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  1. Gonna be a hard "no" for me
  2. Cruiser_Atago

    [CPU] Recruiting new members!

    Ey that's a familiar name gl
  3. Cruiser_Atago


    I think "awful" is a matter of perspective there, and not being able to see what fully happened first-hand or through replay, then nobody that wasn't there can really say anything.. This is relevant because people very much like to complain about people doing things (that are actually logical or for the greater good), but someone else not knowing or just looking over without context will just say they're bad. But yeah, not really much to go off of here to be fair
  4. I am a cheater

    because someone on the enemy team said I was 

    1. Kitano_Honoka


      Best. Compliment. Ever.

  5. Cruiser_Atago

    Amagi Tips?

    I like how this post from May has all of a sudden just been resurrected out of nowhere.. Don't see too much of a point now since this was made so long ago, making the relevance to the poster of this quite minimal. But either way, it is one of the top T8 Battleships. Highly maneuverable, plus not that easy to citadel. It bounces shells quite easily when angled bow on, or kiting out which makes it hard at times to hit effectively. Bow tanking obviously is not as good as North Caroline or Vladivostok, nor is it as powerful with the turret layout, but still effective. Broadside Amagi can eat citadels yes, but even then it won't take cits like crazy since it is pretty much waterline. Has one of the strongest broadsides of the tier, with ten 16 inch guns of the usual 30 second reload, and they are generally pretty accurate, much to the dismay of people who like to complain about it. Generally for games, stay mobile, constantly on the move and don't play just bow in for any reason that you can help (unless somehow it is a unique scenario where doing that will just win the game). Weave in and out and rotate between angling, and turnout out to get all guns on target, and return back to angling for better results. If you are at a position you want to stay in for a bit to just shoot at enemies, just angle till all of your guns can fire upon your target and hold position. A good range to hover around is about 12km-15km from the enemy ships, but getting in closer or engaging in CQC is viable too since the ship is an actually decent brawler. Much more than the average person would think at least. If your target is returning fire to you, they will have a hard time doing efficient damage while you are angled like this. Just make sure your sides are not exposed to strong enemies for extended periods of time. The Amagi can get around the map pretty well due to its maneuverability and speed, so it is a good ship to play on the sides of the map. My own opinion here, but I'd say Amagi is one of the best ships in the entire IJN Battleship line by a lot, up there around Yamato. Between those two, they each excel over the other ship in various situations, so it is actually close.
  6. Cruiser_Atago

    Sync Dropping

    Much like others have said, it can be a coincidence to meet people in the same clan, it can be purposeful, etc. But with a "small" population like this, it's pretty normal to run into people you know often, which naturally extends to clan mates. In ranked for instance, it is very normal for clan members to run into each other game-after-game. You meet them once, finish the game, queue up and see them again, and repeat. So, it is hard to claim if people are actually sync dropping intentionally. Though if there's three or more divisions of a same clan in a game, then it is a safe bet (usually but again not always)it was intentional. Some people like to just all hit battle at the same time with friends to fight each other (much like others here have described), all being on the same team is a possible bonus but it's hit or miss. Our clan for instance had its clan anniversary this month, so we did something similar as an event where there were large sync drops. About 19-24 people showed up for that part if I recall. Some may question the fairness of having two divisions of the same clan on a team, but it's all chance whether they're paired together or not. And even then, giving up cause of a "stacked team" is not a good idea either. Your team will not be doomed if facing a team with multiple clan members, it'll be harder possibly, but still try. I myself witnessed a huge sync drop once where the enemy team had 9 out of 12 people from two clans (and 3 people on my team failed to pair up with them). It was such a lopsided defeat for the team with 9 coordinated members it was a magnificent sight to behold. In all, just do your best in those situations and don't immediately assume foul play. Maybe you'll have a group someday in the future and group sync drop yourself for the funsies
  7. Cruiser_Atago

    Crossing the Rubicon

    CV's took the high ground on this one, boss
  8. He actually challenged the whole world earlier
  9. The 'double dips' are as everyone knows, a bug/glitch/whatever you want to call it. There's no real reliable way to even cause that to happen, so that's the most RNG thing about this. Getting full pens are more reliable to get and the circumstances of receiving those full pens are pretty straightforward (literally). The double dips aren't even an intended consequence, so that is what should have been looked at or removed first honestly. The double dips notwithstanding, a full pen from something like a Montana caused roughly over 4,000 damage. In itself that isn't that much, it gets to be excessive when a bunch of shells hit and deal cumulative damage. But that's the same as any other ship. If we want to get into it, it could be argued that cruisers have it worse cause they can take heavy damage, i.e., citadel hits at literally any angle and that does upwards of 13,500 damage (For Montana), meaning that it takes only 3 of those to effectively remove them as opposed to perhaps 4-6 hits on a DD to deal about the same % overall damage. But that's it's own topic
  10. It's pretty hard to say whether or not you're supposed to "randomly and accurately deal that much damage to destroyers". Most of the time, it's really specific scenarios where it will happen. But, if a player knows how to aim, then that just means they know how to aim. Those players who get their practice in shooting and know how to hit maneuvering DD's will more likely get the hits on them. So, doing all the 'high damage' that said DD player receives can't really be argued about being right or not since if a person just knows where to aim, then the DD will get hit for a bunch more often than not. There's gonna be clans out there which put pressure on their BB players for purposes of being able to hit DD's a majority of the time in various circumstances. It's an 'expectation' in a way for some of those people to land their shots on the DD's. So, random or luck even, isn't really a good word to describe this entirely. Like, you might not have used those words entirely, but a bunch of others certainly have. The other issue is the whole DD rushing BB scenario which tons of people like to bring up. Sure, maybe if a Battleship player is clueless and does not pay attention and finds themselves face to face against a rushing DD they might deserve what is about to be in store for them. But there are other scenarios too. It's not far fetched to say that a bunch of times, BB players have to take point and move in close to pressure a cap or even contest it by going inside, or else they might risk losing the whole battle. Situations like that where the BB needs to take charge/responsibility and get into a crucial position, but end up face to face with a DD, you can't really say they deserve to die in that scenario. Some people out there talk rant about how "BB's shouldn't be that close to begin with". But they need to consider that sometimes for the betterment of the battle, it just needs to happen. Certainly in this patch, there is much less incentive for Battleships to move up closer to the caps to actually help out and perhaps support their own DD's. It just puts them in bad spots, and with unreliable ability to damage the DD's, these players just have more incentive to stay back and camp from afar to not risk running into a DD that may just give them a premature visit back to port. Furthermore, whether or not the BB player decides to use HE- If they decide to, then they're essentially dedicating a whole salvo to the DD which realistically by the time the shells are loaded: the DD may or may not have disappeared out of range, into smoke, behind an island, etc. If there is a bunch of other ships (not DD) that are possible targets, this is another reason to just use AP cause there might be a critical moment where the AP will do a lot against those other ships instead. If HE was loaded, then it is completely missed damage potential. Anyway this isn't entirely in response to you- Some was just in general stuff. So, sorry to bombard you with a huge post And it's late at night, so yolo