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  1. Falcon Heavy - Successful Launch~!

    He'd better check his damn targets and his damn firing solution. I hope he doesn't just 'eyeball it' or anything like that.
  2. What premiums would you never buy?

    None. I'm a history buff at heart and a ship collector. So if money were no object, I'd buy pretty much any premium that's available so long as there's some history behind it.
  3. Pan-Asia DDs: Arriving Soon vid

    I haven't been this disinterested in a new line since... well, ever actually. The only thing I'm hoping for out of this is that WG will finally update the Fletcher's model to the square bridge version. The model is already in the game, WG! Doooo it!
  4. 'Don't wade into the clusterfrak... Don't do it, you're smarter than this. Oh, screw it...' It seems perfectly obvious to me that WG has chosen to go this route with the roundels is the same as the reason they chose to replace the Swastika and the Rising Sun symbol. It can be considered offensive in some parts of the world. Personally, I completely disagree with changing history in any way, shape, or form, but then I'm not offended by flags, symbols, emblems, or confederate statues. So, because it's possible that the roundel could potentially damage WG's business, they've chosen not to use it. If you want a more official answer than that (or any other that you're going to get from any one of us randoms around here) you're far better off contacting WG directly via PM.
  5. While I'm personally more in favor of giving Colorado a hull upgrade to Maryland's configuration, this would at least be a good buff and put Colorado on par with her contemporaries. Agreed.
  6. Giulio Cesare Commanders, Mouse wants your Help!

    I'll sign up for this. Why not? Six battles played thus far and no detonations as of yet.

    Hmm, and here I was just about to pick up Mutsu and buy enough doubloons to convert free xp to get Nelson. Going to be reconsidering that course of action now.
  8. So... what happens if I ignore myself??

    Decided to be the test subject here. It just gives you a message saying you can't ignore yourself (I beg to differ ) Kinda hoped something terrifying would happen, honestly.
  9. I've been playing this game since the second beta weekend and I can safely say I have never, not once, killed a friendly. I've hit friendlies with main battery fire on occasion, mainly because we sailed too close and I was tunnel visioned onto a target and smacked the nearby ship. I've never hit a friendly with a torpedo at any point nor have I ever turned pink. Avoiding friendly fire is really quite simple. Just watch what you're doing. Your shells/torps are your responsibility as is the damage they cause. Yes, there are griefers out there, but most people aren't going out of their way to make you do team damage. Pull the camera back occasionally and make sure there are no friendlies between you and your target when launching torpedoes. You just have to use a bit of caution and keep a close eye on teammates.
  10. I tried to get this in some of the ships I'm best at and failed miserably. Got close a few times, but I was always either a kill or a few points of damage shy of the goal. So I broke out the Montana, a ship I haven't played that much, and managed 4 kills and almost 200,000 damage in Random without even really trying. This has made me question my unwillingness to play my Montana. She's kind of a beast.
  11. New Special Commander Skills Dasha

    There is absolutely no possible way in which this thread ends well.
  12. As a BB main, I'm firmly against the removal of stealth firing. Of course, I'm saying this now as it's been a while since I've been fire bombed by a Zao Still, I don't think stealth firing should be removed entirely. Perhaps shorten the ranges on certain ships to give them a smaller stealth firing window but to remove the ability completely is too big of a nerf to far too many ships IMO.
  13. So, I didn't like Rogue One *Spoilers.*

    Personally, I loved Rogue One. I went in with low expectations but ended up being pleasantly surprised. I liked it because it wasn't it didn't fit the tone of the previous Star Wars movies. It was brutal and a far more serious and adult movie than past Star Wars films. Rogue One isn't a kids movie, its the story of a suicide mission to stop the greatest threat the galaxy has ever seen. IMO it makes the attack on the Death Star in A New Hope have that much more meaning. This one shot to kill this battle station cost hundreds if not thousands of lives and now we've seen that story and know the people that paid the ultimate price to not only bring about the destruction of the Death Star, but also make the rebellion a true alliance against the Empire.
  14. Spent around $100 on various batches of $3 and $5 crates. Ship-wise I got the Nikolai 1 (YES!!!!!), Marblehead, Lo Yang, Prinz Eugen, Emden, and enough copies of ships I already own to give me more than enough doubloons to convert enough Free XP to unlock Missouri, which is now sitting happily in my port Also pulled in 90 days of premium and a metric ton of flags and camos on top of it. I usually don't get much out of any type of these gambling crates, but it worked out pretty well this time. GG Wargaming, you're making a killing today, aren't you.
  15. Bring back 4 Cv per team

    Ha... haha.... hahahaha.... haha... ha.... *nervous twitch* Well, I guess I need to go see my therapist again. You've reminded me of my nightmares from closed beta. Planes... so many planes...