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  1. Sale Price...good thing

    I have about 200M in credits right now... I expect at some point I’ll join the billionaires club. If I could sell them for cash, or trade them for coal, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

    You know nothing about Massachusetts. i have a pile of unused 19 point American captains that are sitting around unused because I’d always rather be playing Massachusetts and all my other US battleships have gone into mothballs. Anybody who buys Massachusetts and DOESN’T make a specialized captain for it is a fool. If just want a captain trainer, buy Alabama instead.
  3. Massachusetts personal best

    Skip AR, it doesn’t really help that muchon already short secondary reload times. If you’re in close you want EM to get the big guns on target as fast as possible.
  4. Massachusetts personal best

    Yes.... like a demon from the Abyss I can be summoned from the darkness by invoking the name of Massachusetts. ——— You definitely need IFHE. Skip concealment. The only real choice of build is BFT vs SI. Lately I’ve gone the BFT route.
  5. Reward Whales WG

    Yeah we definitely deserve a reward for keeping WG afloat! (See what I did there?)
  6. I’ve survived with 1 before.
  7. Musashi is balanced out by how boring she is to play. She never sees the ocean for me anymore.
  8. Voted Alaska. . . but this. Alaska will probably be a port queen along with my other Tier 9 Free XP ships. Prinz Eitel Friedrich will see some action!
  9. That’s why I mothballed all my ships above Tier 8. The high tiers are definitely terrible gameplay these days.
  10. So you’re going to beat an OP Tier 4 using an OP Tier 5? Good for you.
  11. My Nikolai and Ark Beta are happy to hear how excited you are about seal clubbing in Orion.
  12. That was totally unintentional on her part, I'm sure.
  13. Congrats! Didn’t watch the game but those numbers say it was a good one. Maybe not an AMAZING game... (200+) but really good. But here’s why you deserve props. You came on here and posted a great game, and didn’t make some lame excuse about why you were doing it. You just posted it because you were proud of it and wanted to share. Props to you for being straight up, and good game.
  14. That’s why you never spec a BB for pure AA. BFT/AFT is as close as you should ever get.