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    Don't care about the stats, care about gameplay and 'playing' the 'game'. I'm a CBT player who's got a lot of hours in Warships and Tanks who finds stat discussions simultaneously incredibly boring and pointless. I enjoy close battles and respect when others have outplayed me because if I wanted an enemy I could defeat every game, I'd play the bots. I'm wondering why you're here in all honesty...

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  1. Panzerlin

    Premium Ship Review #127 - Yoshino

    Danke Mouse. As a BB player I have been encountering the swarms of these ships being used as a as firebug, DE equipped, only HE spam ship from long range. Annoying but you can mitigate it by not sailing alone against these squirmy snipers.
  2. Pros: Tier 6 ship with speed boost that can move 44kts in a straight line as its gimmick. Cons: 35 second reload, glacial turrets, largest turning circle of the game, largest target of the game ... I'd play the meme
  3. Panzerlin

    Premium Ship Review #126 - Georgia

    Glad to hear you're on the mend Mouse and appreciate the review. I'm not so secretly hoping I can get a free Mass because lol-money. Georgia probably will never grace my fleet.
  4. My contribution to the game is a play a bunch, not much else...
  5. Panzerlin

    Premium Carrier Review (Part Three): Attack Aircraft

    I constantly am disappointing when I try them in Furious so I think I will try harder with carpet bombing DBs. They just never do any damage.
  6. Panzerlin

    Premium Carrier Review (Part Two): Torpedo Planes

    Planes have a lot of stuff going on when it comes to managing them properly. Hence why I only play Furious in Operations because of inexperience.
  7. Panzerlin

    Premium Carrier Review (Part One): Introduction

    Playing in Furious for the novelty of it dissuaded me from ever purchasing a premium carrier. The gameplay really wasn't for me.
  8. Panzerlin

    Premium Ship Review #121: Exeter

    I agree with her going to tier 6. Maybe someday, after the dust has settled, they will let this happen. I will play with her in the present form but I think I'm going to have to practice before I'm any good in her.
  9. I hope she isn't boring, I was enjoying the fact she was inbound. :c
  10. Panzerlin

    Premium Ship Review #120: Plus Sized Baltimore

    Totally orange, not yellow.
  11. Panzerlin

    Premium Ship Review #119 - Charleston

    I hope its not ketchup, I sure hate that condiment. I suspect I may spend spare coal on this bote someday
  12. Panzerlin

    The Skull Throne

    A new forum for Mouse. This is good.
  13. Panzerlin

    Premium Ship PREVIEW - HMS Exeter 0.8.0

    I'm interested.
  14. Crates are gross. I succumbed to temptation by the end of the New Years promotion and effectively got nothing I wanted. I am not at all tempted by these lunar ones.