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  1. Nachoo31

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    EVE???? so you can be camped a jump gate and lose everything. oh man.
  2. Nachoo31

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    This boat didn't make it out of the Beta into launch.
  3. Nachoo31

    Premium Ship Review: California

    I bought the super Pershing in Tanks.. opps.
  4. Nachoo31

    Battleship Kii - Ranked Sprint

    Ok. Benson and DD are fine on Sprint. I just did this account to rank 1 in 35 battles doing only DDs. And then did my second account with just the Oland and Orkan in 33 battles.
  5. Charging Shim... with TA F3s.. good night. If you don't kill them. I wouldn't bother with this format.
  6. Risky business doing anything. Wear a mask!
  7. Nachoo31

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    AS of right now .. claim. No Loot. Waiting patiently like rest.
  8. Nachoo31

    Sub battle thoughts, feedback, and poll

    Give all BB sub radar up to 30 KM... they can change course to avoid.
  9. Nachoo31

    Sub battle thoughts, feedback, and poll

    Needs more work. BBs are going to die if it doesn't change.
  10. Nachoo31

    Fate of the USS Texas

    BB and CV show that would be cool.
  11. Nachoo31

    The issue with Großer Kurfürst

    The issue with GK is where you are and the fire happy cruisers. Use the spotter plane to hit from distance and punishes those that push you with secondaries and your guns.
  12. Nachoo31


    If the ship doesn't have the lock, it won't seem to hit.
  13. Hey, I had a match I saved my star. I was capping C. I was low HP and their CV was lights out so I was holding shots so he couldn't hit me in smoke. Our CV was contesting B with the said CV. Thought for sure the CV would be able to finish the CV. Smoke ran out. I live as long as you can against a CV put some hits on it. Now I believe we were up on points, CV vs CV. Just ram. Nope, our CV avoids the ram ended up getting killed with us at 969. :(
  14. Nachoo31

    A different take on CVs

    There are purple CV players in tier 8? Who is in the British Tier 8. I need to pick their brain on how to play it. Focus on scouting, kill the dds, you are depending on the rest of the team to do the rest of the work. CVs are not easy...
  15. Nachoo31

    Ranked Sprint DD commiseration thread

    120+ every match. DDs are so fun. I got to 5 in 11 matches