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  1. Just losing one is a lot of points against your team. So I guess they are pointless. Limit to one in clan battles.
  2. I have to agree with OP. That was nothing but farming and this is why I always say Damage doesn't win matches. I'm sure he trying to get a shiny emblem. Well played.
  3. Shrinking map is taking the concept from that underground game.
  4. Bastion was the worst game mode for the fact those guns denotated everything and everyone. It was one map too.
  5. French Containers

    I got two on the Corgi account and unlocked them. NONE on this account. I am off tomorrow and Monday, so I have a 4 day weekend but Saturday is my Birthday so I not sure how much time I can put to this. We will see. :)
  6. French Containers

    I have the Tier 6 Premium cruiser. I don't know if I can do it in 2 weeks but thanks, everyone.
  7. French Containers

    Please tell me I'm wrong, the only way to get them now is buying the crates? Need 2 more and I have 2 dups so a crate will give me the collection.
  8. Why 'play' the game?

    If you take a half a year off to only to come back you will never improve your gameplay to make it fun.
  9. FYI Fujin/Kam are not the old Minekaze. They don't carry the 10 km torpedoes with that low torp detection anymore.
  10. Love running my Corgi flags :)
  11. Just giving a heads up. Message someone left with our clan's Discord. Even if this can't happen, safe than sorry. Be on the look out for a discord user by the name of "Benji" with the tag #0001. He is going around sending friend requests to random Discord users, and those who accept his friend requests will have their account rigged and locked, he will then inject a SFW cleaner into your hardware which will force you to buy new computer parts. Not only will your computer get hit, but everyone in your groups will get the same injection. Spread the word and send this to as many discord servers as you can. If you see this user, DO NOT accept his friend request and immediately block him. Our team is currently working very hard to remove this user from our database, and bug fix the ability to inject a SFW cleaner into computers via our service
  12. Done. Amazon Prime is so worth it. The points I get just spending on Amazon buys my dog its food lol.
  13. Problem with Random

    That one is so old France still had Knights.....???
  14. When are the Spring Break Weeks?

    During my birthday. This case March 12th - March 16th - March 17th is my birthday.
  15. It works. I was playing CVs but I got tired of getting micromanaging the planes, having to use Strafe mechanics to carry a match. To me, CV is more of a job than other classes. Mistakes are shown and people are not forgiving.