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  1. And yet you are still lurking on the forums. Lol
  2. It's still only 4% per shell. For a 4 point skill. Far better to be able to snuff out the flames early or have them die on their own early. Then you just heal the damage back. I'm not saying the skill is worthless. I'm saying its not worth 4 points, when compared to the other things you could be buying with your 4 points. But hey, that's what keeps the game interesting. Everybody's got their own take on things.
  3. Been here since Closed Beta. Years ago. Try new ships/lines. Set personal goals. With 261 battles, you haven't even learned the basics of the game yet. The game is MUCH MUCH deeper than it first appears. It's just not immediately obvious to new players. Stick with it! You'll find plenty to do and enjoy!
  4. I agree on the full AA build, but disagree on Fire Prevention. I feel Fire Prevention is one of the most overrated skills in the game. The skill costs a whopping 4 points, and the "10%" bonus it gives you, when you do the math, is really more like 1%. The consolidation of fire zones is marginally helpful. But how often have you ever had 4 fires. You will occasionally get 1 fire instead of 2 due to the consolidation, but that's not a huge benefit either. Focus on reducing the duration of fires with High Alert, Basics of Survivability, and the flag that reduces fire durations. Along with Jack of All Trades. Fires are rarely a problem for me. . . and I have only a couple ships that run BoS & the flags. Bayern happens to be one of them.
  5. I'm quitting and it really is a shame

    I don’t often have problems with Moskvas.
  6. Preliminary USN Campaign Tasks

    I like them. You can go for the challenging tasks... or just grind it out. Since it’s a permanent campaign, you don’t have to worry about beating a date.
  7. Atago or Prinz Eugen

    Prinz Eugen definitely. The upcoming heal will make it a fantastic boat. My Atago is gathering dust.
  8. I'm quitting and it really is a shame

    I hate the Minotaur... but there are ways to counter them. Two at once would be pretty horrifying, you’re right.
  9. Go for a combined AA/Secondary build with BFT and AFT. But don’t bother with manual secondaries or manual AA. Basics of survivability, High Alert, Expert Marksman, Jack of All Trades, and Adenaline Rush are all great options also. Make sure you take the +20% secondary range module and the flag that grants bonuses to secondary range & dispersion. The problem with a pure AA build is that at least half the games you play there won’t be any carriers.
  10. But you’re still going to be placed on a team that is better or worse than the other team. Equal teams are the goalpost right? Just because the differences are less dramatic doesn’t mean that one team still isn’t at a disadvantage to the other. In other words, the complaints will continue.
  11. No, they’re giving you the illusion of skill matching and/or are only approximating it. Rough groups like “leagues” or something. They’re not doing a perfect 1-1 match. The results really aren’t any different, just the differences between teams are harder to spot. But one team is still better than the other.
  12. Yet another ignorant rube that doesn’t understand statistics. Any ranking system you use... if it is ACTUALLY tied to skill, will experience mean reversion once matching is based on skill to perfectly match opponents. Everyone’s win rates will move to 50%. Any other result indicates that your skill metrics are flawed. The fact that you mention “over a century” just shows how absolutely ignorant you are. Pre-computer there was no way to accomplish perfect skill matching, to control for extraneous factors, and to apply it over a large enough sample base for this to become a problem. Go take a stats 101 class and stop demonstrating what an idiot you are to the entire forum.
  13. Need a map opt out.

    As long as we are just eliminating anything we don't like from this game... I would like an opt out so I don't have to put up with stupid bow campers sailing backwards. Epicenter is fine.
  14. What I find funny is the posts by all the people demanding "skill based matchmaking" who don't seem to understand that it's impossible to implement over the long term. Everybody's stats will tend to revert to 50% over time, and then you can't sort them out.
  15. Definitely. I always enjoyed getting secondary kills in Baltimore. Giving US cruisers good secondaries would be a nice change of play for them versus other torpedo-oriented cruisers.