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  1. TheDreadnought

    ARP "Premiums" Are Actually Premiums Now!

    I'll actually use my ARP ships now.
  2. I wanted the nerf. So argument destroyed,
  3. TheDreadnought

    ST, Upgrades changes

    I like the idea of preserving stack ability. Vigilance is already a very weak skill. Anything that could make it more useful is a good thing.
  4. Yeah, I tried to go back to WoT a while ago. It's an unrecognizable mess. The shame of it is, I have a huge account with tons or rare and valuable tanks. . . maxed out crews, all kinds of stuff. But I can' play that game anymore. WoWS for the win.
  5. TheDreadnought

    ST, Upgrades changes

    Looks pretty good. There are a couple others I would have buffed as well. But at least this is a step in the right direction. Still not sure if the Target Acquisition upgrade is enough.
  6. TheDreadnought

    ST, Upgrades changes

    No' it's the Special Upgrades you can buy for coal in the armory. Extended Hydro time, etc.
  7. TheDreadnought

    Kurfurst secondary build.

    Absolutely worth it. Secondary build rocks. It’s not a clan wars build, but it’s fun and effective in randoms. Some in here only care about clan wars and boring, bow camping play styles. Why they continue to play the game I have no idea. But for just fun in Randoms, secondary builds on certain ships are definitely the way to go.
  8. TheDreadnought

    BB Basics the Importance of Establishing Cross Fire

    In 6,000+ games I have never once seen somebody type that in chat.
  9. TheDreadnought

    Gunther Lutjens: Best Line Fit?

    He’s been working out nicely on my GK.
  10. I liked them better as campaign rewards. I’ll have to see if I have the French guy. The others I know I do and use all the time. Very happy to have a German commander finally.
  11. Not sure what your goal is, but as mentioned, RN BBS aren’t very representative of BBS as a whole.
  12. I have Prinz Eugen and I like her. You’ve obviously got her tooled up with a lot of credit flags/camos here and/or premium time. If you want consistent credit earnings game after game without the need for big credits boost flags, Alabama is the way to go (of the choices listed.)
  13. TheDreadnought


  14. TheDreadnought


    Sorry, I meant on the secondaries. Will edit.
  15. TheDreadnought


    Did they say there was no improved range or ROF buff for secondaries on the California? That would be disappointing.