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  1. Nachoo31

    DDs please do your job

    LOL... I had one chase me out of a cap and only to die to my torps Iauched to keep an NC off a cap. Also took a hit for the NC.
  2. Nachoo31

    Game is shutting down my PC

    Make sure nothing is getting into the fan of the video card. I have a Dell PC that when I got the thing it was doing the overheating and going in sleep mode. Open it up and the cable from the video card was preventing the fan from actually moving.
  3. Nachoo31

    DDs please do your job

    You know what op. Thank you dEsTurbed for this post. I logged after 5 matches last night all in tier X destroyers. We might need to do that more often. Seriously when you constantly bust your [edited]to keep dds off the caps and screen for the team and putting light but 50k dmg with torps but yet left high and dry when the enemy dd gets a free push at you and one of his buddies joins in. Why!!! the BBs and CAs are parked behind the island farming damage on BBs running away. Finishing in the top 3 in 3 of the 5 matches in losses kinda puts a damper on playing for the night. Rant off.
  4. Nachoo31

    please help CVs

    Thank you to a CV I couldn't get my brother to play the game for more than 2 days...
  5. Congrats you are having fun with the ships.
  6. Nachoo31

    Remove planes and CVs from WowS

    They also said no subs.....
  7. Nachoo31

    Monthly Subscriptions - well done WG

    Oh I played when it was that way.
  8. Nachoo31

    Monthly Subscriptions - well done WG

    Oh man, I remember in World of Tanks we have a poor guy that would use his gold to buy ammo, not realizing he could buy them with silver.
  9. Nachoo31

    legacy upgrade are a real disapointment

    I sold my shim upgrade. I think that was the only one I got so far lol.
  10. Nachoo31

    I felt bad/good playing Smolensk

    Oh... I took out my Alaska and was fighting 4 ships at once bow on and on my flank rolls in backing up is a Smoley. I was going down and I was like, I want some citadels. Blasted my guns right as I die. BOOM!!! completed deleted him. I hit the chat and said some dirty words to that player. Why? The freaking boat. I don't know if I actually hate the boat. Just because of everyone else, I had to throw shade. That is just bad.
  11. Nachoo31

    The great credit gamble worked

    Doah.... didn't do it...
  12. This can be defeating when do all that work to stay alive and you are the last one left. A trait that most don't try to live. They try to get kills. Personal experiences are having a plan, escape route and that escape route fails. :( Then some random moron on the other side of the map thinks the location where you died is because you pushed like an idiot. Wish people would mind their own business. pfft. Now I will sit while the class starts.
  13. Nachoo31

    Meaning of random

    True 45% .. it's 55%. .. now if the person is 60% in that ship... now we have a new ball game.