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  1. one4nukes

    PEEDZ Crew wants you!

    PEEDZ 37/50 PEED2 45/50 P33DZ 18/50
  2. one4nukes

    PEEDZ Crew wants you!

    Hello there! I am with the PEEDZ community. The PEEDZ family is a clan with a fun environment, Groups of all ages Willing to help others An active discord friendly individuals Active divisions Now for our three clans PEEDZ is our main comp clan PEED2 is our casual comp Lastly P33DZ is our casual clan where clan battles are optional. If interested in PEEDZ message me in game (aerilis2) or Via discord (Aerilis#6969) Peedz Requirements are: 1,000 games played; 1800 PR and above; 2 x T10s (but will consider those that don't meet) DISCORD Good communication skills Desire to learn and grow and Receptive to feedback by senior clan members. If interested in PEED2/P33DZ message me in game (one4nukes) or Via discord (one4nukes#0521) Peed2 Requirements are: 1350 PR or above 54% WR 2 T10s DISCORD Ability to communicate with others in the clan P33DZ Requirements are: Discord Each clan has a near fully completed clan base! PEEDZ and PEED2 are both at a typhoon league or higher! Please contact me for DISCORD link!
  3. one4nukes

    LFC for CBs

    Bunny makes Typhoon, and looking for members, We could always use another DD player!
  4. one4nukes

    Please Remove this post

    [USAGI] Usagi, 2nd Fluffle of the Bunny Fleet is looking to invite you into our clan
  5. one4nukes

    Looking to join a new clan

    Sent you a message
  6. one4nukes

    ~Thread Retired~

    Good group of guys. Fun to play with. Vide verity of players. Good ol' fun in voice chat too. 11/10 should join
  7. one4nukes

    "Mature" player looking for active, casual Clan

    Join them! they are good people!
  8. one4nukes

    looking for a semi competitive clan

    Bunny is looking for members currently. Let me know if you are interested.
  9. one4nukes

    T10 DD main for HIRE!

    I think we are looking for sub DD mains, but would prefer you to have another class of ship. Is there any other classes you are grinding?