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  1. FDR risked nothing how is your conclusion I did something wrong? Any BB in that game could have just a easily been sunk in the same way if the FDR sent planes at them. The only defence is to have spawned with 4 cruisers next to me and not being targeted, CV's broke for reasons stated....
  2. I can accept I was isolated, the reason I did not run to the other side of the map when I spawned was i was with two other ships and was to provide some cover / AA to the shimmy who also spawned on that side with me. I thought I would provide some AA cover for the shimmy and maybe get some flank shots as he capped, that was a mistake. I have been the shimmy spawning solo on the other side of the map that then gets farmed to death by the CV, I never dreamed I would take so much dmg by that CV so quickly with so few planes shot down. I'm still thunder-struck by the amount of dmg that was done to me so quickly with half squadrons... Clearly, I need to level a CV for the cake life...
  3. I preemptively used it on the single fire which caused me to burn for about 15sec with the following double fire, but after that, I used it on cooldown while retreating...6 fire plus 69kdmg via rockets and bombs in under 5 min while on my side of the map retreating... The squadrons were even split on some of the drops, how is that remotely fair? The same squadron that split and did 20k to the yammy hit me for 20k and lit two fires all the while taking AA fire.
  4. I have not had the time to play much warships recently. I was interested in trying a new spec on the Republique after watching the YouTuber "Potato Quality". During the short game, I got absolutely destroyed from full HP to 0 by an F.D Roosevelt in under 6min 30seconds....I have never been more thunder [edited] so quickly by a CV in a tier 10 BB...What defense did I have against this? I am a crapplayer and very rusty I obviously, shot poorly and could have turned out sooner used repair better ect but honestly.... What the FK? I have included the short game recording below... (the video is still processing and will be 1440p shortly, the audio in the clip is from the YouTuber mentioned above I was watching his video as I played)https://youtu.be/JLTv7FH12B8
  5. Been playing this game since beta and have a few tier X ships. This is to say I know how the auto resupply works and the separate selection to purchase with doubloons which I have unchecked. About 80% of the time since a December patch my selection for auto resupply is not holding, after a battle I then must repurchase every premium consumable and select auto resupply again. I play 95% of the time tier X's and have 255million silver so lack of funds is not the issue, I have repaired and reinstalled the game and this has not solved the issue. Of my group of friends, I play with I seem to be the only one having this problem. I will try and record a full game in which I have all the correct settings for auto resupply and show how post-game they do not refill regardless of the auto resupply selection. Here is a video showing the issue, please pause in port. You can see I have all premium consumables selected as well as having auto resupply on, after the game only my premium repair was refilled and NOT my smoke and boost. This is even weirder since it refilled 1/3 of the consumables.....very frustrating when you Q up a game and find you only have 2 smokes etc...I have looked for a solution to his issue and inquired with bugs/support but I've not found any information or help. Thank you 
  6. Sorry but i don't think the Izumo is a long range shooter, the amagi has much better accuracy at max range even with 2 guns per turret.
  7. I grinded Izumo long ago and it was, ruff. I think back to its redeeming features and the trolly armor is all "o that shoulda killed me but it did nothing lul". Recently a friend of mine started playing again and he was still at the amagi, i have recommended that he grind through to the Yammy. I fear i have errored the Izumo then and even after the buff's now seems like a soul crushing grind more than likely to discourage someone from playing. Is it still that bad?