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    My personal thoughts on Subs and their interaction with other ships: I personally think the ignoring torpedo protection mechanic is way too overpowered. A BB can do everything right, and all it take is you to do two clicks and decent aiming and you can pretty much take a BB out of the game, and its only tier 6! I think if you kept the homing, that's fine, but scale back damage, and remove citadelling from Subs. You have a good reload speed, which is acceptable for the torpedoes as their your only defense, but scale the damage back along with that citadelling and it'll be more balanced in that department. I think having the battery able to recharge underwater is just stupid. I've sat all game underwater, with little consequence and can torp all day long and ruin player's matches. It is unfair, and while its fun to be underwater, I think having a higher battery output, but keep the cost of the pinging, and making it so you have to surface instead would be much better. The counter play is obnoxious and boring as even at surface level (4-10 m depth) you can't properly shoot a sub because its just a little icon... Forcing a submarine to surface when their out of battery would help alleviate the frustration of people sitting at low depth all game! As well, most Battleship players in general, 99% of the time use AP. I sincerely think having them at least able to do overpens on Sub at 0-10 m depth would be a healthy addition too, because if you have to load HE just to sink a sub, the HE meta will come back even worse and also drawback on BBs playing like their supposed to, with Armor-Piercing shells to counter Cruisers and BBs, and punish those who broadside. Furthermore, I think the depth charge plane consumable on heavy cruisers and BBs need to be sped up a bit, as its too slow and the submarine can lazily and easily avoid it like its a slug, its not a big threat... Please increase the speed of the planes dropping them or something, its just not viable enough. Lastly, please give us more information on screen when we are pinged by a submarine! Like when you're detected by hydro OR radar you get different icons for it. Its hard to see the ping, especially the double ping when you're on fire, and please give an audible notification, as well as a small text notification on screen! That way surface ship players can know they're being targeted by a submarine's homing. One last thing is I feel like matches with 3 subs on each side makes the matches feel a little empty or boring, please consider adding another player or two, for 14v14, and 2 sub limit. I feel like that would keep the surface warfare like it has been but add a few submarines to mix it in. This might offset some of the map play because they're built for 12v12, but please consider it as surface warfare can be boring otherwise. All in all, I enjoyed some of the changes of the submarines play and counterplay, but there needs to be an emphasis on fixing some of the aforementioned things above. I am excited to see where submarines go, but please take the time to balance them properly. Thank you for the test. Edit: Another thought I just had was, please make the pinging reload longer, or make the pinging radius narrower, its too easy to get two pings and there's no challenge in scoring them.