I like as mugh as wows before 8.0. Its a shame as I still have over 260 days of premium but as they say WHEN the fun stops, STOP!
  11. PRO_Gaz

    Thats It

    If you are such an uber player and tactical wiz why do you hide you stats, is it to save us basking in your glorious magnificance ?
  12. PRO_Gaz

    Thats It

    OMG dry your eyes and grow up
  13. PRO_Gaz

    Thats It

    No Problem, only 275 days of premium left though and 310m silver
  14. PRO_Gaz

    Thats It

    Oh another mentally challanged CV making a comment. I was saying I've played through wargamings updates and balances a lot longer than you and with the current game meta I find it no longer enjoyable to play so there is no need to flame.
  15. PRO_Gaz

    Thats It

    Ok wargaming you have done it finally, through tanks and warships I've stuck with the games since Closed beta but with this CV rework and all the radar ships, the game play style you are forcing all the potatos to take this game does not have any enjoyment. so you can keep my premium account and everything else. I'm done. now does anyone have some recommendations for a new game ?