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  1. Weekend spree

    Got called out for being tier 10 potato in my Zao, Finished with 130k damage 3 kills for loss. But the person didn't understand the concept of not getting in range of BBs like a Montana where their AP can eat Zaos. Its ok, I checked his tier 10 games played and found that I have 3 times the games in my Shim alone than he has in the tier 10s he has total. Oh well.
  2. Got my 1st Solo Warrior!

    I somehow have 3, but I remember the one I got in a Benson, hopping cap to cap as the other team is hitting the one I just left..
  3. Wrong Answers Only: 17

    This needs to be in off-topic please.
  4. Kindle boat. That is very good. LOL
  5. Ingame Down casting and Complaing

    You didn't get the point. Stat Shamming is for the weak. Grow up. Go ahead. Check my stats. You going to do it.
  6. Sorry guys I have to bow out of this booty afair.
  7. A sub question...but not what you think!

    If you ever go to Pearl don't miss the Bowfin!
  8. This is on me, I suggested a jammer in the survey. Sorry! Also, I'm adapting to the radar. Tell the other punks on my team to stop badgering me into pushing and taking caps. Getting tired of trying to adapt but only getting yelled at for not playing the "DD".
  9. I actually have unreal stats in the new Hatsuharu when I was play it. The trick with her is always keeping a set of torps up unless you have a good ambush on a BB.
  10. Cough Cough, DD need cover too.
  11. Jingles should win this hands down but someone cut his cord to the internet...... hmm..
  12. Eagles vs Sharks

    I try to get on tonight.. I jump on with the under dogs.
  13. If you use smoke alot don't do it. But if you have gotten to the point of using smoke rarely, run the torp reload booster.
  14. A question for DD captains

    BB problem is they have to do damage. SO many ships go untouched with one salvo from them that would end it. Instead, they heal up and come to haunt someone else on the other side of the map. If everyone wants to work as a team and throw stats out the game would be enjoyable. That is a pipe dream. Everyone plays this game in their own way. Every class gets yelled at for doing something wrong. Just how to deal with it up to the player. For the record, the Shim is my favorite tier 10 and I think I have enough games to believe its a huge and hit/miss on its performance. Get a CV in a Match, oh man does the mind games start on it.