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  1. Nachoo31

    Ops Rework, New Wave Players...

    Depends on what time you play... evenings on any day of the week seem to be a bit more toxic.
  2. Nachoo31

    My Last Post Last Game

    Well if you not playing to win.. you are ruining my fun. Game is to win. don't know who has fun losing... and if you think losing a "game" is fun.. you need more help than I do.
  3. Nachoo31

    My Last Post Last Game

    LIke nobody cares to actually try to win a game in randoms
  4. Nachoo31

    Camos Survey: Waste of Time

    Just did.. thanks for warning lol
  5. Both...nice try to explain it.
  6. Love playing my Fujin...took it to rank. Only to find out a cruiser was blocked from one of our BBs and decided to throw the game..sailed to corner... quit and went to play my 2k21 season...
  7. Nachoo31

    Feedback for Update 0.11.9 - Submarines

    Shh...people are watching...you can't bash subs
  8. Nachoo31

    blacklisted players

    People think stats mean something to everyone.... some don't care.
  9. Nachoo31

    Update 0.11.9: Submarines

    Try being STO beta and playing when PvP was fun. I have been back in a while and each time the talents and trait line are different and my chars are reset. Can't get back into it.
  10. Nachoo31

    Aww Man!! Buzzkill! ( just realized! )

    Think I will be shutting the accounts down with the release of the subs..would be funny if everyone left..lol
  11. That when I will mothball my fleets and play very casual....
  12. Subs ping once removed from a ship should not instantly be able to ping the ship again. There needs to be a timer. Buff non homing torps to comp. Add captain perks to lower that timer.
  13. Nachoo31

    Giving Subs a Break for a Moment...

    Think your ASDW hacks were not working that day...
  14. Nachoo31

    Auction Winning Bids

    I did 150 mil for Edgar and 1000 for SC..got the SC..nothing of course for Edgar..yes got 500 back