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  1. Roken1

    The Euro DD Line

    grinded up to a Skane so far, I got to say, if you love torping, this is THE DD line to grind right now until the new captain changes incoming.
  2. Roken1

    thunderer's magnificent HE

    but those op RU BBs are kindle boxes so HE spamming is actually a great way to overwhelm their damage ctrl...
  3. Roken1

    How to Buffalo?

    I've always felt the USN CA line is just a USN CL line with fewer guns to trade for more situational tools and guns. Marry an island, islands are infinite armor. Pick off a few dds and CLs, push up to the next set of islands. Rinse repeat.
  4. Roken1

    “Summer Sale” 2020

    Well about $36 in, all 5 air drop containers gave me signals, but the first 2018 black friday container I opened gave me a tirpitz B...again, not sure why WG doesn't just post their odds since plenty of EU gaming rules require odds posted. I'm guessing WOWS is grandfathered in?
  5. Roken1

    “Summer Sale” 2020

    Only camo and signals here after 3 containers. Time to call it while I'm not too deep but I guess $12 wasn't exactly too expensive? The fact that in 2020 WG still doesn't release the odds of paid containers is probably criminal in some EU nations. But I guess that won't keep whales from chasing that dream.
  6. Roken1

    Oklahoma - DOA

    I'll wait for the reviews. Hell it might even end up on one of Eurobeat's "How to Play" videos with those 10 gun broadsides and that Atlanta+2 guns of secondaries strapped to her belt.
  7. Roken1

    Midway play - the way it USED TO BE

    When WOWS MMR matches 4 v 4 CVs with every other ship class relegated as "support screens", then we'll have a real WW2 naval simulator.
  8. Roken1

    Pommern to be released for 228,000 coal

    I assure you we're all on the same MMR, and anyone with a "CA/CL hunting BB" queuing into randoms is suffering or making their team suffer. Not that unicom players would notice, since they'll outperform with whatever they're given.
  9. Roken1

    Pommern to be released for 228,000 coal

    380mm...yea pretty undergunned for tier IX unless you're down-tier clubbing. Another KM BB relegated to perform CA/CL hunting duty. It is further confused with that 33 second reload speed (just like the 12 gun USN BB line that's coming). In a Tier IX-X game, what do you even shoot without praying for citadels due to sheer sigma-rng-jesus-luck? I guess we need to ask the Alsace and Jean Bart captains, but those ships have french reload on their side. Unless she can bow tank like a Jean Bart, you have a recipe for another port queen.
  10. Roken1

    WASP (CV-7)

    They haven't even brought in the USS Hornet ( that's more famous or infamous if you're Japanese) yet, I'll keep waiting.
  11. Roken1

    why do we need more cartoon little girls?

    We have Dasha captains for that, or are you saying WG needs to hire more presenter models?
  12. Roken1

    How to Neptune?

    The get of detonation free signal (Juliet Charlie) is your friend....
  13. Roken1

    Another Azur lane post

    I pretty much always retrain using credits but never doubloons. I don't really have that many premium ships with free retrains so I don't usually move the captains around unless it is strategic. That said, it is likely that WG knows more AL crossovers are coming, so they're definitely holding back a lot of captains. Releasing them without cashing in would be a silly business ideal, but that won't please the fan base of either community. Hence we are fanboys and not CEOs.
  14. Roken1

    Lag in game

    I noticed the lag even on WG's official twitch stream today on RU. Might be the new patch or maybe just something going on with their servers. Definitely noticed it two days ago in battle. Especially bad whenever you're telescoping and enemies are sailing broadside.
  15. Roken1

    21 German containers and no CV.

    same here. Has anyone looked into if the likelihood of a KM CV dropping is based on how many KM tech tree ships you've unlocked? My buddy who is a KM main got his Rhien mission on the 3rd container he ever opened. I only have a Tier 2 KM ship since I'm not big into their tactical doctrine, and have got zilch with all but a few of directive 4 finished.