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  1. After playing my Odin a dozen or so times in Asymetric battles, I cant use it anymore! I simply can't select it for an order. What gives? Kel
  2. ...that I can't complete the German Carrier Directives because I cant get a crate with a WESSER in it? wth is this random? I mean I grind your damn directives, and get to one I CANNOT POSSIBLY DO, because I didnt get the ship mission. There is no way this should be a random thing. You either want a fair and level playing field, where I put in the work and I get the rewards, or you don't. Making it random is [edited].
  3. KelvarGarth

    WHY THE HELL.......

    ..are consumables different letters of the alphabet on different ships? How stupid is that? I am sick and tired of having to know when my heal is T and when it is U. This is pretty simple as there are plenty of letters in the alphabet. MAKE IT CONSISTENT. wth ????
  4. KelvarGarth

    Which ships generate the most credits per game?

    Thank you all!
  5. I generally go to my Mighty Mo,but curious what other ships generate lots of credits? Loken
  6. The fact that I had to come to this forum to figure out how to get Trento is absurd. And then the process? Forget it.
  7. KelvarGarth

    French DD Tips Guide!

    Thank you for the info. I need it, because I think the Geupard is the ABSOLUTE WORST DD EVER. I rarely [edited] about ships, but I just got this and find it to be worthless. It doesnt maneuver worth a damn, its guns cannot outgun other DDs even with the Reload Booster, I lose gunfights, have no smoke to hide in and cant out run anything. Everyone has 8km torps,so what. I have plenty of T10s I ground up to. Play US and Japanese DDs d(evensome Russian) and love them. But the Geupard is a piece of crap. Cant wait to move up because I would never willingly play this garbage scow. So sorry to [edited]. But in two+ years playing, I have never been so frustrated.
  8. Thanks for the answer!!
  9. I constantly have Combat Missions that I see at the end of the match in my summary screen,but are NOT in the Combat Missions screen that you can view from your Port. What gives? Garth
  10. No mods, and it hasnt happened again since.
  11. This message stays on my screen and will not go away.
  12. Downloaded Mac client and every time the game starts it is for the EU servers. No way to switch it to NA servers. What gives? I am in Eastern USA.