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  1. How do we know that is not you? Seems odd for a top tier player who considers themselves better than rentals to hide their statistics.
  2. mr_angry_eyes

    Rentals in Ranked – Just WOW

    I have seen just as many sub par plays in rentals as regular ships.
  3. I did kill it, but they remained in place as a testament to our pitiful efforts. I remained undetected so perhaps that is why the fleet of the North did not crush me.
  4. In all the years of my mediocre WoWS career, I was yearning to learn of where the transports would sail to if they weren't wrested from the wretches that we pound daily. As my team in spirit rests beneath the waves, I subject myself to the anxiety of time so that you too can wonder no more.
  5. mr_angry_eyes

    Bonus code

    Thank you! May your internet of the day be free of contrition.
  6. mr_angry_eyes

    Rental boats have ruined ranked play. Boycott?

    I present to you a non-rental performing as expected during a ranked battle. Best part was that they used the Audacious and did not move the whole match and blamed their team. We lost.
  7. mr_angry_eyes

    Rental boats have ruined ranked play. Boycott?

    Bold statement there, Cotton. Being first in a rental boat says otherwise.
  8. mr_angry_eyes

    Rental boats have ruined ranked play. Boycott?

    Please do as it will give us plebeians using rental boats more of a chance against our betters.
  9. Had a guy tell me in World of Tanks that because he served in Desert Storm as a tanker that he knew how to play better than me. They were awful. Real world experience has little relevance to a virtual game. Especially when it is designed to be an arcade game and not a simulation.
  10. mr_angry_eyes

    State of the playerbase?

    Most players don't even use the forums, so I wouldn't take the daily confirmation bias as representative of the majority. Fairly certain Wargaming has learned from WoWP that conceding to the vocal minority results in a decrease in popularity, not an increase. It seems fairly often that the passionate if overly fractious minority gets what they want, they aren't even satisfied with that, as they cannot be satiated and don't even respect the concessions.
  11. mr_angry_eyes

    Will I ever get a mission in regular Soviet containers?

    The drop rate for this event seems to have been drastically lower in comparison to previous events. I suspect the odds were quietly adjusted. The T5 seems to have been a gimme with a high drop chance to prime the pump. Too late I realized I should have just saved for a camouflage, rather than delude myself with anticipation.
  12. mr_angry_eyes

    Update failure or problems?

    The hamsters must have ran out of wheel. Cheers to anticipation and the thankless task of updating within the constraints of an hourglass.
  13. mr_angry_eyes

    Why you don't go broadside.

    I need to scrub myself with steel wool after all that Brony stuff. Nice hits.
  14. mr_angry_eyes

    What is WG hiding in 8.4?

    So many posts on this forum remind me of:
  15. mr_angry_eyes

    When you see a DD push, what do you do?

    TL;DR at the beginning and it is too long to read.