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  1. Guys, let's clarify between disconnect and "crash". I'm literally getting a windows error and one of those "Restart" or "Terminate" Windows error boxes. ISP issues shouldn't cause a crash.
  2. Hmm, I didn't notice if this was a DD-specific issue, but last crash which prompted this was in a Daring. I asked in the game and a couple of people replied that their # of crashes is way up lately.
  3. Game crash !== disconnect Drivers haven't changed in a while, so why would they all of a sudden be a problem?
  4. Have never had a problem with crashes before -- Honestly don't remember ever seeing a single one. At least one a day lately :(
  5. doshoru

    Secondaries won't fire

    It is a GK. First noticed the issue on a Bismarck. No, I did not "accidentally hit P" and have that rebound to "C" for what it is worth. Yes, ships are within firing range. It's 11km+ with the GK, and even things that are <4km I'm not shooting at. Will try to figure out how to do a replay, but this has been going on for over a year. I can't imagine I'm the only one and it's not "obvious". I know the basic mechanics of the game.
  6. My secondaries won't fire. Yes, I have Manual Secondaries and I know you have to Ctrl+click to select the target, or they won't fire. The problem is that Ctrl+click won't work. I have swapped my LMB and RMB, and I have also swapped the button to disable AA/Secondaries. Not sure if swapping the buttons broke things, but I went back to defaults and still nothing. I'm sick of spending real money (doubloons) going back and forth on captain skills to troubleshoot :(
  7. doshoru

    Matchmaking Balance

    Ugh, OK I feel a need to comment on the "WG can't know when a player will disconnect" comment. That is ENTIRELY my point and you guys are glossing over it. WG cannot know when an individual player will disconnect, that is true. Reverse to a point in time when it was rock/paper/scissors was normal: Any one player disconnecting would represent an *equally* proportional loss to one of the 3 "rock/paper/scissor" categories. If a BB disconnects, OK whatever, we have other BBs. If a CA/CL disconnects, same. If a DD disconnects, same. Today... If a CV disconnects GUARANTEED THEY WERE THE ONLY ONE AND THEY ARE THE MOST POWERFUL CLASS. How can you not see this major oversight?!??!?!?!?
  8. doshoru

    Matchmaking Balance

    You sound like a Trump supporter.
  9. doshoru

    Matchmaking Balance

    Jesus people, allow some hyperbole. Comment on the actual screenshot I posted instead...
  10. doshoru

    Matchmaking Balance

    I propose this. Keep this thread alive, and everybody post their "wth matchmaking" screenshots here. They can't ignore it forever. I suppose they could ban us, but we've made our choice.
  11. doshoru

    Matchmaking Balance

    I haven't quit the game, but I refuse to go Premium or spend more real-world cash b/c this is [edited].
  12. doshoru

    Matchmaking Balance

    This was a fun one.
  13. doshoru

    Matchmaking Balance

    Ah -- I do not want to silently dismiss the other points, but the fact that 1/12 players holds an overwhelmingly strong position just b/c of his "ship type" is wrong, period. Any team will suffer from 1/12 players being "not there" whether physically or mentally. But when that 1 player happens to be the "Quarterback" to offer a crapanalogy, it is an overwhelming oversight on behalf of gameplay. Rock, scissors, paper, nuke is the "meme". But when you are only allowed one nuke per team and it happens to be "AFK" you might as well just end the game there.
  14. @Wargaming Do you have any plans for advanced matchmaking balance? E.g., players are already complaining about being uptiered constantly, and I know you are already sick of hearing about that aspect of game balance so I want to focus on some other things I think may not be getting enough attention. Frankly, I think you are behind the curve on even basic match-making but I want to highlight the below concepts as early as possible. What I want to know is if the below are even in your product development roadmaps or if you think "everything is OK" A) Average Win-rate -- Some games are a landslide just b/c team A has an average win rate of 60% vs team B's 40% B) Carriers -- It's one ship, but while there's always the chance of 1/12 players being AFK or just a totally bad player, if it happens to be the CV it overwhelmingly factors into the other 11 players' lives if the one player that is AFK/terribad happens to be the CV. E.g., If the CV is AFK, the game is pretty much over. This is not fair to the other 11 players on the team. Likewise, if the CV is just bad (vs the other teams' unicum CV) it is not fair, but at least miracles can happen. Forget ship-type, 1 human-being should not have an overly-disadvantageous impact on the other 11 people on his team, period. If we lose "just another player" it's bad enough. If we lose the CV due to afk/disconnect/whatever...it's game over. That's just....bad word. C) Radar -- Radar ships tend to take a penalty to other aspects. E.g., if you are a cruiser with radar, you have less ______ or ______. That's good. But when team A has 4 radar ships and team B has 0 it doesn't matter what the individual ships give up, team A has an overwhelming advantage.