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  1. gerfupelspat

    New combat sounds are pretty neat

    I like the new combat sounds too, but my captain sounds very "Tinny" now... like they amped up the radio effect. Do not like that.
  2. The halloween event is no fun this year, because the cost of failure is too high. 20 minutes for like 150 experience. NOPE. In a random, failure is something that happens from time to time and if that is the price of failure the price is too high and I will not be playing this year. For the record I was a HUGE fan of twilight battles last year, I loved that mode so much. Good EXP/Credits per hour (last year)
  3. gerfupelspat

    Getting agitated with the Smolensk

    How do I citadel a church and a lighthouse? See this is my point. I know exactly where you are when you do that. I just cant fire back. You are not only invisible, but your arcs mean you fire over the island and I can not return the favor. That isn't cheap? My only choice is to stay FAR away from "your" island (promoting cowardly BB play). Even destroyers launching torpedos from concealment is still fine. They are risking it in open waters to do it. If they do get discovered (or radar-ed) they get punished for it. Someone shoots me in smoke, I can avoid the smoke (in the same manner I have to stay away from "your" island) or I can watch him fire off a few volleys and take my chances. I have MUCH better odds of hitting the Smol in smoke then hitting your Worcester covered by an island, disguised as a lighthouse. If people wanna complain about napalm raining cruisers being imbalanced, I get it. But regardless of the armor-scheme of the smolensk I cant understand the hate against it from people that are fine with the Worcester and Colbert. A 450mm shell doing 1000 damage to a Smolensk is still more damage than doing 0 damage to the grassy hill/lighthouse completely shielding the Worcester. The Smolensk player has bigger balls shooting me in open water from 15km (in smoke) than the invisible/Invulnerable guy lobbing rain on me and snickering "The Lighthouse did it!"
  4. gerfupelspat

    Getting agitated with the Smolensk

    I am getting tired of "hearing" about the Smolensk. I am absolutely disgusted with the player-base that is 100% fine with US Cruisers hiding behind islands and raining orbital napalm on people from 100% safety, then turning around and saying the Smolensk firing from smoke is OP. Its not easy, but it is technically POSSIBLE to fire back at a ship in smoke. When a smolensk is raining death on me, I can *try* to fire back by watching where the shells come from. When a Worcester does it, it does me absolutely NO GOOD to shoot at the "Lighthouse and Church" that just launched firey doom on me.. ...And dont even get me started on the Colbert.... If you are ticked off about ALL the un-counterable napalm cruisers then your approved to complain about the Smolensk. But if you say the Worcester is Fine, the Colbert is Fine but that Smolensk has to go then your suffering from some cognitive dissonance.
  5. I'm confused. On one hand you couldn't be more wrong about BBs. On the other hand your right about destroyers and CVs. I can only imagine you must play main one of those "islands" that shoot at people with total immunity, while thinking it took amazing tactical skill to pummel someone who cant see you or even hit you from behind your island.
  6. Where is this? I see people talking about it in a couple places, but I do not see it available.
  7. gerfupelspat

    research bureau

    Will Special Camos be waiting for you again when you earn back a ship? (I have the Twilight Battle Skinned Bismarck and the Sci-Fi Skinned Shimakaze) ...and if you answer "yes" my next question is..... are you certain?
  8. gerfupelspat

    8.6 INSANITY

    Ah, ok I missed that. Im glad its not premium then, since 30000 doubloons + all the quests seems unfair for a premium. I can ignore a tech tree ship a lot easier. haha
  9. gerfupelspat

    8.6 INSANITY

    I like the "snowflake" aspect to the event, but If I am reading this correctly (and I hope I am not) in addition to completing the entire event I will have to spend 30,000 doubloons if I want the Mogador? (30 random packs, each one acquired once, and of course the best one saved for last like ship containers, yes?)
  10. gerfupelspat

    savage mode is pathetic

    This mode is by far the worst piece of junk they have ever released. Twilight battles were fun and paid out well in EXP/Credits. Space Torpedos were kinda fun (but EXP/credits were bad). This is no fun at all, and the EXP/Credits is the biggest joke of them all.... Why invest so much time and resources into the artwork, skins, models, etc.... just to release this trash and give matches potentially granting 35000 credits, 500 exp and 25 free exp.... Seriously....Wow. I'd be inf favor of them pulling the plug on this right now, and fighting something better to do at a later date with all the art assets they've invested in this. We could all just pretend this dumb crap never happened.
  11. gerfupelspat


