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  1. I suspect both of these ships might be Free XP ships. My thinking is that WG has seen a lot of people converting free xp to get these ships, as well as buying Free XP flags. It's a lucrative source of income for them, so they'll be offering more of these in the future. The two Ms might be the next one out of the gate. Personally I think Massachusetts should be the tech tree SoDak, since, SoDak herself was different from all the others in her class. But we'll see.
  2. That sounds fantastic! Lol
  3. So I like playing solo. I'd be open to division play, but I don't want to arrange my day around it. Will there be any clans out there interested in a solo player in the 53% - 55% range who just wants to mine oil for the clan in exchange for the bonuses from clan buildings?
  4. This might actually be the tech tree ship. The reason being, that South Dakota had significant differences from the rest of her sisters due to being designed as a flagship. She's unique, so would be a poor choice to be representative of the entire class on the tree. Meanwhile, Massachusetts is a museum ship and has significant history. So she'd be a great choice for breaking with the "lead ship" tradition.
  5. All are excellent, you should buy them all. If you have to pick only one... Alabama.
  6. How does that make any sense at all?
  7. Radar is fine. If you want it to be more historical, give it more range, make it always in effect, and give it to a lot more ships. As a video game mechanic, its fine.
  8. BB population is fine
  9. What we actually need is Wichita.
  10. I wish they'd make a Jutland movie. I would think the success of Dunkirk would have helped that. But since the Germans in WWI weren't Nazis, they probably won't.
  11. Wow! I was impressed when I hit 30k. Good job!
  12. .... you and me both brother. I was actually decent in Baltimore. But for some reason, can't captain Des Moines worth a damn.
  13. Scharnhorst. No question.
  14. The RN battleships are fine. It does seem like they've reduced some of the rampant bow-camping meta. What they have proved though, is that doing big damage numbers doesn't necessarily help your team win. "Quality" of damage is definitely more important than quantity. A lot of us have suspected this for quite some time. . . but the RN battleships have proved it beyond the shadow of a doubt.
  15. I actually liked Baltimore, but didn't like Des Moines.