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    Don't care about the stats, care about gameplay and 'playing' the 'game'. I'm a CBT player who's got a lot of hours in Warships and Tanks who finds stat discussions simultaneously incredibly boring and pointless. I enjoy close battles and respect when others have outplayed me because if I wanted an enemy I could defeat every game, I'd play the bots. I'm wondering why you're here in all honesty...

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  1. Panzerlin

    Disco Aigle needs your Tunes ♫

  2. Panzerlin

    How to make Mouse a grouch...

    I did almost quit the line at her. Fiji is such a reward for this grind but it is the grindiest of the grinds.
  3. Panzerlin

    Premium Ship PREVIEW: HMS Exeter

    Just supremely pleased to have her coming in.
  4. Panzerlin

    Mouse & Lert's Most Memorable Premiums of 2018

    Very glad for my Haida! I'm not the best DD player but she has all the elements of consumables, conceal, and gunpower that appeal to me better than others. I need to play my premium destroyers more.
  5. Panzerlin

    Premium Ship Review #115: Bourgogne

    Thank you muchly Mouse! Appreciate the time you drop into each of these.
  6. Panzerlin

    Santa Crate Value Estimates

    Play with RNG inside the game, not with your wallet. ;)
  7. Panzerlin

    Warship Economy, Good??? NO! Needs help.

    Building up a stockpile of coal certainly does feel more difficult. I'm trying to hedge my bets on Alaska being sold for coal but ehhhhhh. Hard to read. Free XP signals and camos are plentiful and credit earning is not an issue for people who got Missouri before that loophole was closed. Even before that, running with 1-2 tier 8 premiums felt like enough, with anything more being because you wanted to chase different gameplay.
  8. Panzerlin

    Mouse's Little White Christmas Reviews #1: Vanguard

    God I wish we had Vanguard in the line instead... <.<
  9. Panzerlin

    Mouse's Morning of Testing

    I do hope they read your posts Mouse, the torpedo bulge change definitely is a bit of a game changer in how close you can approach in a great number of battleships.
  10. Panzerlin

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    I definitely like her tier 8 sister, so I can see how the consumable would make her viable-to-very good in the right situation.
  11. Panzerlin

    Mouse's Premium Ship Proposal #1 - Prince of Wales

    If this was the ship we were getting, I would have been all over that campaign. Instead, I kinda ignored the whole thing...
  12. Very much this. In its own mode? Could be real fun and worth the experiment. In random, major concerns.
  13. Panzerlin

    5 New Ships YAY ( I think )

    West Virginia in pre-Pearl is a wasted opportunity. Whoa. Come on. That's just silly. :c
  14. Hey gang, I took maybe 2-ish weeks off from Warships to muck about with Fallout 4 some (as well as more boring work tasks, etc) and came back yesterday. My goodness I'm having fun again?! Just wondering if anyone else had the same breather experience to refresh the game lately, I'm not even bothered so much by the salt right now as I was before the break. Oh and how about them new CV mechanics? Might actually be curious enough to play it when it goes live.
  15. Panzerlin

    Premium Ship Preview: Alaska

    I am curious but my wallet is getting pretty tight with all sorts of non-boting shenanigans in my life. I do hope she's good, always liked the class.