    CV is a good point. There will always be about 4 or 5 choices for "where" to spot. Wherever the CV picks, anyone who agrees with "that" choice is happy and there is a small chance of a compliment. But there are also all the spotting choices the CV did NOT make. Anyone who wanted any of those places spotted will be angry and will report the CV "Plays poorly" (because he did not devote personal attention to the island I am behind!) In short. Karma system is pointless. I'd just replace it with a chat ban. If your constantly mouthing off on public channels, you should lose your ability to speak over public channels
  12. gerfupelspat


    Sorry man, cant agree with linking Karma to Steel because right now some people use the Karma system right. Most only report really bad violations. Sadly a large chunk of people intentionally abuse it. I was *just* in a match where there were 2 or 3 of the most obnoxious juveniles running their mouths off all game, calling everyone who was still alive and trying to win the game every kiddo name in the book. When we turned the game around and the action slowed down I reminded everyone to scroll up, read the chat and place reports accordingly..... The kiddos then flamed me, and ripped my karma down quite a bit (Dont care, just saying).... I survived to the end, capped 3 points and was 4th on the team for score. My "crime" was pointing out their crimes to everyone else that had to endure their garbage. This is how the karma system "really" works.
  13. gerfupelspat

    How hard to impliment Tier=Tier MM Opt In

    You are exactly right. People used to try to justify playing EVE online years ago to newer players by saying "well just because he has 100m skill-points doesn't guarantee him to beat you, your 2m skill points can beat him if your good!" But everyone knows that is just talking trash. Sure it boils down to some skill, but the 100m skill-point guy would need to be drunk, blind and currently being raided by a swat-team in order to play so poorly that your sorry little 2m skill-point butt can beat him (highly skilled or not). However it is all irrelevant. They know that a majority of players are unhappy with MM. Most people want either equal-tier or +1/-1 tier. But that would take more randomness out of the battles then they are willing to take out. (See my previous post on page 2)
  14. gerfupelspat

    How hard to impliment Tier=Tier MM Opt In

    It would be ridiculously SIMPLE for them to implement this. They could have the patch done in less than an hour, and quality tested by the end of the day. Despite this, It will never happen. Poor matchmaking is how they retain their player-base. There is a concept called the "PVP-Death-Spiral" that applies to all PVP games. Eventually all PVP games die because of it. Usually PVP games die very quickly because of it. World of Tanks and World of Warships have avoided the "PVP-Death-Spiral" because of terrible and unfair matchmaking. I will paraphrase the "PVP-Death-Spiral" concept. This is not my original work, so I might not explain it as well as its original author. -----------(Begin) -- In all PVP games, there are varying levels of skill. Someone always has to be the least skilled. Personal improvement is irrelevant, as SOMEONE will always be on the bottom. Eventually the bottom-skilled players (who can not win, or even have fun competing) give up and do something with their time other than to be cannon fodder for the better players. Now with those players removing themselves from the game, the players who were just slightly better than the formerly worst players are now the worst players. Eventually they too get tired of losing and having no fun, and they too go on to do something else. Eventually new players cease to enter the game for MANY different reasons, but any potential new players at this point would have no "Trash-tier" players to play against, as eventually all that remain are the best-of-the-best veterans. The spiral continues until only the most dedicated veterans remain (to battle each other).... -- ----------(End) But somehow WoT and WoWs avoided that fate..... How? Well, terrible and unfair matchmaking. If you find yourself the only tier 8 battleship in a mostly tier 6 game, you could be a bad player and still WIN. If you find yourself in that same tier 8 battleship, but in an all tier 10 game you can be good and lose horribly. (Spare me the anecdotal "I do great as a t8 in t10s...") Unfair matchmaking adds a degree of randomization to the outcome. The best player isnt going to win 100% of the time, sometimes that player just gets screwed. And if the potato queues up for enough games, eventually he will be the reason for such a resounding victory. No one wants FAIR matchmaking more than I do. I'd wait 10 minutes for an equal tier match, its worth it! But it will NEVER happen, not because they cant....but because they WONT. Fair and competitive matches would eventually lead to their downfall.
  15. gerfupelspat

    Just lost my steel rat

    I am sitting in port, looking over the missions and all of a sudden I am seeing my flags returned to me. Found out my "Steel Rat" just vanished. No explaination. Commander sent to reserve. What the heck?