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  1. Nachoo31

    DD meta really bad at the moment?

    Hmm... I haven't been spotted the whole game yet. AA seems to kill most of the planes.
  2. Because I'm kicking all your butts and its no challenge? I (Kidd), but I have been busy with other games, but I did play a few shims games last night and I did pretty good.
  3. Nachoo31

    19 point captain deleted?

    That is ships. It's NOT CAPTAINS. I deleted my captain back in Beta to Live. Never got him back after submitting a ticket.
  4. Nachoo31

    Wichita is finally on sale

    Not the only F5 (finger of God) but the last one that was not being disputed. Moore, OK May 20th 2013.
  5. Nachoo31

    Come Visit Us at USS Texas

    Dang. I'm going to be in Texas (Austin) March 11th - 19th, Going to Corpus Christi for a day too... doh.
  6. Nachoo31

    Ranked and the Fletcher

    Fletcher is just fine. I was running my Yugo without smoke. Trust me its fine lol. Sorry about its BBs though. I just unlocked the De Grobe and was using it. Might want to stick to it, 90% win rate lol.
  7. I just hate micromanaging but as a DD main with BB being my third line (2nd Favorite). DDs are going to be fine just as long as the rest of the team is not verbally assaulting them in game.
  8. Nachoo31

    I'm done in Random

    If playing the old MMOs, Dark Age of Camelot Freeshard. In between a few games a week on WoWs. This is the hardest change to the new CVs. Constant micromanaging you have to do to survive.
  9. I did fine in my Bismark the other day with two CVs. Just follow the Worchester around. It was so much fun.
  10. I can't remember how few times I ever got cross dropped. That probably because I never played against Elite CV players under the old set-up.
  11. Who are you? Seriously. I haven't played my Fujin for some time because of the legendary mods but. New CV makes the DD a lot harder to play, I just have limited my play time for now. Because I don't have the desire to play WoWs. Other games keep me busy for now.
  12. Nachoo31

    Poll on 8.0 patch

    Decided to take of the first mod on Shim to add more AA. The first match I go in. Get detonated.
  13. Nachoo31

    Poll on 8.0 patch

    I sold my Saipan, now I'm sitting with 1 mill free XP and 32k in Doubloons. I have been playing other games. This patch isn't making me want to come to play games. :(
  14. Took my Gearing out. No planes got near me. Spec AA, DF.. Torpedo bombers 12 gone in one pass.
  15. Nachoo31

    When did you start swimming in credits?

    When I got the Fujin.