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  1. Cruiser_Atago

    Old Guard slowing game progress

    You seem to be putting a high level of weight on the whole "forum users" (or non-users) thing. If you are insinuating that it's the people posting on the forums that are generally going against what you are advocating and that these people exist in insignificant numbers off of social media, i.e., in game, then this proposition is incredibly misguided. I would go as far as to say that these people thinking negatively to what you want exist in a vast majority off the forums (not using social media), and that it is a small minority still trying to actually use the forums and whatnot. A lot of these aforementioned people see these discussion boards as a lost cause and worth little to none of their time so they just stay away. I scarcely spend any time on the forums anymore myself for the exact same reasons. Going back to that whole thing, I personally don't have much posts on the forums (more than you, still), but it's not like much if any of my posts have been from the recent past. I just so happened to have seen this thread reposted in derision a few times in other communities and decided to look for better or worse.
  2. Cruiser_Atago

    Old Guard slowing game progress

    Don't listen to the "Old Guard" that want the game to never change and be stale— This might be a bit of a... hot take for some of you people. But on the contrary, it seems more prudent to do away with listening to people who have no comprehension nor care of game balance, and care almost exclusively about their own perceptions of fun. Lest we again have more balancing issues, gameplay breaking stuff, and other problems down the line that make things even less enjoyable, and perhaps require time & resources to address that would have never been needed in the first place.
  3. Cruiser_Atago

    Is Brawl a Joke?

