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  1. When you are down caps and need them to win and your last DD is in corner of the map with no enemies.
  2. FYI check my 7 day numbers below. Ouch huh.
  3. Lost me at kagerou as being Under powered...
  4. Yes, I have seen the dd going to the other cap work. But it annoys me. Hence the drink.
  5. Time for some fun. Let's start a drinking game. Add something done in Rank that we can drink to. First one. Take a drink every time a dd on your team decides its a best idea to go to the different cap you have chosen to go to first.
  6. You could create a list and when you see them in a random enemy team make it a goal to put a torpedo up there
  7. Just got this error today. I had it back in Beta.. only fix I got for it was complete re-install of the game client. I'm doing check /fix right now to see if that will help.
  8. The peep supporting lead the way with the runner behind. :P
  9. Isn't it the summer over there too?
  10. Jesus. You guys are burned out. Move on. It happens. Game will be here when you get the itch again.
  11. Doesn't this say something about the OP. Who knows who this player in real life? Don't judge a book by its cover. Try not to past judgement.
  12. Potato, a word. That is. I'm at rank 7 (74 battles), I don't think my Kill totals are that impressive, but I think I'm averaging a tad over 1300 exp per match. Thank you for carrying me.
  13. I had WoWReplay file of my 6 kill game in Shim with F3. I don't have that set-up anymore.
  14. Quickbaby has a video on it for WoT. But most are banned. Doubt it's in WoWs.
  15. oh boy..... Does it kill ships?