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  1. If you have any of the free premiums you can run captains through the ladder.
  2. 9 points, need 1 more to get tier 4 detection for your captain. Use the free Exp.
  3. Very lucky situations. Just wait till that angle shell goes through your deck.
  4. Question is now. I have Montana, do I sell Iowa since she will just be sitting in my port.
  5. White Mouse

    #metoo ???
  6. Stupid Midwest weather!

    Can't complain until you live in Wisconsin and Minnesota.
  7. Love the ability of the enemy CV not being able to lock down the CV. I got the Saipan, but CV gameplay was boring and the fact I'm too lazy to play the lock and strafe and hope RNG is in your favor. But I loved its DBs lol.
  8. IJN DD status

    Magus Sisters from Final Fantasy :)
  9. IJN DD status

    I like my shim. I have a six-kill game with short torps, though I only killed 3 ships with torpedoes in that game. Yes, there are games where there are no torp hits. But if you do the other minor things to win its worth the play. If you think you can just jump in these beasts and get massive kill numbers, stop at tier 5.
  10. IJN DD status

    Yea, I wouldn't do that unless they are hurt and I know I can kill them.
  11. Conduct in chat

    OH no he is "Salty" because he had a 50% win rate with his matches last night.
  12. Biggest take, you could make 500k on a loss.
  13. Started the last Mission, with the fix for exp, now I can play my shim and get the 90k torp damage and get exp as I do it. Throw in the torpedo hitting, you can do some star collecting fast.