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  1. ol_Cajun

    Data mine - Alaska Cost (goodish news)

    I had to laugh out freaking loud when I watched the dev interview about the current game economy. My brain translated what he said as, you folks have taken the tools we gave you, and made something nice, therefore you must be punished.
  2. ol_Cajun

    Should I say if am lucky...

    At least you got one you can use, I've only got 3 fer's, except the one for a low tier Japanese DD I don't have and won't ever have. Of course a bunch of 3 fer pumpkins did give me a boat load of one use camo's.
  3. ol_Cajun

    Worthless Coupons

    Some folks will use them because, Oh look a SALE, take my money. Plus some might actually want the stuff presented. I treat most of these just like the constant 20% off coupons from bed, bath, and behind, into the trash except for one the wife uses every now and then. Indeed, the coupon you want may eventually come your way, just wait, and toss the rest.
  4. ol_Cajun

    Bonus Code for 11/11

    You are right, if anyone needs me, I'll be in the corner for a bit.
  5. ol_Cajun

    Bonus Code for 11/11

    So I missed it because I was took my veteran father-in-to eat. Yea, -10 WG. Edit: Well ship happens, forget what I said about -10, you folks have done some stuff for vets. Carry on, Ill get the next one.
  6. 15 camo's, much better than the 3 fer I got from the rest of the pumps.
  7. ol_Cajun

    Just what else was I suppose to do?

    Thank you for flaunting a ship I can't have, while being glad I can't have it.
  8. ol_Cajun

    I got my great pumpkin today

    15 cammo's in mine also. Much better than the rest, at 3 for each one.
  9. ol_Cajun

    Angry Youtuber Review of November Battleships

    I have a white kitty named Blackie, she does not like computer games. Indeed, it seems the only thing she does like, is mealtime.
  10. ol_Cajun

    What Halloween camos you got?

    None, thought I had one for a low tier DD, but can't find it.
  11. OK, you have convinced me. Multiple attacks by a single squadron, and unlimited planes. I'm onboard.
  12. Why does that matter? When they are destroyed, they stay that way. Even the loss of one of three reduces your offensive strike.
  13. I equate unlimited planes the same as unlimited turrets, but that's just me.
  14. ol_Cajun

    Why do you want subs in the game.

    So I can sneak around, and shoot someone up the a...stern with a fish.