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  1. corvettebill

    Public Test - 0.9.6 - German Carriers

    I just wanted to know if there is anything else u can do to screw this game up,but, i am sure wargaming will come up with something. I can remember when this game was fun now,its just something to do, All the kiddies care about r STATS as they say
  2. corvettebill

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    the game is free to play not run, but who buys the wallet warriors ship, who buys the premium time. who buys a restistrubte of capt skills,and what ever happened to the saying the customer is always right, then they want you to recruit , good luck with that
  3. corvettebill

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.0

    Its like I always said about these updates You take a pig put a dress an lipstick you still have a pig. Thats all they do with updates , dress things up but, its still a pig
  4. corvettebill

    Idea to make Co-op play better

    things arent bad enough a tier 8 in a tier 10 battle , now they want to improve on the ships in tier 10, its few and far between wins now, and you want to make it worse, gj wargaming no wonder you keep losing players