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  1. mr_angry_eyes

    PSA: Save your New Year's crates.

    I really think grinding for the premium days is lame, as Wargaming has often granted them outright in years past. Yes, I get they are clawing back benefits and pushing more paywalls to entice payment, but it is Scroogy.
  2. mr_angry_eyes

    Rasputin bundle

    You want to purchase a temporary ship? Plus the whole -26% off on an already temporary sale that was created a few days ago and lasts a few days is pretty silly. I know it is a predictable sale tactic to entice/manipulate the gullible, but really. Don't get me started on "discounting" virtual sales.
  3. The mode is fun and easy, but this should not happen. Half the team died.
  4. mr_angry_eyes

    OK I Got To Thinking About It

  5. mr_angry_eyes

    Twilight Battle, new Halloween mode incoming?

    This is a lot of fun. New mechanics add new flavour!
  6. mr_angry_eyes

    new bonus code

    Thank you!
  7. mr_angry_eyes

    Halloween Scavenger Event 2018 - Compendium

    So the duplicates turning into slots was an oopsie, or intended?
  8. mr_angry_eyes

    Halloween Scavenger Event 2018 - Compendium

    Could it be possible the tweet means add or subtract one from each digit? "when navigating across incredible distances, even a single digit can drastically affect your course" 16 could be 15 or 17 25 could be 24 or 26 42 could be 41 or 43
  9. mr_angry_eyes

    Halloween Scavenger Event 2018 - Compendium

    Quite the scavenger hunt. Well done, Wargaming. To the sleuths, I salute you.
  10. mr_angry_eyes

    yet another detonation thread

    Don't lock it because I am enjoying the flirting!
  11. mr_angry_eyes

    yet another detonation thread

    No one is forcing you to do anything and evidently your sarcadar needs adjusting. I rather enjoy the random aspect that is detonation as it adds the spice of surprise.
  12. mr_angry_eyes

    yet another detonation thread

    Ya, please Wargaming, add a flag and a module that prevents that.
  13. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/halloween-scary-battles/
  14. mr_angry_eyes

    Ranked Battles or Wasted battles

    You blacklisted your whole team because they didn't say anything? There seems to be quite a disconnect in logic there.
  15. mr_angry_eyes

    Triple Barrel Tuesday - Main Guns

    Kronshtadt because I am having fun in it and my opinion is the most correct.