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  1. When switching captains, the game defaults to the captain skills page. How about not doing that. I didn't want to redistribute the skills, (with gold), I'm just switching boats. It's like a blatant cry for money, stop it.
  2. Don't understand why you assume coop players don't spend money here. You know what happens when you assume right?
  3. Have read and heard the phrase "in the hands of a good captain", or something similar , about several boats. Folks should pay attention to that.
  4. Possible Solution to Radar

    It's in the game as is. It's not going to leave, probably won't be changed. So you deal with it, or move on. If you wait a bit, someone else will post another thread after their DD was deleted by radar cruisers.
  5. Ops are now the most fun in this game. With scores like this who can stay away. I'm telling everyone I know how much fun I am having in this game. They are all excited to try it. Edit: the freaking carrier turned right into the torps from planes that appeared out of nowhere.
  6. Revamped Raptor Rescue

    Having a blast, thank you. Been completely blown out 5 straight games. Whew, what fun, the most fun I ever had, and still been conscious. Counting the more than a dozen blow outs I tried on the last op, this just keeps getting better. I enjoyed the experience so much, I'm going to wait and see what is in store for the next op. You should probably make them a bit more difficult, some of the better players are still 4 and 5 starring it. Seriously, my teams didn't come close to winning the op, and that's not fun. You've built frustration into your tech tree, but why do you want it in your ops?
  7. Sharks vs Eagles?

    Drop an egg in a hen house, or watch what chickens will do to small rats and mice, you will be glad they are not just ostrich sized. Edit: The drumsticks would be great though.
  8. I resemble that remark, but don't quit, you might get to shoot me in an upcoming match.
  9. There are always going to be folks who just want to hide and shoot people. Who wouldn't. Sniper rifles in FPS games are popular for a reason.
  10. Please do, I need all the help I can get.
  11. Sounds good, but it has not been any fun getting totally creamed every game. I quit trying yesterday, when I decided I only have so many heartbeats left, and I was not going to waste any more of them trying win this op. Frustration, caused by a game is not my idea of fun. Challenging, yes, but I'm not going to keep playing "300" as the Greeks. If you know what I mean.
  12. You know when I watched that first ep of Star Trek NG with Picard, and my first thought was, here they are in the what the 25th century and still no cure for baldness.
  13. Have to admit I just walked away when they announced their Russian refund scam on premium MM tanks.
  14. You don't like dropping big rocks on whiny kids heads in WOT?
  15. Kind of sucks if ops is only for skilled folks now, but after 2 frustrating days trying this one, it's obvious I'm not skilled enough to have fun in this op. Unfortunate since ops play is my main reason for playing this game.Thanks WG, you took away my fun Cleveland for no good reason, that ship was a big part of my fun, now you are moving ops out of my skill level. I know you folks don't really give a hoot, but thank you for saving me money.