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  1. The 'double dips' are as everyone knows, a bug/glitch/whatever you want to call it. There's no real reliable way to even cause that to happen, so that's the most RNG thing about this. Getting full pens are more reliable to get and the circumstances of receiving those full pens are pretty straightforward (literally). The double dips aren't even an intended consequence, so that is what should have been looked at or removed first honestly. The double dips notwithstanding, a full pen from something like a Montana caused roughly over 4,000 damage. In itself that isn't that much, it gets to be excessive when a bunch of shells hit and deal cumulative damage. But that's the same as any other ship. If we want to get into it, it could be argued that cruisers have it worse cause they can take heavy damage, i.e., citadel hits at literally any angle and that does upwards of 13,500 damage (For Montana), meaning that it takes only 3 of those to effectively remove them as opposed to perhaps 4-6 hits on a DD to deal about the same % overall damage. But that's it's own topic
  2. It's pretty hard to say whether or not you're supposed to "randomly and accurately deal that much damage to destroyers". Most of the time, it's really specific scenarios where it will happen. But, if a player knows how to aim, then that just means they know how to aim. Those players who get their practice in shooting and know how to hit maneuvering DD's will more likely get the hits on them. So, doing all the 'high damage' that said DD player receives can't really be argued about being right or not since if a person just knows where to aim, then the DD will get hit for a bunch more often than not. There's gonna be clans out there which put pressure on their BB players for purposes of being able to hit DD's a majority of the time in various circumstances. It's an 'expectation' in a way for some of those people to land their shots on the DD's. So, random or luck even, isn't really a good word to describe this entirely. Like, you might not have used those words entirely, but a bunch of others certainly have. The other issue is the whole DD rushing BB scenario which tons of people like to bring up. Sure, maybe if a Battleship player is clueless and does not pay attention and finds themselves face to face against a rushing DD they might deserve what is about to be in store for them. But there are other scenarios too. It's not far fetched to say that a bunch of times, BB players have to take point and move in close to pressure a cap or even contest it by going inside, or else they might risk losing the whole battle. Situations like that where the BB needs to take charge/responsibility and get into a crucial position, but end up face to face with a DD, you can't really say they deserve to die in that scenario. Some people out there talk rant about how "BB's shouldn't be that close to begin with". But they need to consider that sometimes for the betterment of the battle, it just needs to happen. Certainly in this patch, there is much less incentive for Battleships to move up closer to the caps to actually help out and perhaps support their own DD's. It just puts them in bad spots, and with unreliable ability to damage the DD's, these players just have more incentive to stay back and camp from afar to not risk running into a DD that may just give them a premature visit back to port. Furthermore, whether or not the BB player decides to use HE- If they decide to, then they're essentially dedicating a whole salvo to the DD which realistically by the time the shells are loaded: the DD may or may not have disappeared out of range, into smoke, behind an island, etc. If there is a bunch of other ships (not DD) that are possible targets, this is another reason to just use AP cause there might be a critical moment where the AP will do a lot against those other ships instead. If HE was loaded, then it is completely missed damage potential. Anyway this isn't entirely in response to you- Some was just in general stuff. So, sorry to bombard you with a huge post And it's late at night, so yolo
  3. Cruiser_Atago

    KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    The worst
  4. Cruiser_Atago

    Rate the Insignia above you.

    That insignia looks a bit familiar
  5. Interesting signature, Jibril is one of my favs :cap_like:

  6. Is this Facebook :Smile_ohmy:

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      Resistance is futile. Your forums have been assimilated. 

    2. Cruiser_Atago


      Not sure if it's my addiction or what, but a "lights off" or dark version might sound cool in my mind

    3. Sumeragi_Lee_Noriega


      An array of sound snippets to choose from would be a solid addition to the notification sound.

  7. Iowa vs Iowa?? HAHAHA

    1. Wo_9
    2. Cruiser_Atago


      Face Me On The Seas. I need stuff to shoot cause life is great

  8. Your profile was "Randomly Selected" by me and I just happened to notice that you're living in Saskatchewan?? What a sight :O

    1. StarfuryMS


      Why hello, random fellow Canuck. Nice of you to drop by :)

      Yeah, I live in Sask. SW to be a bit more precise. You?

    2. Cruiser_Atago


      I live in Regina :P I don't know, it was just a bit of a surprise to see someone from this province on here. I know it isn't impossible or anything, but still haha. So by SW you're referring to smaller towns like Swift Current or something in that area?

  9. 1v1 me- I will destroy this thing.

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      u will do wat now

    2. Woofship


      Panpakapan vs. Mii, I have tickets for za first row

  10. Why does the happenings of this game never fail to piss me off..

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    2. Cruiser_Atago


      Oh wow there's a limit I can type huh.. Anyway, was just saying how sour it made me seeing the whole side go B and still take upwards of about 10½ minutes to take it. *Sigh* I need a happy place =[

    3. Woofship


      I didn't have the best of days myself in WoWS too, feels like potato teams are out in strength today. Hope you have better teams and more fun battles next time you play

    4. Cruiser_Atago


      Yo, potatoes all month it seems more like ( =3=) Anyway wish you luck too, maybe see you out there :3

  11. Here's a picture of WoWs back in the day. Back when it was actually a game that was fun to play.. http://i.imgur.com/0P9uECw.png

  12. I'm helping with a Discord server created by Carrier_Kaga. Feel free to come by and say hi :D https://discord.gg/QXdY7uh

  13. Ask not, what your team can do for you- Ask what you can do for your team.

    1. Yamato_kai_BBY_01


      Its more like "what you team can do for you" for everyone

  14. I need happiness in my life.