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  1. Ranked Tier 10

    You were all noobs at tier 10 at one time. Make it sound likes freaking crime to get a tier 10 and roll in a match out of the gate.
  2. Ranked Tier 10

    He will have to buy it.
  3. Ranked Tier 10

    Then congrats on getting er Rank 10.
  4. Ranked Tier 10

    The answer to your question is Free XP. Just because he new to Tier X doesn't mean he can't play the ropes and climb out of it. Screw the other remarks OP. I say if you can do it. EXP to tier 10 in the class you are comfortable in and give it a shot. Make the mistakes and learn.
  5. I have had this happen when in early beta. Try to do a check on your files at the WoWs loader. See if there is a file that needs to be fixed. https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/articles/595/
  6. How is the hell it competitive with people play to keep a star? I probably won't be playing it anymore since I'm currently enjoying a different game than WoWs atm. I'm keeping stars with my shim? Teams have to be bad to do that right.
  7. I total hate the Khab, I started to play with the Heal no smoke, getting comfortable. Took it out the other day, told the team don't expect much from me since I can't get the boat to play. We ended up losing a close match with me trying to kill the last two ships myself. Didn't do too bad in it this time. So practice, practice, practice.
  8. Ranked Season 9 Survey

    Hit 8 and I don't think I have the motivation to push it more with the release of Conan Exiles that I was playing during early access and school. That game I can play without my blood boiling.
  9. Ranked Play

    Or they turned the chat off.
  10. Submarine Watch - Update

    If you want to see what would happen. Go get a good old SNES, grab P.T.O. and make fleet 1 as all subs. Have fun. You could emulate it.
  11. Daily Ranked Progress Thread

    you can grind 400 games eventually someone is going to carry you. I have hit 8 in 83 games. Had a good run. When I started to make plays because I got frustrated with 3 dd at one cap and they couldn't take it when there were only 2 (one with deep water torps) dds there its time to stop.
  12. Ranked T10 Win Rates

    Just got rank 8 in my shim. Had 5 wins in a row with mine. This also shows damage isn't coming from dds.
  13. I have been able to save my star a couple of times in my DD.
  14. If we don't get in the position you would be yelling at us for not capping. Just be happy you have DDs to do the spotting for you.