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  1. Figured out the problem.
  2. I'd rather they went with Colossus.
  3. On a couple other forums I use a picture of my wife as my avatar. My wife is a beautiful, and extremely "top heavy" woman. The dress she's wearing makes this plain. About once a month I'll get private messages from guys who think it's a picture of me, even though in my details it says it's my wife. (Other guys used pictures of hot chicks as their avatar, so I just used my wife.) Guys, if you're going to hit on a girl online, try to be funny and original.
  4. Awesome. I'm all over it. Bismarck wasn't too tough. I need this guy in my fleet.
  5. Wow! How do you earn this guy?
  6. This is awesome news! Love it.
  7. I got to where I was enjoying Baltimore, then got the Des Moines and foolishly sold the Baltimore. For some reason, I find the DesMoines impossible to play. It should just be a Baltimore that is better in every way. Yet when I play it like one, I get obliterated. I think I'm giving up on US cruisers. May rebuy the Baltimore Or I might just switch to Germans and abandon the US line. But the loss of Baltimore, and my failure with Des Moines means that my Tier 9+ gameplay is done.... unless RN BBs seem worth it.
  8. Added to my previous post about how you'll be exposing your broadsides during your initial turn and turns at the map edge. Losing strategy for sure.
  9. If Mutsu wants to keep the range open, it has to turn around and run. Mutsu can't accomplish that before Warspite is in range. Which, incidentally, as you turn you're going to expose a nice tasty broadside to Warspite. Then once you hit a map edge, Warspite can cut the diagonal and close the distance even further while you again expose your broadside. It's like you never played tag as a kid or something. Finally it's not just total health. A massive couple hundred points difference. Far more important is the fact that Warspite can heal citadel damage. Mutsu cannot.
  10. Except you're not starting at the extreme edges of the map. You're starting more or less in the middle about 28 km apart. You'll be in range in a few minutes. Warspite will have healed just about everything you've managed to accomplish with your rear mounts while you were running, and she will pound you into scrap while regenerating.
  11. Those issues are less relevant in a 1-1 fight. In a constrained area with no other threats for the attacker to consider, you will be caught eventually. A few km of extra range and a little extra speed won't help much. With Mutsu you have to batter the Warspite badly enough in the short time you have a range advantage to overcome the losing position you're in when the range closes. With Warspite's super heal, greater maneuverability, and massive accuracy advantage.... you're probably not going to do that. Furthermore, if you're assuming normal starting positions and always-spotted rules, there's probably never going to be a point where you're out of range as Mutsu has to get up to speed and turn to run, while Warspite just has to put the pedal to the metal and head straight for you. Warspite wins this by a mile.
  12. You give up a lot to get that. Not worth it. Especially because your battleship should have shells on the way to s target at all times to maximize its value. terrible idea.
  13. Mutsu gets owned by Arizona or Warspite. I'm going to go with Warspite on this. 15" guns, serious accuracy, highly maneuverable, spotting plane, super heal, creditable secondaries.
  14. Changing how it works appears to be a high cost, low value proposition. I'd rather they focus on content.
  15. I don't think I've gotten 9 Super Containers total. i've never gotten anything I was particularly excited about. I would LOVE to get a bunch of the special mods. I have zero right now. :( As it stands, I haven't gotten a SC in months. Possibly since X-mas.