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  1. mikeyb17

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Just got the Master Collector. Was actually waiting for the patch to come out so I could get it. I have 351 ships and counting. I love ships. I used to be a Machinist , back in the 70's , for Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co. Went through the Apprentice School and finished in the mid 70's . I worked in the shop that did Commercial Ship Repair and Sub Overhaul. Loved the work. Still Love ships and their history. Good luck to one and all.
  2. mikeyb17

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Ah I see 9.7.0 - OK now that makes sense . Thanks Grantwhy - that certainly helps a lot . Guess I'll have to wait for it. This time I won't sell my low tier Ships . I did not think that the 350 would come out at all . But guess they felt like it was a challenge so add it. Even with a carousel of 4 deep it still is hard to see many of them with out a huge scroll !!!! I'm retired/disabled ( was disabled for 12 years then I retired because I hit 65 ) so I have nothing much to do and not much to do with my allowance ( yes , as a budget I get an allowance so I don't spend too much) . Remember it's people like me who spend a lot that keeps the game open and free for others. I still play WoT, sometimes. And I also even still play World of Warplanes every so often, not many of us in the US playing that one - Russian servers are full of players on WoWp . Again thanks and take care and stay safe from the Corona-19 Virus . I can't even go out anymore ( have a heart condition ) if I catch Covid-19 I'll probably die from it.
  3. mikeyb17

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Do Tier 1's count ? Getting 350 is not easy. I've got the 350 count for a week now - including 2 tier 1's - and no new Club emblem so far. Should I put in a ticket ? I've have a lot of ships that are not sold anymore. A lot of people are calling these BOATS they are SHIPS . Websters Dictionary says a Boat can be lifted from the water ( not floated off on a Dry Dock ) where a ship can not. First thing I learned in the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co. Apprentice School was that. I started there in August 1972 . I graduated 4 years later as a Machinist in the Ship Repair Machine Shop. I did Sub Overhaul and Commercial Ship Repair. I loved the job, always different , every day . I did parts that were small weighing 3 Oz. to jobs as big as 12 Tons No one wants those jobs anymore. Hard work but very rewarding. I was making $10.75 USD a hour back in 1978 . It was hot in the shop during the summer ( up to 112 F ) , no A/C at all, and cold in the Winter ( lowest temp in the shop was 33 degrees F) . It was -2 F outside at the time. I worked on Ships as small as 1,000 Tons up to 156,000 Tons.
  4. mikeyb17

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    I have an update on my situation, information that might be helpful, or not . I had installed a instance for the EU server , I am in NA and have my original instance here. I could never get it to work right so I gave up but did not uninstall it. I uninstalled that EU instance after claiming the Twitch stuff , since I could not get it to work right anyway, due to the fact that I never set up an account on the EU server correctly. But my Amazon account and my Twitch accounts are both NA I thought it would work properly anyway. Since I could not log into that account I wonder if that's where my stuff went.... The Twitch site still shows it claimed though and will not allow me to claim it again. So I don't know if I can reclaim it or not ? I tried writing up a ticket BUT I have no idea under what WoWs ticket question to send the ticket to and would probably get told it's a Twitch issue. I just don't know what to do. ADDITION : Well guess what !!!! As soon as I logged in, after deleting the EU instance the stuff appeared !!! I got it - so if you have multiple instances of WoWs it could be that blocking your claim !!!!!
  5. mikeyb17

