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  1. One day, I will be me!

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    2. Ariecho


      Better than OJ's ... ;)

    3. Appollosnos


      I see what you did there, although I would like it better if the cat was a cheetah ;)

  2. One day, I will be me!

  3. Did you sink JeeWeeJ today?

  4. The purpose of this list is to help people who like to write about their favorite ships find out if the ship has not already been covered by someone else. For a list of ships that will be in the game, look here. Please note that the fact that a ship or a class has already been covered does not mean that you shouldn't write about it anyway. . The full list reached almost 500 ships, at which point, the forum didn't accept any new update. Should you want to follow a specific ship, check the following lists. I asked wargaming to get the new list pinned a few weeks ago, but didn't get any answer. US ships UK ships Russian/USSR ships Japanese ships Italian ships German ships French ships Minor naval countries' ships
  5. One day, I will be me!

    1. Amayet


      Why the grumpy cat face?

    2. Ariecho


      What grumpy cat face?

  6. Santa, why didn't I get an alpha invite?

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    2. Ariecho


      Santa, I believe that submarines in WoWS are more real than you are...

    3. Wunderwaffen1945


      Santa: ahhhhh...one more child with lack of dreams....

    4. kenceo


      Santa, I want a tier 10 premium flying tank ship(3 in 1).

  7. The laser-pointer lover is back. Time to hide.

    1. AlphaTanker101


      *Hide's behind his tanks*

  8. zombie kittenz for ze winz!

  9. Zombie kittens for the winz!

  10. Abolish laser pointers! They are EVIL!

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    2. JosiahFett


      I also fail to see how laser pointers are evil... cat's love chasing concentrated light...

    3. Ariecho


      It's a "fight" I'm having with JeeWeeJ

    4. AlphaTanker101
  11. MADNESS? This is not Madness, this is Spartcat!!!

  12. Hood, you're going down!

  13. Hood! You're going down...

  14. Your tears feed me!

    1. monstaknight


      Hey dude I love those quotes in your sig. :)

    2. Wake_Island


      Whats this I don't even