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  1. i'd like to see the uss pennsylvania (bb38) in her configuration that she had at the end of the war as a premium. she could be a tier 6 BB but she would have improved anti-air capabilities and slightly better gun handling than Arizona (Pennsylvania's sister ship)
  2. signolias

    CV are RIP Rockets 10.5 Big NERF

    uhhuh more lead i have tried the new rocket aircraft several times, the issue with that is that the lead you need to give is so outrageously long that by the time your planes are just starting to fire the rockets the DD's are able to literally turn away from the machinegun fire meaning the rockets splash into the water. even cruisers can avoid most damage. don't get me wrong i did think that rocket planes needed nerfed a little but this current iteration just feels like the rocket planes are useless. i can dive bomb DD's better than rocket plane them. then again i always came into playing dd's as if i saw attack aircraft incoming on me that i would start evasive maneuvers to protect from rockets bombs and torps. that can be done even before an attack is started if you are careful.
  3. signolias

    Is Ark Royal Worth it?

    i love my ark royal since i got her. as others have said her planes are slow. especially her level bombers and torp bombers (something like 107knots airspeed) her planes also seem to be slow to respond to evasive flying. so flak can hit her squadrons pretty hard if you are not ready for it. but her level bombers are fun with the number of little 40bls bombs they drop and three torps in an attack run can smack around bb's and cruisers pretty badly and the bombs are good to hit DD's fairly easily too.
  4. signolias

    Are USN BBs worth the effort?

    the branch you call the Tillmans are more like the progression of the standard class battleships (these ships would be what the normal progression of say like the colarado or new york class battleships would be like if the aircraft carrier never took over as the main fleet center) the Tillman ships were much much larger ships closer to the Yamato than what we get in the Vermont one Tillman would have been armed with something like 12 20 inch guns. with that said the fast battleship line in the U.S. tree is worth the pain to get to.
  5. signolias

    I see all this hate for Submarines

    i know the british had them in ww2. i'm just not sure how much of an impact they were. wargaming tends to release the biggest impact ships first then adds lesser known ships later. i can see the u.s., japan, and german subs being released in the initial release if they have them all ready.
  6. signolias

    I see all this hate for Submarines

    i can see that i'm not sure what class sub they will put at tier 4... i am certainly hoping we get at least a japanese and an english tech tree out of this too, just to have some diversity.
  7. signolias

    I see all this hate for Submarines

    i've played them. and i find the tier 6 subs ok.. tier 8 and 10 subs seem underwhelming to me. i also find them slow and fairly hard to get really stuck into a fight in the current game mode that you can play them in. you either get one good shot in them or you don't get much of a chance. there are some games you can get good shots off, but those feel rare to me. personally i probably will not go higher than tier 6 in any of the sub lines that we may get in the future
  8. signolias

    ST 0.10.0, changes to new skill system

    the only thing i see that i don't like is the bomberman skill for cruisers. the issue is it is suppose to be for light cruisers yet all of the american light cruisers as i remember them are small caliber but they are 152mm guns which means they won't get any benefit from it. they won't really get much benefit, i would think, from armor piercing cruiser either.