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  1. Can we slow down???.. you have plenty of grinding gimmicks now. Might do the IJN line, because I like the grind of that line...
  2. Nachoo31

    Ranked for the average player

    Problem gets is if you are being careful, the other 5 players can crumble and you looking at a loss. Now being careful and plan moves you get behind in the experience points and you are not doing constant damage, you won't save your star.
  3. Nachoo31

    [OO7] Double Strike recruiting high level competitive players

    Sure, let me get my other account and show I can play at a purple level..... Good luck guys!
  4. Nachoo31

    Next Sprint: No Star Save!

    Pretty sure they already do... LOL .. sorry...
  5. Nachoo31

    Remember the days when WG made premiums below tier 9?

    You mean my Lucky Charms... I hate when they do get .. peed on.
  6. Nachoo31

    Next Sprint: No Star Save!

    Or add more Stars per level and make it a standard amount of XP or Kills to save the star. Have multiple people saving stars. Maybe the whole team. I'm just throwing ideas.. keep the thoughts and opinions going...
  7. Nachoo31

    Tell Tale Signs of Good Player

    Always assume the radar ship is going hide and where. That is something you need to learn. As you do battles in Rank, see the trends and adapt.
  8. Nachoo31

    Kitakaze, what am I doing wrong?

    You will lose to a dd in a gunfight if : A: You are at a huge HP disadvantage. (I don't have Next Hull unlocked) . Just because of you having awesome guns, doesn't mean you are going to out gun another dd that has more HP than you, B: Not able to dodge torpedoes. This boat is a Fubuki with turning, so if you don't anticipate correctly, they going hurt. Little note, the AA is awesome. I shot down 65 planes last night in a loss. But I need to get the ship modules upgraded on it to play it at its full potential.
  9. I have to say my comeback win in Ranked battles. I sailed into the cap to stop the points for the enemy team for our team to pass them to win 1000 to 998. I did put the videos of it on forums here. For my wish, I would love to receive premium time again. 30 days is cool, 60 would be great, 90, icing on the birthday cake!
  10. Nachoo31

    Katori is Bad They Said...

    Getting 7 kills in an Albany is fun too.
  11. Nachoo31

    May the Best Coiner win ....

    Getting mad on a forum, that a new one.
  12. Nachoo31

    May the Best Coiner win ....

    Trolling... please give the man a freaking warning
  13. Nachoo31

    Ranked Battles: Thirteenth Season

    Maybe play to rank 12 then don't give a crap from there on out. Update: I got to 10, they went back to 12, then back to 10. Yeah ..so