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  1. TheDreadnought

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    Where is the rebuilt Nevada at Tier 5? How about our long awaited WV '44? Really want to know more about Brandenburg.
  2. TheDreadnought

    ST 0.9.7, Naval Base update

    Sounds cool. I like that there are recurring awards you can activate once the base is completely built out.
  3. TheDreadnought

    ST, new ships.

    Looking forward to Impero! Been wanting them to give Roma SAP. Sounds like this is my boat instead. I suggested a PoW with smoke a few years back, so I’m not thrown off by Impero getting it. Although the PoW would still be awesome.
  4. TheDreadnought

    IFHE on Massachusetts? Georgia?

    Yes, definitely. The only reason to get Mass is if you run IFHE. If you don’t, you might as well get Alabama instead.
  5. TheDreadnought

    ST, free Premium consumables

    That's too bad. I like the setup as it is.
  6. About time for the lower tier German secondaries buff. Good job WG!
  7. TheDreadnought

    Changes to IFHE and plating

    This seems like a buff to German secondaries, which is fantastic, and sorely needed!
  8. TheDreadnought

    Unique upgrades: clarification and changes

    I liked the original NTC. Opportunities to upgrade my favorite ships? Hell yes.
  9. TheDreadnought

    Montana or République?

    Republique. No reason to get Montana now that Ohio is available.
  10. TheDreadnought

    KGV or Izmail?

    KGV is one of my favorite ships in the game. I abandoned Izmail as boring and quit the line.
  11. TheDreadnought

    19 Point Captains - On the Rise

    Once you get the first one, the rest come quickly. It's been years since I played without a 19 point captain. These days I have 19 point captains sitting in reserve, unused, because "special captains" came out to replace them. I really wish they'd raise the cap to 21 points.
  12. TheDreadnought

    Harsh truths

    I liked your post, but I want to add a caveat. Do your damn job. Meaning: DDs, Spot, Cap, and Screen the big ships against other DDs and cruisers so they have targets and don't get ambushed. CAs/CLs, support the DDs, kill DDs and Cruisers BBs, move up an support the lighter units. If you hang out in back acting like an artillery piece you're doing it wrong. Every individual ship has variations on how to place based on it's specific stats. But in general. . . stop hiding behind islands out of the fight for minutes at a time, and stop hiding way back out of range. Protect your allies. If you don't you still die, you'll just die alone.
  13. What about a fighter CAP that's targeted on a specific ship and follows that ship around for the duration of the consumable? Would that help at all? Seems like it would allow CV players to do a better job of fleet (or self) protection.
  14. TheDreadnought

    Research Bureau question

    I went to the wiki first, actually. I didn't find it. It's not very intuitively located.
  15. TheDreadnought

    Research Bureau question

    Thanks guys!