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  1. InspGadgt

    CV's suck so bad now

    And it's even stronger now since 8.1...
  2. The F key mechanic does nothing to game play...it doesn't matter if you can shoot them down or not AFTER they have already dropped because they have already done their damage and are now out of the battle as they return back to the CV. The CV has unlimited planes now so shooting down more of them doesn't make a difference. The problem is the invisible planes as they drop...not after they drop. This is why you see the high damage games in the Haks. Fix that issue and the Hak will be just as gimped in game as the Midway is.
  3. InspGadgt

    "AA has been nerfed to hell!"

    If anything AA has been buffed. It just doesn't look like it because the numbers are lower. But the number of planes up are vastly lower so AA actually got better in this patch. Previously BB AA was pretty much useless...now I see a single BB wipe out an entire squad before they can drop with no other ships around. No AA wasn't nerfed...it was buffed.
  4. InspGadgt

    CV's suck so bad now

    So last night I pulled off a similar game at 102k damage. To be honest I really didn't change what I was doing all that much. What I noticed is that there was significantly less planes being lost due to AA. So it seems my old complaint of AA being unbalanced is even worse now than it was before. If you get into an AA light game it's not that hard to pull off a 100k+ damage game. But right now most battles are extremely AA heavy so you get nothing done. It seems that AA makes for some very serious damage swings for CVs in the game. And that was one of my big complaints about the last system...get into an AA light game and the CV wreaked havoc and nothing but complain, complain, complain, from the other players. Get into an AA heavy game and the CV gets nothing done and none of the other players complain. WG needs to find a way to balance AA more.
  5. InspGadgt

    CV's suck so bad now

    That would be true if my planes could even get to the target. Most times my entire squad gets shot down by a single battleship 2 tiers lower than I am.
  6. InspGadgt

    CV's suck so bad now

    That is temporary. Since the CV rework is new a lot of people are playing them and trying them out. The same thing happens every time a new ship or line is released. Give it some time, the shine will wear off and the number of CVs in game will go back down. You can control them with your mouse. I was doing that last night...I didn't even know you could use WASD to control them. But you have to make small turns or else the game seems to think you are just looking around.
  7. Not true...attacking DDs now with a CV is completely futile. If you are in a DD and you die to a CV now...your doing something very wrong. It is near impossible to hit a DD now.
  8. InspGadgt

    The CV Rework - Out of the Loop

    Not anymore...the rework killed 80-90% of a CV's influence.
  9. InspGadgt

    CV's suck so bad now

    Well...I like the new mechanics in general...I've been able to get good hits with all types of bombers. But the amount of damage being done by CVs is way sub par and AA is far too strong. I had battleships 2 tiers below my CV completely wiping out bomber squads with no help from cruisers or other ships. If they bring the damage in-line with other ships and fix the AA so it isn't so OP then this will be a good rework. Until then it's just broken.
  10. InspGadgt

    CV's suck so bad now

    Mine as well...I played about 10 games tonight in CVs in Co-Op and multiplayer and something needs to be fixed. That's the exception not the rule. How did you manage that much damage? I had a single Amagi wipe out entire squads of bombers going after it and I was staying well out of the AA envelope of other ships, going around the outside flank.