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    Make me a: Map - 11th to 18th

    Welcome to the Butcher Islands (Iles Boucher), a low-tier scenario based on a scattering of small islands in an active volcanic area of the South Pacific. Key Points include... Barrier Bay: A large island formation near the center of the map. Small mountains provide a screen to the west, while a lengthy strip of land wraps eastward. To ensure ships like destroyers can't just hide and lob munitions with immunity, the land along the bay tends to be barely above sea level - something akin to an aggressive sandbar, providing little in the way of cover, except protection from torpedoes. Active Volcano: Occupying players' attention to the northeast is a very large volcano. Bits of flame and lava can sometimes be seen atop this formation, otherwise belching black smoke and periodically rumbling. Should a battle last long enough, the ancient mountain will actually let loose with a small eruption - dumping lava down the slopes and filling the sky with thick clouds of sulfur. Simple variety and environmental effects were the driving themes behind this map concept. Bold captains may prefer the small and mid-size islands in the north, providing spots of cover and tactical scenery, while the southwest enjoys more open spaces and a tempting bay that may or may not turn into a death trap. The initial inspiration arose from research on the Mount Tambora stratovolcano.
  2. Captain_Basil

    Make me a: Meme - 25th to 4th

  3. Sounds fun! Appreciate the WG staff making events like these happen, thanks. Might have missed it, is every Mask required to be on the during the full special tier hours? Just wondering in case someone gets back from work late or something.