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  1. Thank you, I did not know that.
  2. Did it first time in my Atlanta, but results page said I was already paid the star rewards for this in 2/28/2018. So I got nothing but credits and xp for winning. It wasn't bad but sure was a letdown, no containers, and no doubloons.
  3. Just won it, all 5 stars, but sadly no actual prizes.
  4. Going to have to add some speed to American mid tier BB's or they will never make to the battle in time.
  5. Bunch of folks in this country right now think socialism would be great, and they are positive they will get it right this time.
  6. Clear Sky In The Baltimore.

    The rear of that "vehicle" in the pic appears to be nicely padded.
  7. Was this nerfed in the last patch?
  8. 0.7.3 USN Cruiser Changes

    Ok, WG, I get the message, I'll play the Russian cruiser line.
  9. Keyword search Uptiered

    Unless maybe you are in an Easy Eight versus Defender.
  10. How did you start playing WoWs?

    Started with an alpha invite. Stopped playing shortly after release. Came back before this last Christmas.
  11. Steven Seagal

    John Doe is the name of the actor caught skimming the till in the movie Roadhouse.
  12. I searched the Accelerated Captain Training button , scratched my head wondering why it isn't in game. I also wonder why gold purchased cammo does not offer captain training, or free xp, I would buy some, except I think just getting xp is not worth it. Pay gold to get more xp, to spend more gold, no thanks.
  13. Caesar removed?

    It's probably op, since I like it.