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  1. We have a couple of guys that a have all the tier 10s lol.
  2. One thing I hate about people thinks they are DD players, chasing carriers. That tactic has never been a good but to get kills. If you fail, most of the time you will, it hurts your team so much. Heck if you get a window to go for them do it. But right out of the gate... good luck.
  3. See below. Sunday night ended fairly early. I have the week off from work and Anniversary so might be a break time from the game.
  4. I'm sorry George Bush's face, as he was reading to kids in Florida, is all I can remember. It haunts me. I had so much hate for the guy. I was getting ready for my 8 am College Class, Real Estate Principles. Got to class as the first tower went down. I also worked for a Convenience store and I was lucky to have the day off. Because I got a phone call from my Co-Workers because the line for fuel went around the corner. This is in Wisconsin. The low fuel alarms were going off, they need me to check them lol. They were so busy. The day was just a dream. Since this was the closest thing we could compare to Pearl Harbor.
  5. Who pissed off the CV?
  6. Call of Duty??? LOL...... what is for a Fujin?
  7. Am I wrong and no one sees something wrong with tier 5 BB using HE to delete a tier 7 cruiser like it is AP?. I think I need to find the replay and upload it. I think I was really low on HPs. So this could be exaggerating.
  8. Again. Go pay a Fuji and take on an Iron Duke with HE. AP you should get eaten, they can use HE do the same. Tier 5 I think most are talking about.
  9. I found bad team balances when Rank was going on.
  10. If it's like WoT... game over.
  11. I used HE on a Crusier broadside because I had it loaded for a dd, 2 citadels lol.
  12. I think it should be toned down when Iron Duke wipes Fiji 2 tiers higher than him in one HE Salvo bow on.
  13. That Republican president is so far from this Republican president. Money for one.