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  1. InspGadgt

    "Waiting for Authorization"

    I did...but given that it is the 2 hops right before the server...to me this looks more like an edge network router issue on WG's network.
  2. InspGadgt

    "Waiting for Authorization"

    Pinging login1.worldofwarshiops.com yields a different server address than what is listed for the NA server. I get an IP of a ping plot to that IP also has a similar packet loss issue as shown below:
  3. InspGadgt

    "Waiting for Authorization"

    Well looking at the ping plots it looks to me like this is another Telia issue...Note that WG's server for NA is in Illinois and the packet loss appears to be happening in Chicago. This leads me to believe that the issue is at the edge network for War Gaming. I remember similar issues in the past with Telia...WG claimed to have moved off of Telia's servers but a simple DNS lookup revealed that what happened was that Telia had changed names but the routers were still the same. This was back when WG had 2 NA servers. Now that they have reduced to 1 I can't say for certain it is still Telia...but the symptoms are the same. Of course it has been long enough now where the former Telia routers have updated their DNS names to whoever took over so there's no way now to say for certain the issue is the same. At any rate the issue appears to be on the Cox network which is NOT part of the Charter network...though I do have a ticket open with Spectrum for the issue so hopefully they can properly escalate it ISP to ISP to resolve the issue.
  4. InspGadgt

    "Waiting for Authorization"

    I'm seeing a packet loss near WG's server in Chicago. The last responding router on ping plotter is a Cox router in Chicago.
  5. All of this was true before the CV rework as well...The loudest complainers know this already but they just want CVs out of the game.
  6. InspGadgt

    CVs Nerfed Into The Ground

    It happened to me several times...not just the once. I consider myself a CV main but play BBs the most because grouping with a CV in the past was always a problem. I also play DDs quite a bit so I know what it is like from their side as well.
  7. InspGadgt

    CVs Nerfed Into The Ground

    I was getting 6 to 8 rocket hits and only doing about 1000 damage. I should have been doing a lot more based on what I've seen watching some of the youtube videos.
  8. InspGadgt

    CVs Nerfed Into The Ground

    I think we agree on this more than you realize...I can see where a CV singling out a DD for rocket attack combined with attacks from other ships on a constant basis would be a problem. I think the only difference is in I didn't see CVs by themselves doing all that much damage to DDs. Now when combined with fire from other ships definitely. But by themselves no. Personally I really didn't go after DDs other than to spot them...my main target was always BBs. You don't get the big damage numbers going after DDs. Now I only played a few games after the latest patch before I quit playing...enough to know CV game play was pretty much ruined. But it could be game play was ruined even more than I thought so that now the only real viable target for CVs are DDs because the AA to attack anything else is just too strong. In that case then again that is treating the symptom and not the problem. Rather than nerfing CV attacks against DDs they should address the AA problem so that CVs have more valid targets to attack. That would take the pressure off of DDs. Combine that with one of the spotting suggestions mentioned earlier and now even allied ships to the CV are going to be attacking DDs less from the CV's spotting.
  9. InspGadgt

    CVs Nerfed Into The Ground

    Personally I was not seeing much damage at all from rockets even when I would get a good hit. The vast majority of the time I could not kill a DD on my own with a CV. Realize that most people who are showing replays on Youtube are not your average player...they tend to be more at the top of the food chain so they are not a good indicator of balance. Though to be honest this doesn't bug me as much as the spotting. I'm fine with having to ask for help with a pesky DD that manages to get through. What really gets me is the AA and spotting issues. These have been a problem since before the rework and did not get fixed in the rework. The problem with spotting from the planes side is that even before the rework there were certain cruisers that could spot and start shooting down planes before the planes could see them. This is just ludicrous...it got worse in the rework and is about to get worse again when they reduce plane spotting by another 20%. There have been many good suggestions on how to deal with this from making spotted DDs only visible to the CV to having friendly ships needing to be within a certain range of the planes in order to see what the planes are seeing. As for AA that is a MM problem. Far too often one side will have god mode AA while the other has next to nothing...or entire games will have god mode AA or next to nothing...These games are what make the really high and low damage numbers CVs do. Which is why you often see a CV either do tons of damage or do next to none. Until they find a way to have more consistent AA from game to game then they will never truly get the kind of data needed to properly balance CVs.
  10. InspGadgt

    CVs Nerfed Into The Ground

    Oh I'm not blaming DDs...I'm blaming WG's response to DDs on something that really wasn't a problem, in the case of damage, and really was a problem, in the case of spotting, that could have been handled with a better game mechanic.
  11. InspGadgt

    What was old is new again...

    The only reason arty and CVs were toxic and divisive is because of crybabies who were either unable to adapt or unwilling to adapt their game play style to the situation. They knew going into both games that those classes existed and that they would have to deal with them. If they didn't like it going in they shouldn't have started in the first place. Personally I never had an issue with either...they are just another part of a multi-faceted game. Survival rate is a poor stat to use. The nature of a CV can't be changed. It is going to be in the back no matter what. Whereas a DD may or may not. A lot of DDs play the game poorly and get themselves spotted either by aircraft or by radar. The nature of a CV makes it so that there is no way to make it a workable class and not have it in the back areas. There were far better suggestions on how to fix things that WG decided not to use. Instead we get this silliness that is cruisers spotting and shooting down squadrons of airplanes before the airplanes can even see the cruiser. That's just stupid.
  12. InspGadgt

    CVs Nerfed Into The Ground

    They've had more than their stink taken out of the tail...They've lost their tail, all but 1 leg, and have only 1 eye left as well. They could have easily fixed the spotting issue with DDs with other means...as for their effectiveness against DDs...that was just [edited]. Sure they could hit DDs with rockets but would do almost no damage to them.
  13. InspGadgt

    CVs Nerfed Into The Ground

    It's not a challenge when half of your squadron is shot down by ships your planes can't even see. It is stupid that ships can see planes before planes can see ships. There were other ways to fix this problem that would have worked better. As for the rest of game play for CVs...that really isn't a challenge either...With the exception of the AA cruisers that have god level AA, RNG totally dictates how many planes you will still have alive to drop bombs with.
  14. InspGadgt

    CV's suck so bad now

    And it's even stronger now since 8.1...
  15. The F key mechanic does nothing to game play...it doesn't matter if you can shoot them down or not AFTER they have already dropped because they have already done their damage and are now out of the battle as they return back to the CV. The CV has unlimited planes now so shooting down more of them doesn't make a difference. The problem is the invisible planes as they drop...not after they drop. This is why you see the high damage games in the Haks. Fix that issue and the Hak will be just as gimped in game as the Midway is.