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  1. TheDreadnought

    Do You Even Need Manual Secondary Fire Control?

    Yes, you need it. I ran a test over 100 games with Mass and Bismarck, recording a bunch of info about secondary performance. - Manual secondaries TRIPLES your hit rate. With manual, you’d have had close to 150 hits in this game. - Secondary fires are largely irrelevant. Every once in a while you get a long burn. But on average, secondary fires do less thank 2k damage. They get put out or the ship sinks before they do much.
  2. I just watched his video. I actually agree with him. What if we eliminated ALL bonuses to credits and xp/fxp except for premium time. Nerf the Missouri silver gain. Premium ships become available for cash, silver (a lot of it) or free xp. And that’s it. No coal, no steel, no tokens. WG wants to reward people, let them give out coupons for this or that ship 1/2 off or something. Flags and camo provide ONLY combat bonuses. No economic bonuses. Sell cosmetic enhancements for cash, silver, or free xp.
  3. TheDreadnought

    An in game survey on game related things

    I’ve seen a difference between what happens when they are hidden and when they are not hidden. I honestly don’t care about my stats. I just don’t want to be targeted for them.
  4. TheDreadnought

    An in game survey on game related things

    Ugh not me. Too many players obsessed with stats over actually playing the game as it is. As it is, I have to keep my stats hidden so a I don’t get focus fired at the start of the game by people running Match maker Monitor.
  5. TheDreadnought

    I need a hair cut

    The best is when you beat 2-3 incoming spreads from different directions in a Battleship. You know that has to piss somebody off! Lol
  6. TheDreadnought

    I need a hair cut

    Congrats! You win the Internet!
  7. Congrats. I got close on the BB one, but I’m not willing to Farm the way it wants me to in order to get it. So I’m always a few thousand short.
  8. TheDreadnought

    Thoughts on Research Bureau

    I liked NTC 1.0, when I could regrind to give buffs to my favorite ships. Now, just having it as an alternate steel ship thing. Meh. I’m not bothering to grind steel. I’m not bothering with this either.
  9. TheDreadnought

    Please stop rewarding cowards

    Improvise, adapt, overcome. In response to a growing number of campers, I’ve started playing ships that are perfect for harvesting campers. KGV is a particular favorite of mine. Camp all you want, I’ll burn you to the waterline and move on. Lol
  10. TheDreadnought

    What If CE Was Built into Every Ship?

    Taking CE on most (but not all) battleships these days is a waste. It needs to stay so that some people choose to waste points on it. If you want to get rid of CE in the game, just get rid of it. No point in lowering everybody’s concealment to give it for free.
  11. TheDreadnought

    Next Sprint: No Star Save!

    This. Exactly this.
  12. TheDreadnought

    Remember the days when WG made premiums below tier 9?

    People still don't know what sigma means. They think it tells you everything you need to know about ship's accuracy. They don't realize that the biggest impact to accuracy is dispersion, and sigma deals with the spread of outliers. All things being equal, you're better off with a buff to dispersion than a buff to sigma.
  13. TheDreadnought

    Hooray for California!! Next. . . how about. . .

    . . . and yet. . . . they won't be doing a line split. Because there's more money in selling premiums.
  14. TheDreadnought

    Next Sprint: No Star Save!

    Because often people are wrong. Was playing a ranked game yesterday. 1 min in, some guy is like "Well we lost." Except we didn't. We crushed them. The game is not over until its over.