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  1. Go play a BB a bit and you will figure it out. I have started in the worst spots in BB games and get hung out to dry.
  2. Average Damage per Battle can be manipulated. Seriously Torpedo hit ratio? ok.. I'll just walk away.
  3. PSA to CV players to think before hitting a ship.. Gorz got 15 last night in a match but NADO was running the CV and knew to keep the planes away from me except the fighters.
  4. I hope to at the End of Sept... MMIS with Data Management focus. So we will see.
  5. Cluck like a chicken, must be a chicken?
  6. So what if Segal took out a sub. Clinton did. Right, Bevis.
  7. That the reason she an ex?
  8. Wife says... oh..
  9. Thanksgiving is coming and they always do a discount year of premium.
  10. "Today Supremacy League is an Amateur E-Sports league supported by donations and the passion of its participants" Its a league, like Fantasy Football. Created for those who wish to play.
  11. Shimakaze is not the worst DD. Maybe for you, but it's not. Yes, the torps can be detected from miles away. I don't know what Clan wars you play but 80% of the time Cruisers are tucked behind islands.
  12. LOL Credit card Commandos
  13. I'm good, I blame the ship...
  14. This is a game?
  15. I think they can one-shot you?