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  1. ol_Cajun

    is it true? Are secondaries being nerfed?

    So we are losing AFT. Damn, seems every time wg improves the game Atlanta takes a hit. This time it will be extending the dismal range of main battery. Lost extended range of AAA in the carrier rework, then lost a couple % points in IFHE rework, now this.
  2. I think this is my best.
  3. ol_Cajun

    8.3km Secondary Range T5 BB ...Interesting (PVE Thread)

    I'm not excited about BB's at the moment. I have pretty much mothballed my BB's because of near constant 4 DD's per match. Just not fun fighting DD's in BB's. So I'm not even inclined to go after the Okie.
  4. Have folks play this game more, would be my guess.
  5. ol_Cajun

    Return of Flint and Smolensk?

    Been waiting for Flint myself, but that's only if it comes back for coal.
  6. ol_Cajun

    Black List

    Nope, you do not see any chat from them in game.
  7. weegee: Oh, you did 5 mission parts yesterday, Turn around, no, no ointment, just turn around.
  8. ol_Cajun

    US BB Event Part 1 Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    No head start for me, I don't get up till the crack of noon.
  9. ol_Cajun

    About done with this...

    New one on me, I have never seen ramming a pink player on purpose in COOP.
  10. I'm offended by your use of water sports in a naval game.
  11. ol_Cajun

    Dockyard progress.

    I played for the free XP, but the grind time for the rest does not seem worth the boat. I laughed out loud at so many hits with a BB when weegee is inserting 4 DD's in most of my matches.
  12. ol_Cajun

    Pommern or Georgia

    I do like Georgia, but I consider Pommern the best deal I ever made for coal.
  13. ol_Cajun

    The band played on.

    I'm old school, Voodoo Child, both versions, and a few others by James Marshall Hendrix, (born Johnny Allen Hendrix; November 27, 1942 - September 18, 1970), Paint it Black, Stones, couple by Humble Pie. There is more, but my 2 finger typing is slow. The Degüello, I going to pipe this one to my outside speakers if the protesters come into my neighborhood. I just noticed there are none on my playlist past '79, not that there aren't plenty of good songs after that, there just none on my WoWS playlist. Weird how that happened.
  14. ol_Cajun

    Goodbye Denarmo

    We will bruhaha at whatever it is, and carry on. It's has been, and will continue to be a most exiting year.