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  1. I searched the Accelerated Captain Training button , scratched my head wondering why it isn't in game. I also wonder why gold purchased cammo does not offer captain training, or free xp, I would buy some, except I think just getting xp is not worth it. Pay gold to get more xp, to spend more gold, no thanks.
  2. Caesar removed?

    It's probably op, since I like it.
  3. Saw one of those ex-emplyee's, seems he was mad because they wanted him to sell stuff, not just run his mouth.
  4. I would like to sell a couple of ships I'm not playing to buy some I might . Do I lose any of the ship's xp when I sell them? I might want at some point to buy them back.
  5. Just one for me, unified account between WoWS and WoT. Guess I said that right.
  6. I play mostly coop and don't give a hoot about badges and ribbons as some lackwit has stated. I also don't care about the low rewards in coop. I just like driving the boats and shooting stuff for a little while. The cash payoff in coop is small, and it should be. The Atlanta prints credits very well in coop, so I'm not worried about that. Those that play coop and don't like the rewards really only have 3 choices, deal with coop as it is, play randoms, or quit. When/if WG decides that you are longer going to have coop to play, that will be something else entirely. I imagine more than half of you will go to missions and randoms. The rest will move to another game, and no WG will not miss you. Until then make a choice and then, buck up, and just shoot stuff. On another note. seems I have unlocked the Kawachi, which I remember well from alpha. Before I buy it, does it still have 17th century ballistics? it was hilarious.
  7. Stopped playing right after release, came back right before the holidays
  8. So you folks have arty threads here also.
  9. I actually thought it was less. As mostly part of this 9.5%, I don't expect WG to do much for coop, and I have no problem with that The new changes to coop are not good in my opinion, but it's not my game. If they are indeed trying to move folks out of coop, as has been said, losing a portion of the 9.5% coop players will not hurt WG. I don't play for medals, and the like, I just like driving the boats and shooting stuff. If they make it not fun, I can play something else. That's just a statement, not a threat. When something is not fun to you, why would you do it?
  10. Have no problem with coop rewards, I just like driving the boats and shooting stuff. Winning is smiling while you play, whatever that play is. I'm sure some folks shake their heads every time I drive into an island the size of Australia, but they keep shooting stuff, just laidback fun on the water. Bought some crates at Christmas, made out like a bandit, ships, premium time and a boat load of gold. I'm not interested in grinding, I'm getting too old for that. I have fun in coop, win rate means nothing, just driving the boats and shooting stuff for an hour or two. All without ever being told to uninstall, by folks whose fingers probably work a lot better than mine. I would like to thank WG for making the game, and letting coop be a part of it. When I was a kid (around 9-12), I had to buy, build, and paint the models. When I played with them, had make my own sound effects, now this is much better. I have been getting in game some of the models I had, plus some ships I have actually stood on. I'm having fun, your mileage may vary.
  11. Will you buy the Błyskawica

    Just see no point in spending as much on one ship as I would pay for a new game.
  12. This Is Just Sick!

    It was a nice profit though.
  13. Shooting a boat load of T92's at once, and still missing.
  14. world of warships lag

    Maybe we are the only ones who will put up with it and still play on laggy servers. I figure my problem is comcast, but the alternate is att, so I'm sol.