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  1. KGV is exactly where she belongs, so is Nelson. You'll also notice that the small fanboy population of Nelson has largely stopped playing them. You rarely see them in game anymore. It would have been terrible if Nelson with its wired play style had been a tree ship.
  2. Scharnhorst is the most fun ship in the game, drunk or sober.
  3. Alright, everyone needs to STOP with all these GC threads. Let's just keep the population small so when they get banned there aren't too many floating around.
  4. I'm very aggressive with my BBs. Too much so sometimes. But I find that the hide in the back BBs only crop up on my team about 1 out of 3 or 4 games. Maybe it's just my experience - because the other BBs on my team see me going in and decide to follow, but from what I've seen the cowards don't come out as often as people make out. That said when I see people doing it, as a BB player it pisses me off every time! On the other team I make a special effort to flank and destroy bow campers or anyone I catch sailing backwards like an idiot.
  5. Matchmaker is fine. The only time I've felt like I've really been screwed by MM was today in my Scharnhorst. Dropped into a Tier 9 game. All the enemy battleships, except 1 Nagato are Tier 8s. . . all the cruisers are Tier 9s. Ugh. Still did ok.
  6. Well, that is how ships fight. . . (unless one is running from the other). . . just not in this game.
  7. They didn't get anything close to contemporary battleship levels of protection. They were battlecruisers right up until the end and they suffered when treated as battleships.
  8. Did the bundle last year include all the premium ships, including the banned ones? Or just the commonly available. I already have the banned ones I want, (I bought them when they came out) I'm just curious if that's how some folks got theirs.
  9. Everyone would just set them to maximum speed virtually all the time. It's more Dev work for little payoff.
  10. For me, as a battleship main, GC and Scharnhorst are the cruisers I always wanted.
  11. I've been saying it was going to be banned since my first game in it.
  12. Well the biggest thing IMO is you need to get yourself a Giulio Ceasare. Most fun ship in the game!
  13. You got bored after 225 battles? I don't think this is the game for you.
  14. We need the fully modernized West Virginia at Tier 7! Then I can use the Segull in U.S. battleships from Tier 4 - Tier 10. 7 is the only one I'm missing right now.
  15. Oh I'm definitely going to have to try out something similar. About to get the Missouri. LOL