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  1. As a BB main, I'm firmly against the removal of stealth firing. Of course, I'm saying this now as it's been a while since I've been fire bombed by a Zao Still, I don't think stealth firing should be removed entirely. Perhaps shorten the ranges on certain ships to give them a smaller stealth firing window but to remove the ability completely is too big of a nerf to far too many ships IMO.
  2. Personally, I loved Rogue One. I went in with low expectations but ended up being pleasantly surprised. I liked it because it wasn't it didn't fit the tone of the previous Star Wars movies. It was brutal and a far more serious and adult movie than past Star Wars films. Rogue One isn't a kids movie, its the story of a suicide mission to stop the greatest threat the galaxy has ever seen. IMO it makes the attack on the Death Star in A New Hope have that much more meaning. This one shot to kill this battle station cost hundreds if not thousands of lives and now we've seen that story and know the people that paid the ultimate price to not only bring about the destruction of the Death Star, but also make the rebellion a true alliance against the Empire.
  3. Spent around $100 on various batches of $3 and $5 crates. Ship-wise I got the Nikolai 1 (YES!!!!!), Marblehead, Lo Yang, Prinz Eugen, Emden, and enough copies of ships I already own to give me more than enough doubloons to convert enough Free XP to unlock Missouri, which is now sitting happily in my port Also pulled in 90 days of premium and a metric ton of flags and camos on top of it. I usually don't get much out of any type of these gambling crates, but it worked out pretty well this time. GG Wargaming, you're making a killing today, aren't you.
  4. Ha... haha.... hahahaha.... haha... ha.... *nervous twitch* Well, I guess I need to go see my therapist again. You've reminded me of my nightmares from closed beta. Planes... so many planes...
  5. Murica. All day, every day. BBs mainly but I play a bit of everything from each nation except CVs because I find playing them to be absolutely infuriating to play.
  6. Yeah, you shouldn't get many issues if you're still at 1080p. Its the going up to 1440p that screws the UI up. More scaling options would be a great addition.
  7. I'm using an Acer Predator x34 and no, the ships aren't stretched out at all. Everything looks perfect. Absolutely the best upgrade to my setup I've done so far.
  8. It looks amazing. Just recently made the switch from 1920x1080 to 3440x1400 and Warships looks fantastic. The UI, however, doesn't scale correctly so it's fairly small in comparison. It's not unusable by any means and I don't notice it so much with the aiming reticle, it's mostly the team lists that are too small.
  9. Upvotes for days, my friend. Thank you for posting this. Very well said.
  10. USS Alabama. What? Too soon?
  11. So much this. Seriously, until we hear directly from WG it's all just speculation. Sure, this is WG we're talking about and it does sound like something they would do, but as it stands all we've got is some poorly worded patch notes and "confirmation" from someone who doesn't work for Wargaming. Until WG outright says only Supertesters are getting the Alabama, we really don't have anything to go on. On the other hand, this thread is pretty hilarious to read...
  12. The only thing I like seeing more than a T9-10 USN BB giving me a shot at her broadside is a Pensacola doing the same thing. Just don't show any sort of broadside if you can help it, especially not to anything with 16 inch guns. Ever since I killed a full health Iowa in a Amagi with a single salvo from max range, I always remember to be way more cautious in my US BBs. The Tirpitz on the other hand
  13. Ah yes, "Reapers". We've dismissed that claim
  14. If this is true, I think I'm just gonna avoid the forums for a bit. The sheer rage over this will darken the skies over every city on Earth. WG, I hope you know what you're doing.
  15. Neptune popped out of a smoke screen 8km ahead of my Yamato. Blew the poor thing out of the water with a full broadside.