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  1. Rate the Insignia above you.

    That insignia looks a bit familiar
  2. Clan Abuse of Random Games

    A bit late to the convo, but regarding the whole stats and cheating thing- Never correlate someone's stats/values with their ability. When talking about actual ranks that were procured from playing Ranked Mode, don't assume somebody that is Rank 1 is god-tier, and never assume an unranked individual is bad or can be ignored without consequence. Tons of people choose not to play ranked cause of the stress factor behind it, and their dislike for the ranked rewards. While many people can easily hit Rank 1 just by playing game after game until they meet the criteria to move up, but in the end are still honestly really bad players. Simple fact of the matter is that a Battleship can easily delete any ship (yes even other battleships), and it only takes the shells to not go all over the place (which honestly isn't rare) and to hit the right part of a ship. 20km+ shots might seem far fetched, but the victim has to ask themselves if they were sailing in an extremely predictable manner or not. Even if not, predicting movements of your targets is an integral part of the game, no matter what range. Having taken part in numerous competitive WoWs competitions, contests, teams, etc. it is pretty much expected that you can 100%HP a Cruiser down to death or near-death as possible with your battleship when they make a mistake in movement, or present you with the opportunity. The standards are quite high as far as top teams/players are concerned.. How would you even fix sync dropping? People have been doing that since the game came out of beta (even in it..) The MM tries to balance divisions equally numerically, and yes it completely disregards where those people came from, and who the people involved are (as far as I'm aware).. But even if you added restrictions of some sort, you will not remove the whole sync drop thing. One of the ideas to limit clans on one side falls flat because people must be in the exact same clan to fall into that restriction, and a lot of the time, people in different clans or those who are clan-less still sync drop with friends. Another reason it won't be as effective as one would think is cause tons of the more developed and well-known clans have numerous sub-clans because the 40-50 member limit is incredibly hindering to said clans. Ergo, more clans need to be made to fit all individuals. It's too much of a complicated thing to do to try to change, but honestly sync drops are a lot of the time for simple, light-hearted get-together-with-clan-mates time. Unfortunately yes, some times those syncing clans will heavily populate one side, but a lot of the time they will also be equally split apart. Sync dropping gets bad when people on opposing sides refuse to touch or shoot each other. That is when it gets on the more unacceptable side. But if you find yourself facing a stacked enemy team, it's not an impossible game.. Just play your best, sink targets and give it your all. I have played against a team that had NINE people in comms once, we still beat them really hard cause they did not play smart..
  3. Damn.. Sometimes I hate waking up in the morning realizing I'm a huge sexual predator/pedophiliac Cause some guy on the forums or elsewhere said so do I even need to '/s'
  4. From Anime to politics Just another glorious day on the forums
  5. [-I-] Impact Is Selectively Recruiting.

    Err, if you want one
  6. [-I-] Impact Is Selectively Recruiting.

    lol people just choose anyone character they like in that scenario.. But I mean, it doesn't need to be anime grills, can just slap an F-150 in one and call it done Maybe
  7. [-I-] Impact Is Selectively Recruiting.

    tyty You want one too? lul
  8. [-I-] Impact Is Selectively Recruiting.

    White Livered Squid Also bump
  9. [-I-] Impact Is Selectively Recruiting.

    Happy New Year guys!
  10. Amagi build suggestions

    First thing you'll want to do is upgrade all the hulls as high as you can. That will make the Amagi (same as mostly any other ship) most bearable to play. I would suggest taking Main Armaments Modification 1, Damage Control System 1, Aiming System 1, Steering Gears 2, and lastly Concealment Modification. There's many different ways you can lay out the captain, it depends on what kind of play style you want/like. The main skills you'll want is: Expert Marksman, Superintendant, and Basics of Survivability. Anything else is just to suit your play style. Concealment is a popular choice for captain skill also. I do not recommend HE spamming at all, but if you ever do find yourself in some competitive scenario like ranked; if you have to deal with lots of bow on ships like NC's all the time, then you could perhaps use Demo Expert to deal with them better. That is something I've done on BB's to counter that bow-on meta. Don't use Survivability Expert. This is my 18 point Amagi captain: It has manual secondaries cause I like to brawl in the ship. The Amagi is one of the troll Battleships in tier 8. Some pretty good armor that bounces off shells from angles at times where you'd swear they would do damage. Great kiting ship too, so it can definitely take a beating as opposed to Nagato which you can really be citadelled easily. I have another captain for it which is 19 points This one is based heavier on survivability. You could trade out Basic Fire Training for something like High Alert, and AR isn't exactly necessary for this type of captain either. In short, Amagi is a tanky little ship that is really maneuverable too. You can look if you want, but I have over 1000 battles in it, just to add on to the fact I like it so much Hope this basic skills guide helps
  11. So much talking about how oh you should know when ships are on fire, you don't need this.. Yeah it should be pretty common knowledge when ships are on, and not on fire. So with MontroMarkers, it really does not add anything more than maybe the ability to save a few seconds at most to decipher whether a ship is on fire or not, or just repaired the fire with DCP. The main reason this mod was great however, is the ability to see if and when people on your team use support consumables like Hydro, DFAA, Radar, etc. You would not be able to find out these were in use until very specific circumstances or if the user actually says they use them. But then there's people who do not say anything when using them, or insist on not saying anything about using them, even when asked if they did. They just ignore you and sail on, meanwhile you wonder if you should pop DFAA or Hydro of your own... The mod is a quality of life type thing, sure. But a bit more than that. It let's you visually see when people use those consumables, so you know to not use the same one at the same time, therefore wasting it. But also, for those who find it really hard to type in chat and say they are using said consumables, you can see when they use it too Whole lot of time saving elements with what the mod offered. Besides, a lot of the time, you might not have time to announce yourself using a consumable. Like if a DD shows up, need to see who uses radar or not. If it shows up, you don't know if it's just by fluke or someone did use radar. It's just really nice to have this info readily. The amount of wasted consumables from doubling up, or none being used at all is just far too much. I would love to see some similar implementation added to the game if MonstroMarkers is not allowed anymore.
  12. KillClub

    Still better than tons of other ones around these here parts
  13. KillClub

    My Body is Ready