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  1. one4nukes

    Generic recruiting post

    Welcome to White & Fluffy [BUNNY], We here in BUNNY are looking to pick up members for the current, and future, clan battles seasons. BUNNY is a formerly casual clan and we’ve just begun our transition into becoming more competitive in tournaments and in-game seasons. Last clan wars season we achieved a rating of Typhoon 3 and hope to surpass this bar this season. Now, without boring you with our history lets get to the part you’re here to read, the requirements and expectations. Requirements for application / acceptance At least 3 Tier 10 ships prepared for clan wars in at minimum two roles (radar CA, BB, DD, etc). Minimum number of random battles played of 2,000 52+% win rate in random battles Be an active member of the clan Discord server (once accepted) Working microphone and willingness to use for communication Willingness to put up with shitposting and memes If you meet these requirements you might be asking, “what’s in it for me?”. To which an apt response would be, a nearly completed naval base (no steel port yet), the opportunity to play in clan wars 4 days a week during seasons, and most importantly; a place among fellow players in a friendly environment. Welcome to the fluffle recruits! To apply Please contact me via Discord: one4nukes#0521
  2. Here at BUNNY, we focus on the casual side of play with a tint of competitive for those with curiosity. Our Clan consists of a wide age group with a varied array of tastes; such as as anime, music, games, and history. We are an active player group that are ready to Division up and do operations together. Further, members are also able to vote for the next base structure so everyone gets a say on what they envision for the clan. If you are looking for a fun time, laid back players or a place to call home, then look no further, BUNNY is the clan for you! Requirements: No required stats to apply. Must have Discord. Must have a team playing attitude. Apply!: You can do so via an in-game application; or you can send me an in-game message. Alternatively... Contact me via Forums, Discord (one4nukes#0521) or the closest recruiting station in your area. See you on the battlefield.
  3. one4nukes

    Seeking a Clan (from Canada)

    you are welcomed to join BUNNY, do you have a discord?
  4. one4nukes

    Bunny looking for members!

    That is also us!
  5. one4nukes

    Bunny looking for members!

    Bunny is a causal clan, but we do partake in clan battles for those whom seek it! Bunny is also mostly an anime fan clan, but isn't required for you to join. Clan battle wise we are at Storm 2 (31) We have all upgrades as well! Any player is welcomed! All we ask for is to join the discord to keep updated, to form easier divisions, and random giveaways! If you have interest please let me know!