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  1. RPS007

    Premium Ship Review - Rochester

    An excellent review as always, @LittleWhiteMouse! If I didn't already have Anchorage from the dockyard event a while back, I might have pulled the trigger on the Rochester. Instead, the little Wichita will probably be my next cruiser purchase if I ever decide to spend that kind of money on Warships again. Thank you for sticking it out here on the forums in spite of everything that's happened; your reviews are always mandatory reading for me whenever I'm considering a premium ship for purchase. I look forward to seeing what you think of USS Tulsa when she eventually becomes available for coal. A proto Des Moines on an Oregon City hull is a very tempting alternative for me verses playing the old Buffalo. Cheers! o7
  2. RPS007

    I Got The Des Moines!

    I too just got the Des Moines as my first Tier 10. She's by far one of the prettiest cruisers in the game, IMO, with the exception of the shell catching racks on her turrets. I've only played a couple matches in her thus far so I'm not quite sure what to think of her yet. I tried the Upgrade 6 RoF module and the Range module; I believe I prefer the range atm. Anyone have any good recommendations for a noobie Des Moines player?