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  1. They are a corporation, not an individual, it takes time. The children among you complaining about ‘sooner’ need to understand institutions have built in inertia. For the crowd complaining about “words” over deeds. How far removed from the real world do you have to be to understand that s#!t happens? They didn’t see it coming obviously, as they are not solely focused on these forums and all the ceaseless complaining about anything and everything. They are being professional, not all the knee jerk whining so many of you favor. It was a well laid out response, and I believe the more mature amongst us would say satisfactory. Well Done WG. PS( can we please get subs into randoms sooner than later?)
  2. Theodin

    Retire Shards and Give Us New Maps

    Should try reading the devs notes once in awhile…..you would know how ‘ridiculous’ you sound OP. New map coming, with new play mode, and possibly a second new map probably voted on by the player base. Reading is your friend.
  3. Theodin

    In Defense of Submarines

    The OCD crowd is surely inbound… Wise words OP…
  4. Only epic whines from you forum warriors. WG ain’t going to back down. And all your hissy fit will accomplish is taking a few years off your life. Its a GAME. Absolutely no one cares about the gang that live in here, looking for validation and attention. And the sheep, so many sheep.
  5. Then play something else? I just came back of a long break, enjoying the game again after playing several other titles. I sure as hell didn’t announce I was leaving, nor creating a bunch of drama. You all complainers need to grow up. No one is going to miss you, especially WG.
  6. Subs are fun, different and change things up a bit. You guys just rage at every change made to the game and then whine about it being boring. If your looking for repetitive game play aren’t you getting enough already? People complain and complain about CV, when its just a part of the game, deal with it or move on ffs… WG decided they would add counter play with the DCP and you [edited] about that? Any ship well played is OP. I have seen good sub players and a lot of bad to average (myself included). I am really starting to think a lot of forum haters are just OCD and are undiagnosed. You guys just hate on everything that doesn’t fit your view. SUBS ARE FUN…GIVE THEM A TRY IF YOU THINK THEY ARE SO OP! Can you all just once in your life stop bandwagoning this crap and just play the game?
  7. They are stupid easy to dodge, snd you can break the lock with DCP. Stop whining and/or go play something else…WG already said they ain’t going nowhere.
  8. Theodin

    Gaming Experience in Warships Lately

    They are under investigation for money laundering. That’s why imho… Who would suspect a children’s game marketed to (PEGI 7?) them being used for more nefarious purposes?
  9. Seems your only focused on the areas that you can allow WG a pass. There are much ‘bigger fish to fry’ but your ignoring these aspects (i.e.loot boxes, gambling, nerfing premium or ships people spent money on, corporate integrity to name but a few.) I understand large institution complexity, and how the ‘word’ can sometimes not reach the top, yet to most everyone else things are painfully obvious. This situation is not like that, WG brass know exactly what the problem is here and are choosing to flex. This is not a constructive method to reach a positive outcome. WG is counting on people like you to take the attitude that “I don’t have a dog in this fight” and yout implication that the CC had unreasonable expectations and could not adapt to the changes in game direction. I used to enjoy your videos, but I think your condition (you said ‘Aspergers’?) is causing you to miss the bigger picture, you lack empathy… P.S. (used to be in ST, didn’t realize I still had the tag, now to figure out how to remove it!)
  10. Theodin

    2020 summer sale

    WG is more than likely not reaching its sales/income goals. Not a surprise I know with all the hate. I am sure the a NA team keeps the home office informed concerning regional holidays so I don’t think anyone “forgot”. When combined with bots being introduced to low tier and silence concerning submarines, I would say that WoWs has ended up on the back burner. I wouldn’t expect one anytime soon. That takes resources and effort, both of which are completely lacking...
  11. When did repetitive tasks become entertainment? Why is ‘grinding’ a thing, over say content? These ships just become different ‘skins’ after awhile, why don’t you guys demand more than just new boats? Thats not content, thats product...am I missing something? Just a thought....
  12. Just when you thought this game couldn’t devolve any lower, this shows just how sick it can get...
  13. Theodin

    There is something funny going on.

    This is all about the group think. If I have learned anything about this core bunch of forum warriors is they will deny and defend the game bitterly. You won’t ever know the answer OP, over the years I have seen people ask the same questions, is MM fixed, do people cheat, is the game hacked? Without fail they are abused and their thoughts and questions derailed into mindless accusations of ‘tin foil hats’ ignorance. They just won’t accept it, even if you had proof. My advice, just pack up and find another game, WG has a pretty solid record or screwing -the -pooch when it comes to their products. Full disclosure: I had invested thousands in WoT, and more in WoWs, and neither is even installed on my computer anymore. They’re a lot of fish in the sea. Just my two cents...
  14. Theodin

    Another pissy Rant, from me.

    The guys ‘still’ playing this game have bought into the rage mechanics whole heartedly. This is part of that. You coming into the forums, ‘raging’ about bias Its all part of the ‘game’. To keep you engaged. It keeps people so focused and enraged about either CV, Radar, Subs or Russian bias that they don’t realize they’re alternatives. Rng, dispersion, sigma and hidden stats. Its a pretty easy bread crumb trail to follow. Yet so many are blind to it. Spend money and encourage it. If you have had your ‘awakening’ , I suggest either accepting it for what it is (rage arcade game) or take a break. I wouldn’t recommend you just make yourself forum content. Just my humble opinion.