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  1. Major Pinkie Sence is the wrong file you might have accidently uploaded Trap sence in its place
  2. Major, Just curious. Is it going to take a while to get the voice pack to override over half of the spotting sounds cause that is just obnoxious from the base game as well as the rainbow crosshair V2 that has been my crosshair for a long time and i miss it already. Hopefully we get to have all our mods back soon. Love the work and can't wait for clans. Beaker
  3. Hey Major, How long do you think before we can get the User interface updated to 5.4? Looking forward to seeing it again unless the 5.3 version works with 5.4.
  4. Never mind I believe the issue was with the view mod i was trying to use from aslains it messed up the in port view i have found the issue and it wasnt with the interface.
  5. Major i'm getting a serious graphical error with the MLP interface and Aslains took the interface off and greyed it out i believe it is because something messed up with either the mod and the game codec or the mod isnt working correctly with the version could you take a look at it please i love the art and miss it already. <3 Beaker
  6. I love it its amazing. Thank you SOOO much YAY! Beaker
  7. Could I ask for a commission of one like that for me. You tell me and I would have no problem trying to work with you on it. Plus yours is pretty freaking sweet hopefully you could pull one off just like that with fluttershy.
  8. I'm sorry I must have mistaken that. It was the change of modes that messed me up it was only Tears of the Desert that they added as far as a map. I'm sorry for giving you that slight heart attack MajorRenegade. BTW how did you get your signature. I want mine with Fluttershy and me as a beta tester. Sorry for that, Beaker
  9. Looking forward to seeing the new art for the 2 new maps with the MLP User interface.
  10. Hey MajorRenegade, I was just wondering if you will be updating the MLP User interface for WoWS for 5.3 and further i miss the amazing art for it already. Hope to see it out soon with Aslains next update. Thanks, Beaker588