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  1. We need premium T9 cruiser

    I was going to suggest it also. Current meta for a Tier 9 Free XP ship says it should be slightly OP. This appears to be a good way to introduce Alaska to me.
  2. Managed to squeeze in one game over lunch. Bought a Musashi, equipped it, and took it out. Tier 10 game. . . all battleships except 1 carrier per side. I was the only Musashi (surprisingly). Unsurprisingly I got focused fired by pretty much everyone on the planet. Hell, I had people in other games, shooting across the server at me. A lot of hate out there for new premium ships, and Musashi in particular! (Even though there was also a Roma on our side.) The funniest part was when a guy on the other side, directed his carrier to attack me because "Musashi AA sucks" but he put it in global chat, so that not only would the carrier attack me. . . but I would also know that he had directed it to. LOL Anyway, just the one game. Didn't have time to stick around and see how it turned out. Look forward to getting some more games in this afternoon.
  3. Premium Elitism

    Makes sense if you're just trying to maximize gains. Personally, I'm really looking to cut down on the number of ships I play, just so I can specialize with them and improve my skills. It's so hard though, as I have many many good ships I love to play.
  4. Post your Musashi build!

    So what are the captain skills and modules you are taking to make the most of your Musashi?
  5. Yeah, taking a look at Conqueror, the Tier 10 seems to have equal potential.
  6. I have the Missouri already (along with everyone else). Looking forward to picking up my mostly Tier 10 battleship that gets Tier 9 matchmaking.
  7. wth WG? You can't make this up!

    They just need to give every ship 1 slot that can be used for a special upgrade. Then the upgrades will become valuable.
  8. What does the Yamato camo look like/do?
  9. Yeah, I don't think they're going to get many sales on that. Possibly why it's priced so high. . . only the die hard fans of whatever this came from are going to be interested anyway. Thank god I have this stuff turned off in my viewer. Hey. . . if you turn it off, will it not show on your own ship - solving your problem?
  10. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    German battleship, without secondaries and turtleback? I'll pass. Thanks though.
  11. 8 guns isn't necessarily a problem in a game where you can tinker with the laws of physics at will. They just have to bump up her accuracy, and those 8 guns will be deadly.
  12. See i’m exactly the opposite. I’m excited about 3-7 and Tier 10 mostly.
  13. Patch 7.0 = Fail

    Patches are fine. I’m sure it’s something that will get expanded/refined as we go.
  14. I’m really excited about the secondary opportunities I’ve seen on several ships in the line.