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  1. Roken1

    Future Tech Tree Lines

    Because google translate is perfect at translating any Asian language...Kappa. Anyways, here is the more interpreted version of the tweet: First half is a joke about how it is hard to tell what kind of ship this is because it has white camo... Second half is about wanting one of these ships (Kitakami, the ship that will break this game even more).
  2. Roken1

    Chances as a new player

    First of all, Welcome to the Game! Hope you stay a while! As for getting a leg up from a fresh start here are some tips to speed your way to Tier 6... 1) Get a invite code (You'll need to start a new account with this one): It might seem counter intuitive to delete your 15 battle account, but if you get an invite code from a friend (or from me or any other player) you get some WG free stuff including almost a month of premium time (which is key here for fast progression) Let me know if you need a code. 2) Buy some dragon/boost flags (This is expensive, and if you want to stay a free player just skip this part): These flags are effectively sling shots you can use to quickly get up through the tiers. I personally would avoid them till you're at least in tier 6+ because there are some basic mechanics that you'll need to learn before you want to just speed run to tier X. 3) Watch lots of youtube "how to" videos and maybe even a few "ship reviews". Nothing like learning from the experts than actually learning from the experts...nuff said. 4) The first 30 games in Co-op (Warning! You'll learn very little in co-op but at low tiers, this is how you unlock your account quickly to get access to more modes and features, including joining a clan. Once you get through those battles, go join a clan ASAP. Most active clans have plenty of XP/Credits/coal/& steel resource bonus infrastructure built out so you minimize some of the time costs...
  3. Roken1

    Future Tech Tree Lines

    this seems to indicate your wishes are WG's command....jk looks like kuma line with strong torps! Useless 20km slow [edited]IJN TORPS BONZAI!!!
  4. Roken1

    Sell Lexington ??? Russian Bias !

    Lexy is one of the strongest CVs at tier 8 period, tech tree or premium. Nothing really compare to her adaptability and carry potential. As for your specific issue with rockets, yes the rework is supposed to help DDs, but that doesn't make your rockets useless. In fact, I just had a game where I used Lexy's rockets to almost 10k a Charles Martel 2 minutes into a match. Understand, the slower rockets means you don't get free drops on DDs anymore, but that just means you switch it to punish soft cruisers, BB superstructure, or even...dare I say....other CVs. As for Soviet CVs...they're...extremely balanced. Ultra high skill floor and ultra high skill ceiling. CV unicoms can rip a red team apart, but mediocre CV players like myself get utterly destroyed in them. They are super easy to deplane, in fact probably more so than even German CVs because you're risking the entire flight during a strike, so one good flak burst, and half of your total planes just go to the bottom. Do that twice, and you lose a plane type entirely. Do that 6 times and your CV is completely deplaned. However, because your entire flight must commit to a strike, there isn't even the possibility of mitigating AA unless you drop very early or only isolated targets. In my Chkalov, I've yet had one game where I end the match with full flights. Also because you get only one strike per flight, you must position closer to the flanks so you're not spending so much time getting on target. This again puts your CV in more danger than say a Lexington. The Dive bomber dispersion is pathetic compared to Lexington's, it is actually very hard to get a perfect drop on a DD, but good CV captains can make it look easy. The torpedo bombers are anemic. Have to drop at max range with very long leads on very slow torpedoes, so most good players would just dodge if they aren't pinned by your team. Finally you get to the skip bombers, RNG plays a huge role, but very good fire chance is all I can write home about. I suffer a lot in both the Chkalov and the Komso. But I think they're making me slightly better at playing CVs because all of a sudden every action counts a lot more. I would bet once the line comes out of early access you're going to see the huge chasm of a gap between CV unicom numbers and everyone else. Perhaps WG has stumbled on something here, and this is a way to truly (re)balance all other CVs. Time will tell.... As for missiles, the soviet missiles are just as bad as the American ones if not more so because the entire flight is in danger during the drop.
  5. For direct injection of mediocrity guaranteed performance: Kaga / Indomitable because you will never go back to port with less than 20k damage on those sky canc...I mean performance machines. But for fun: Mainz, Kidd, really any of the tier 8 DDs make great gunboat pewpew ships.
  6. Now we wait to see just how much these will cost...anyone want to bet over-under?
  7. Roken1

    Add Sub 1-401 to the mainline tech tree

    ROFL why do you think WG is so keen on implementing Subs into the game if not to sell you I-401 in the next ARP collab for $150? I can't wait for the premium hybrid IJN sub that can launch a torp bomber strike.... The only IJN unit that was able to actually inflict direct damage to the lower 48 States during the whole war was from a sub-carried plane: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_submarine_I-25 The REAL IJN I-401 had a relatively less sensational operation history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I-400-class_submarine
  8. Roken1

    new Pan-Asian cruiser line.

