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  1. I had to completely reinstall my client, but I can finally report it works now. Apparently we can't unbind the shift key without permanent consequences to the client.
  2. Still broken for me, now even the WOWS settings page won't register my shift key when I try to rebind. Kind of disappointed with Steelseries for this kind of software strangeness. UpdatE: Did check the driver version and it is but no dice. Will try to uninstall and reinstall and report back Update 2: So might actually be a WOWS bug because whenever I'm pressing shift for rebinding artillery view, the game tells me that the hotkey is already reserved, and the binding remains empty. This is becoming such a strange bug.
  3. Any updates on this? Having the same problem with my Apex 3 from Steelseries.
  4. Roken1

    World Of Destroyer. lol

    The destroyer players are also pretty tired when that happens...no BBs to farm? Press the straight back to port button!
  5. Roken1

    2022 ships wishlist, 2 ships T10.

    These two things don't really mesh up. Your good AA would drop your stealth to engage aircraft, and the "better" the AA (i.e. longer range AA so that aircraft are more likely forced into your AA bubble and for the longer duration while they engage on their primary target) the "worse" your stealth would be because there is no such thing as stealth AA except the occasional island screen that lasts all but a few seconds before even a bad CV player would pull away or push in and detect you.
  6. Roken1

    Is the G Kurfurst even worth the effort?

    If you already have FdG then you might as well grind the GK. The equation is a lot more blurry if you were down in a Gneis or even a Bismark if you aren't dragon flagging. Making XP in this game is pretty consistent, coal is slightly less consistent to make with the daily caps to containers.
  7. Roken1

    USS Colorado Buff (Final Refit Hull)

    The original balancing of Colorado revolved around her originally unique access to 16" (406mm) guns that no other tech tree ship (other than Nagato) used to have...until Sinop rolled through and showed us what REAL powercreeping looks like; meanwhile light cruisers developed over 27mm HE pen and USN 203mm heavy cruisers got access to super heavy AP at tier 8. So yes, she is very powercrept, but look at the rest of the tier 7 BB field and show me a healthy BB at that tier. These days tier 6-7 BBs are the real bottom of the barrel for performance. As for possible rebalance for Colorado (and Nagato) would be simply to make her faster than her "historic" speed to something like 28 knots. Then any competent player can have a chance to actually do something...
  8. Picked up Napoli Grinding snow flakes. Picked up low tier cruisers and DDs to maximize discounts. Picked up Richeliu...talk about Tier 8 JB...pretty op scoring citadels against a Monty at 18km. Finished GK grind and ready for the free ship!
  9. Roken1


    I have 600+ prem days...wish they just put doubs on sale instead.
  10. Roken1

    Why is there no premium fuso?

    Aren't Ise and Hyuga technically Fuso+ ? Like a lot of IJN designs, Fuso only has one sister ship. It is a great waste of R&D, but can't blame the IJN struggling to keep up with the great early 20th century naval arms race for limiting any design to only 1 or 2 hulls before they're deemed obsolete and something better comes along.
  11. Roken1

    I play co op mostly...

    WG never committed to making a purely PvE game...but like Ahskance mentioned but translated to a guide: you should strongly consider grinding credits at lower tiers and using that banked credit pool to play in high tiers as a treat. It isn't ideal, but that's the meta until they change it.
  12. Roken1

    Yoshino Worth Getting?

    was in a battle against 3 of them last night! Must be because of the Black Friday sale!
  13. A whole lot of trash tier ships other than Max Immelmann after about $400 worth of spend. Given how many people I've seen pull the Max from these containers, I'm starting to suspect there is a short list within each "bin" of ship rarity...
  14. Once you get far enough from the "history" of the events, you'll find more and more apologists for the darkest experiences of human history. Just look at the list below and count the number of figureheads who think these smears of humanity is worth anything near worshipping other than lines of caution to all future generations: 1) The Roman Empire (Crimes Against Humanity: Genocide of Celtics, Germans, and the list just keeps going) 2) The Mongol Empire (Crimes Against Humanity: Massacre and genocide of dozens of cultures, ethnicities, and modern nationalities, not to mention disrupting global trade for centuries and likely led to the European Black Plague) 3) The British Empire (Crimes Against Humanity: Systematic Enslavement of dozens of cultures, systematic implementation of mass artificial famine and torture, systematic implementation of racial and ethnic segregation across the global that resulted in a dozen ethnic wars in the 20th and 21st centuries, list continues) Those are just the top 3, we haven't even gotten to the German and Japanese Empires yet but they're pretty close to the top of that leader board.