    It's funny, because having played across 3 days, I never even knew there was supposedly "skill-based" match making (SBMM). I heard my team mates discussing it, but never saw that Brawls were classified as skill-based so I never thought anything of it until recently seeing people talk about it on the forums. Without knowing any better, I would have definitely thought that there was no SBMM. While playing, I asked some other high level teams we played against, and they (like us) said it was pretty much an even split between good teams and bad teams—not to mention pre-made teams of 5 vs all randoms. I'm not saying there was no SBMM, but in practice there definitely was a large contingent of people who experienced horrendous matchmaking, being pitted against teams they'd have no hope in hell of winning against (save a major throw or the like). Assuming that what is said in the tooltip is true about Brawls having SBMM, in practice it just does not and will not work as the population of players playing Brawl is just too low. Getting around this, you can force teams to wait until another team with similar skill (I don't know how you would even decipher this.. The others I was with were also clueless) queues up, or just pull from the pool of available teams. The former would result in ridiculous queue times for a lot of teams, which would cause these people to not want to play/wait around, so I feel there was a bit of compromise, since queue times could at times got moderately long, but didn't seem to last more than 3-4 minutes at extremes. Some may argue that teams should just wait if they're that good- But on the other hand, there are rewards for playing and winning a certain amount of games, i.e., 31 wins for 10,000 coal (which I honestly think is a preposterous amount of games for this meagre amount of coal.) Therefore super long queues that rely on good teams waiting around for each other is just very off-putting and tedious to the point it really is not worth the agony to play. In regards to CV vs no CV games- For us, teams with no CV were a godsend, truly some of the most fun battles we had were against teams which did not bring a CV, and I'll just keep it short by saying the odds were far from the enemy team's favor. The ability to spot the entire team, while having your BB's whereabouts unknown and promptly ambushing enemy cruisers with multiple citadels was both common and amusing, albeit unfair. In all, is there skill-based matchmaking? yes(?...) maybe In practice however, there really wasn't much, if any. Teams were very much at the mercy of MM throwing them against teams of their skill-level, or against highly competitive teams. A few of the guys I ran with had Match Making Monitor, and it really was not long before I lost track of the amount of times words were uttered such as "this should be an easy game", "these guys are trash", etc. So take that as you will. I don't even know what I'm really on about here to be honest. Perhaps I'm just super burned out from playing over 3 days to get those 31 wins. I would honestly say it really was not worth it, nor would I easily accept a proposition to do it again any time soon. Despite having a ~73%WR across all days with 11±1 games per day, it was still incredibly mundane and tedious to grind for this payoff. I sure cannot imagine a solo player or an average/low-skill team having too much fun trying to complete the missions.
  4. Don't know why you're bothering trying. He adamantly claims that said people/unicums know they are broken and abuse them to win, when literally nowhere was it stated that they were being used for that purpose or to that extent. Literally two people have mentioned using CV's, and only one of them came by this days-old thread just today (and I imagine isn't even explicitly a CV player). I can also go around and make a bold claims to say I rarely if ever see unicums play CV's (Save for some Asia players who really like their CV's, but they are neither mentioned nor relevant in this discussion.), and that a vast majority of unicums hate them and don't play them much except for the occasional game and especially not as this guy says as solely an easy way to win. I've mentioned fellow clan mates who play CV at a unicum level days earlier. And yea they've all quit the game because of the whole CV's matter and general contempt of the status quo so... ??? I'm curious as to how many unicums this guy actually knows, and I'm going to wager it's little if any. Big sweeping claims about unicums being CV abusers is just atrocious among many other things.
  5. Now this is a hilarious level of ignorance, just not in a funny way By the way that site is down today (but could just be me), so don't be too surprised if/when it isn't posted (nvm it works now after not working most of the day but still, this thread took a big turn in the last half a day.. how very quaint)
  6. On top of what mario said above, I disturbingly find that most CV players that do not admit they are unbalanced/claim they are perfectly fine (or weak and need buffs even), generally are people once you look at them statistically as: Only/mainly capable in Carriers in comparison to all other surface ship classes, i.e., do good in CV and bad in other ships Explicitly CV main and never touch other classes There just tends to be some sort of agenda with these CV players a lot of the time, unless their ability to look at the bigger picture is inherently flawed or just not happening in which no argument will matter to them and are stuck with a single view.
  7. I'm not inclined to disagree that at this point, many anti-CV threads are by clueless players who are inherently not high performers, and bring it upon themselves. But adding on to this, there are many great and valid points brought up by many people against post-rework CV mechanics (by very good, high achieving players). At this point however, I'd imagine those threads are long buried in the past and unfeasibly difficult to bring out again. Further, there's no real point to constantly bring out the same discussion over and over again. Those players I mention that have good points/reasoning understandably don't come here to post their grievances for many reasons. They may have done so previously and doing so again would be beating a dead horse, people straight up refuse to listen, they don't want to be "educated" by adamant players fixed on a narrowminded ideas that evidently are a bit uneducated about the game themselves, etc. Many people also straight up don't really feel like posting or viewing anything on the forums cause they perceive it as a complete waste of time. I honestly feel like a minority in the groups I'm in that actually does look at forums from time to time. But admittedly I don't use them much if ever at this point either for similar reasons. Most tolerable CV discussions regarding this topic would really be found on various discord servers if anything in my opinion, and certainly not on the game forums. Either way, this topic is a bit personal for me anyway since I've had quite a few clan mates quit the game entirely because of CV's in general (big part is when they were forced into clan battles) and feel like certain overlords don't listen or care (to say the least). These people were very capable CV and surface ship players (unicum and super unicum in CV's alone), but still saw them as detrimental to game health- so it's not like they were bad players that were completely tunnel-visioned on hating CV based on emotion and rhetoric only.
  8. Yes, cause the only people who dislike CV's is Destroyer players and nobody else, especially other CV players. Flawless In case sarcasm was missed, then I'll just let you know now that many """CV Haters""" while they can be affiliated with any class, also include many CV players as well; and these CV players are actually good, i.e., performing at the level of top 5% of players or even better Just because they play CV well (current iteration and old), doesn't necessarily mean that they will always think they're ok. There's literally one in this very thread who I'm pretty sure shares this disposition. CV's also affect competitive game modes heavily, but that's its own can of worms that's been done to death.
  9. Cruiser_Atago

    Clan Brawl 5v5: Review and Experience

    Yeah personally I think we were ok with running into Vermonts, or at the very least did not care much for them. Though yeah, there are a select few ships which eat less damage from MVR such as I guess Vermont, and things like Petro (which was very common to no surprise). I trust that the people on our team were skilled/not rusty enough to be stumped by Vermonts we ran into. Don't think anyone really complained when we saw one, or even had much if any issue. If anything, we probably were able to farm the ones we did run into down pretty easily(?). But this is an individual issue perhaps where some players care and some don't about fighting them. I'm guessing the people on my team were part of the latter. What we did succumb to most was just a lack of tactics (we did not coordinate at all, we were just trolling for the most part), or just being complacent and either not really trying/bringing substandard ships and running into an actually competent team.
  10. Cruiser_Atago