    Folks comparing this line to American CL line are missing the fine print... HE spamming CLs with pan-Asian SMOKE? (Think Smolensk but the smokes just keep coming with the short cool downs) yea...I'll pop the popcorn if you'll bring the pitchforks. Also WG already hinted that they have good ASW...which means older lines without good ASWs are going to get power crept in 2022 when Subs come to randoms...
  9. damn only got 7 day premium time from my SC this weekend. The jelly is deep right now.
  10. Kidd getting gunned down by you in an Asashino is a good indication of why you got to carry. 7K hp off of a Kidd, he must have had a bad time.
  11. Haha this is true, but since ship builders are as organized as red players... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pre-dreadnought_battleship Battleships been around...
  12. Don't find yourself alone all the time, and use islands. But a good FDR player is supposed to always hold all the cards because CVs are meant to dominate your obsolete 19th century ship design in every way.
  13. Not everyone is LWM though
  14. @Sub_Octavian Disinformation (lying) is a form of communication, and some would argue it is the poorest form of communications because it breeds more distrust between those trying to work with each other. Look, everyone lies. Players lie about not wanting loot crates, but then buys hundreds of dollars of them trying to pull Musashi out of one. CCs lie about not wanting to work with a company that don't treat them with common decency, yet plenty ex-CCs are still streaming WOWS on twitch showcasing WG products (ships & gameplay) and profiting from fans who want to watch them streaming WOWS. And of course Devs/WG employees lie about miscommunicating, or misinterpreting, or misunderstanding what a CC or player directly ask for when it is obvious to all parties involved and even the player base spectators. But when you're fighting fires with a bath towel, sometimes that's okay. The thing to remember is lying is always the path of least resistance during the fact, but it collects in a cesspool that will only destroy any hope of building trust back in the system. The system is broken. No cognizant player who remembers what happened in WOWS 2020-2021 will believe in this system ever again. My word of advise is to blow it all up and start over. 1) Get rid of your monetization plans, just throw it in the garbage because it is as useful to WG right now as opium to an addict. The longer you stay on this scheme, the further down this game will go. 2) Get rid of your data collection plans, and start over with something completely new, because concluding that the player base wants submarines in this game means that your current data collection scheme is simply not collecting the right data from the right population. Examples of businesses that collected bad data and ended up making bad decisions is a dime a dozen. Blackberry, Blockbuster, and Kmart to name a few. Notice what's common between these companies? 3) Get rid of your game balance plans/procedures, because given the current feedback from CCs, your vocal (note that I'm pointing this out because the silent player base is a poor population to collect data from, you can hire a multi-billion dollar consulting firm to explain why that's the case or just trust me on this one) player base, and your competitive clans the balancing is simply done too retroactively and at too slow of a turnaround. Anyone in supply management could have written you a whole report on how that's going to impact your bottom line. 4) Pay your content creators (ex. LWM). You don't have to give them mansions, but if Tiktok can do it, so can WG. Even if it is $500 for a camo, money speaks volumes.
  15. Forget all those suggestions, If you want to grind down a cruiser line, Goliath is the only way to go. Here are the reasons why. Still with me? 1) Tier V you get a heal. SHOW me a cruiser at this tier that has this? Who? Who? Okay fine Emerald come back when you can sling HE. Yea don't think so! Hawkins OP? Confirmed. Btw WG. it is NOT OKAY for a tier 5 cruiser to have a heal...just NOT okay! 2) HE. End of the discussion. These other "players" out there will try to convince you about how great one cruiser is because of their utility vs another cruisers'' lack of utility. I'd argue, the only utility you need to be good at in a cruiser in 2021 is HE, the god ammo type. It requires no skill floor. It ignores angling, about the only thing another cruiser or DD player can do to counter you. It forgets that BBs have armor, smoke 'em if you got 'em. 3) And for some reason if points 1 and 2 don't convince you, the utility really can't get much better. Starting at tier 8, you get access to Super Heal. Oh a NC just citadeled you? No problem, you can just reprint a new ship. Down to 400 hp and everyone thought you're dead? No, you're actually a half health zombie that needs to just go behind a island real quick and you'll be back in a jiffy! Also it still has access to Hydro like any cruiser so all your bases are covered. You might be wondering, "This loser just recommended a Goliath when no one else on this forum even mentioned it, why?" Because it is boring to be a god. Goliath is a god. It will sling HE from the back of the map all day, everyday and win win win in the right hands, but when all you have is 1 ammo type and those big beautiful citadels are only going to those over indulgent American-Heavies, life gets boring on the 9-10 line real fast. Also Goliath is a damage over time ship, so if you end up in a one sided battle, which happens more often than not, then your massive damage potential gets cut down before it even leaves the crib. So there you have it. A god-like cruiser than every streamer hates to play because it is boring to watch, boring to play, but can consistently generate 200K games for you as long as MMR doesn't just stack a bunch of reds into one side, as it does, pretty consistently.