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  1. I wonder if maybe they are just gauging the anger at subs by the players. I don't see why anyone would be upset for these underwater breathing cockroaches, now with stealth ping to be in the game.
  2. ol_Cajun

    Phantom collision?

    Yes i've gotten a few of them. After action report said I did team damage to myself.
  3. ol_Cajun

    USS Prinz Eugen?

    The ship was very complicated to run. The Americans had to retain some of the crew to help operate her because of that fact.
  4. ol_Cajun

    For what it's worth

    I am getting about the same results as you, but I noticed my base FXP was down a good bit since the new patch.
  5. ol_Cajun

    New low - Team Killing of Subs

    Wow, we can team kill subs. This is great, Happy days, I thought team killing was over.
  6. Lol, the reason it happened is blamed on the players, or lack there of. That's hilarious.
  7. ol_Cajun

    A one question survey

    Why isn't it a true representation? Seems to me the cross section of posters here is pretty wide.
  8. ol_Cajun

    Surprise Ruckus in the Depot Event! 11.5

    Let's see, spend money buying random lots for depot coins, then spend depot coins on random lots, lol, hilarious.
  9. Guess the alpha flags bonus's going away also?
  10. ol_Cajun


    When you equate 'for the players", as the same as "for the children", it makes more sense.
  11. ol_Cajun

    So... U-4501

    It is exactly the same, Wg will do whatever it takes to get folks to play their subs. It's a whole new line for every country, and that means more profit for the devs. Bottom line, the folks behind this game are not in it for chits and giggles, it's to make money, period dot, and there is not a thing wrong with that part of it.
  12. I got a little girl Cleveland captain.
  13. ol_Cajun

    So... U-4501

    So, it sounds as if this will get more folks to play the sub, and really, that's the whole point of the exercise.
  14. What have they done so as not to make money? Edit: I didn't mean that in any bad way.
  15. Every time I read anything about this, I'm reminded that WG has said this is for the players, what the players have asked for. Sounds like "for the children" to me. Another words, It's not for the players, it's so the devs can make a some money. To me that's the bottom line, and I'm OK with that. Capitalism for the win.