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    I've been trying too and was already a Twitch Prime member, for 2 years now. Each time before this has worked- When I get the claimed it then refers me to a page in Russian (Cyrillic ) and no go from there. Just thought I'd add the issue with going to the Russian site , no matter what I do it will not change to English, North American. Waiting with baited breath ....
  6. I've met quite a few of us old farts. I think there is a lot of us on here and those that are challenged in some way or another . I came in on the day WG changed Alpha to Beta so I'm a mix - some lists it's Alpha some it's Beta . I don't care , I just know I've played for a long time , like you have. There have been trips to the Hospital for Heart attacks where I've spent 3 weeks or more in there. Was told when I was 40 that I had 6 months to live at best. Well like I said I turned 66 last December. I'm in terrific pain each day and the game does relieve some of the pain for a while. But we play with issues , you and I . It's not easy but we keep coming back for more. I play most days I don't have Doctor Appts. because I get my butt wiped so bad when the better players are playing. But we keep on trying. I would love if WG sent out a survey that you could choose to answer or not about what issues you have to keep playing. Oh well , never happen. Good to talk to you and take care.
  7. I understand and can see your point. I get pissed with WG ever now and again like many and sometimes we ( collectively ) get to [edited] a bit to much. We all want to be treated evenly and sometimes that doesn't happen. I am in the middle of a bad Rheumatoid Arthritis flare and the weather here was 70 on this Saturday while it was 30 degrees overnight last night. So I'm not in a good mood but I ought to realize that and post responsibly . Anyway , thanks for your response and you take care.
  8. Bait and switch is under State laws and therefore will be somewhat different from state to state. But I do bow to your advanced understanding of the legal system. I've never been introduced to it in a court setting or any other. The quote you used from me is not any type of legal movement , meaning I have no wishes to move forward with any legal standing. So, I'm just an old medically retired blue collar Machinist and nothing more. I responded to a post nothing more. So any terms used here are purely for entertainment purposes . Do you really think that Wargamming thinks I'm going to sue them ? Forums are for blowing off steam and for discussions not for legal retrospect . I think that you can understand which one I did.
  9. You mean you can't see Wargaming Nurfing Premium Ships ? It seems easy enough for the rest of us. The fact they are doing it and admit to the changes is not enough evidence ? It would be in any courtroom that I am aware of. But ya know, logic seems to prevail here and so do our senses .
  10. Well it's nice to know that there are more 65+ on games here ( I'm 66 ) . But it does seem like it makes it especially hard on us. The only time I can win is to be on the winning team. I too am a average or maybe a little bit below average player. So when I try and play on weekends it's impossible. This last Saturday ( yesterday) it was, I think, 8 games with one win. That is so lopsided its ridiculous. The movement of ships, by changing tiers, hurts me and my age group especially bad. We usually play with knarled hands ( I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have had 7 heart attacks ), bad vision, and many other ailments. But we still play !!!!! We try and usually don't moan, too much, about the difficulty of play for us. But when you take money from us and give us Dubloons that just works hard on us. I too have accumulated much wealth by selling my Carriers and getting Loot boxes this last holiday . I had every carrier and sold them all, didn't like the new play mode for carriers. So I am a Collector and recently had 250 or more ships in port. With the CV sales I have over 70k of Dubloons and 251 Million credits with over a Million Free XP . The only thing left to buy for me is the Alaska and that keeps being said "Next Update" . So I have a few complaints , oh well , I'm old , and sick ,so I can't really wait till the next change--- hope it happens soon enough, before I croak .
  11. mikeyb17

    No credit for running flags

    OK - I figured it out myself. Think that War Gaming moved it a bit, maybe . To find your lost Free XP Hover over the Free XP on the last page of the Battle Report . That's the one where you see your team standing and what damage you did. OK now go down to where there is a Gold Star under XP Total . Hover over the number of the Gold Star ( Free XP ) there you will see the Free XP flag points you received . I have attached a Screen Shot of my screen to see where it is at. I have circled the area you need to hover over and text ( HERE ) so you can find it easy. Hope this helps and hope you are following this discussion .
  12. mikeyb17

    No credit for running flags

    Well I got my answer to my Ticket. "Yes you used the flags and yes they are working". So back to testing today I guess !!!
  13. mikeyb17

    No credit for running flags

    I had the same issue today in 3 Battles under the new update of 8.0 . Gave up and put in a ticket. The Ouroboros flag is the only flag that did not work for me. I checked my total XP to make sure. It's easy to see the difference because that flag is worth 777% of your XP so it really shows up. There has been no answer to my ticket so far. Hope someone gets an answer as I didn't play anymore games since I wanted to use that flag. We'll see .
  14. mikeyb17

    Match Maker

    As of today ( 1/2/2019 ) I'm still seeing many battles with my tier 8's that have mostly tier 10's in them. At first the tweak seemed to be working fine but lately it does not seem to be working at all . I don't know if the tweak was pulled back as I have not seen any updates that were to fix it again. I can only hope that the MM is fixed, back to what it was, very soon. It's just getting very difficult to play 8's in a 10 battle. Well at least for me as a average, maybe even sub-average, player.