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  1. Nachoo31

    How Does 2 Hakuryu Torps Do 76k Damage To Kremlin?

    only 2 torpedo planes shot down.. that why 2 did that dmg. Flooding?
  2. Nachoo31

    Game is decided in first 2-4 minutes

    Longer than me huh? we comparing a number of games. So must be Alpha tester than. Can't tell when you block your stats..
  3. Nachoo31

    0.10.5 Release date

    I have the doubloon one still available, with 14k on the account. Nothing I want to get. I did use the flags discount ones
  4. Good lesson here. In DD, make sure you catch the radar boats. Assume they going to be set up next to an island or area coving cap with their radar range. Don't play your attack until you know where they are all at. Request help from teammates, to get those ships focused so you can spot and work. If you can't play the game like this then don't play dds.
  5. Nachoo31

    Game is decided in first 2-4 minutes

    LOL... again. You must not live long enough to see where the team can change, half the lemming train changes direction and mows through the rest to pull out the win. I wish people wouldn't quit mid-match, thinking the match is over. It's not over till you kill yourself. Det mechanic is in the game, it can change the outcome pretty quick. I have yet to see it, we can all dream right.
  6. Nachoo31

    Concerned about upcoming changes

    My spending on the premium is going to be stopping too. That just because I feel like i have to play the game as a job to use it. I want to be able to play my other games and come back to this one for NB to help the Clan out.
  7. Nachoo31

    Game is decided in first 2-4 minutes

    Must not have been around for matches where the team down 500 points comes back to win. I pretty sure that wasn't in the first 2 mins.
  8. Nachoo31

    Abusive purple players

    It's when you try to extend the match and live... I have had plenty of complaints about it. Purples with 10k games are impressive not so much are the ones with 5000 games. 9 of 10 is a reroll account.
  9. Nachoo31

    Convince me the bots don't cheat...

    If you target the boat and then launch torps they will dodge. click another ship launch at the one you don't click, they normally will drive right into them as you said.. lol.
  10. Ok. Cruisers need more counters than getting blapped by a BB?
  11. Asa is spotter... :P
  12. The Dutch bombers might be a good look at possible changes for fighters on CVs. Good ideas, just not sure if it is the rebalance.
  13. A good example is the Kaga, It gets a ton of planes at 50% hps per plane. If you don't recycle planes, I have gotten into a habit of getting into the fight too soon, you find at the end, as I did in a ranked battle with another cv, last 2 (1 v 1), I had 1/2 planes per squad and was not able out DPS the enemy cv.
  14. Nachoo31

    Game done changed....

    Which account is that on?? this one has no game in CVs
  15. Nachoo31

    Game done changed....

    Seriously you people need to focus on playing a CV for a month. Its not a cake walk...