    Clan Brawl 5v5: Review and Experience

    Uh, server is down right now, but I did stream it. I cut the stream at around our 44th game. By that point, our "Current Rating" was 57; and we played 5 more games (to reach 49 games total) and won them all, so I imagine our rating improved a bit more from there. I don't know how to check outside of the game, so need the server to come back up to be sure (if there's no offline alternative) :v We definitely did not pay attention to our rankings like, at all. We were there just to play as a group as a little get-together.
  11. Cruiser_Atago

    Clan Brawl 5v5: Review and Experience

    Having played 49 games between the 18th and 19th (literally more than I've played in several months), it was definitely interesting and fun to play with some old friends again (since many have straight up quit the game). But as I've seen in another very recent thread, the whole only needing one clan member thing is kind of laughable, and not really in a good way. Our team for instance consisted of 5 people in total, and pretty much all except one member was from another clan. The one member that was in the clan, quit over 100 days ago and I only really dragged him in much to his dismay for the sake of hanging out. We had fun, as it's been so long since we've all partook in a "competitive" (I say very sparingly) environment, and managed to win 45/49 of the games we played. In contrast to your observations, we very rarely saw Vermonts, but that could be just us. We missed the first couple days since busy schedule and whatnot, which may have been to our benefit again in contrast to your 3rd point as we had people unavailable for the first few and last days (lol). The thing that really did kill the experience—and pretty much everyone I know agrees—was the CV's, particularly MVR. Evidently clear that you are at a disadvantage when you do not have one. Possible to play without one? Always- just like any ship. Makes things a lot harder? Unequivocally a "yes". A battleship losing 26k HP in a single strike, with dive bombers being able to return pretty much on a dime is very very not fun. The CV presence in general means you (a majority of the time) must stick in groups, which makes battles more bland and boring personally since ships are kind of discouraged from doing their own things on flanks without being seen immediately/bombed to death. But this is a major talking point about CV in clan battles in general, which I will not get into here. In all, we did have fun, and we won lots. I started with 900,000 free exp, and by the end of those 49 games we played, I had 2,500,000 free exp if I'm not mistaken (getting a little over 30,000 free exp per victory). But if I were to honestly say, it's mostly just because of us friends actually being able to play together that we had as much 'fun' as we did. A vast majority of my friends/clan mates have recently left the game permanently, so I don't have much left myself
  12. Cruiser_Atago

    PSA: Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    And on the other hand, if there's underhanded tactics/actions going on, then it's also highly likely that the only ones in the know or are even aware are those in the higher ranks/inner circle of the clans, hiding whatever is going on from the other members. So yes, blanket banning wouldn't be the best thing to do so to say
  13. Cruiser_Atago

    PSA: Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    From one Chinese person to the others I express great remorse, and my condolences for the numerous fellow Asian clans across all the servers which have succumbed to WG's sudden and seemingly out of nowhere crackdown as of late
  14. Cruiser_Atago

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    I don't see this happening, and I'm fairly certain this point would have been brought up previously. Thing is, if you're playing Clan Battles, you're playing to win for the most part, rewards, etc. Some clans will play for fun, but I doubt they will end up playing for *too too* long. By not bringing a CV, it is just "shooting yourself in the foot" as they say, on top of the unlikely scenario that the other team also agrees to not bring CV (when they can do so), cause I honestly don't think teams have that much trust in each other to all agree to not use a CV. Then there's teams that aren't in the loop who will bring CV anyway. An oversimplification that someone else can explain better than I surely, but a lot of the boycotters believe full absence from Clan Battles is needed, cause the dip in CB population is what is perceived to have the greatest effect. Still playing but not using CV doesn't really say much statistically.
  15. Cruiser_Atago

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    til League = World of Warships Learn something every day