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  1. When did repetitive tasks become entertainment? Why is ‘grinding’ a thing, over say content? These ships just become different ‘skins’ after awhile, why don’t you guys demand more than just new boats? Thats not content, thats product...am I missing something? Just a thought....
  2. Just when you thought this game couldn’t devolve any lower, this shows just how sick it can get...
  3. Theodin

    There is something funny going on.

    This is all about the group think. If I have learned anything about this core bunch of forum warriors is they will deny and defend the game bitterly. You won’t ever know the answer OP, over the years I have seen people ask the same questions, is MM fixed, do people cheat, is the game hacked? Without fail they are abused and their thoughts and questions derailed into mindless accusations of ‘tin foil hats’ ignorance. They just won’t accept it, even if you had proof. My advice, just pack up and find another game, WG has a pretty solid record or screwing -the -pooch when it comes to their products. Full disclosure: I had invested thousands in WoT, and more in WoWs, and neither is even installed on my computer anymore. They’re a lot of fish in the sea. Just my two cents...
  4. Theodin

    Another pissy Rant, from me.

    The guys ‘still’ playing this game have bought into the rage mechanics whole heartedly. This is part of that. You coming into the forums, ‘raging’ about bias Its all part of the ‘game’. To keep you engaged. It keeps people so focused and enraged about either CV, Radar, Subs or Russian bias that they don’t realize they’re alternatives. Rng, dispersion, sigma and hidden stats. Its a pretty easy bread crumb trail to follow. Yet so many are blind to it. Spend money and encourage it. If you have had your ‘awakening’ , I suggest either accepting it for what it is (rage arcade game) or take a break. I wouldn’t recommend you just make yourself forum content. Just my humble opinion.
  5. Theodin


    Dunno if I should laugh or cry. So this is the new ‘normal’ for players in this game?
  6. Theodin

    My take on the PR scandal.

    You guys are amazing... You sit in these forums wringing your hand while the servers are peak population numbers are the highest I have ever seen. Has there ever been a bigger disconnect between forum warriors/CC and the ACTUAL player base? Yeah doesn’t look like it...
  7. Theodin

    CV's suck so bad now

    As s fellow Vet thank you for your service and your sacrifice. There’s another very similar game to this, still in beta and getting its legs, but they don’t nerf. If something over performs they adjust its battle rating, but not its stats, soft, stealth or otherwise. Its a safer investment. I love WG products, but they never seem to be able to leave well enough alone. Like someone trying to justify there employment with make work. When the balance guy gets to be too much I just head over there, you might wanna give it a shot.
  8. Theodin

    My take on the PR scandal.

    Spent more money this year than I have the last two combined! Lol...if you and your ‘group think miserable life’ crowd is going to shift the economic future of WG even an inch! Its always something with you guys, and everybody...everybody can see it except yourselves. If it was really killing you? you would be gone already! Naw, it’s something else, a place to whine and project your negativity... Prove it by leaving, and don’t let the door...
  9. Awesome how you guys are seeing the server numbers as high as they have ever been and mumbling to yourselves ‘just wait WG, you’ll get yours when everyone...’ Face it, not gonna happen! You guys in this circle-jerk of misery should just get over it already. Go find another game to complain about because WG OBVIOUSLY could care less about the forums and the never ending complaints. Consider this a friendly PSA
  10. Theodin

    WG recent announcements

    In all honesty they have given up in the forums ‘complain about anything’ crowd and are just going about their business like this place doesn’t even exist. I don’t agree with a lot of what they do, and though I still enjoy the game, I am here because of my premium time, when its gone... When its all said and done when I look at the daily server count its as high as its ever been. As long as that fact stands they will ignore all this drama.
  11. Pick something Russian and you won’t be disappointed.
  12. Hopefully you guys don’t get this emotional at your local business when they do something you disapprove of? Everywhere else in the world if you don’t like the practice and procedure of a business you take your money elsewhere. How, why do people on the internet, or that play this game, feel they’re in a personal relationship with WG and get offended at a business practice? Or that company is “too greedy”, or ‘milking’ its customers? This isn’t a communist state (yet), don't like it don’t buy it...how hard is that? its a frakken pixel ship!?!
  13. Ok...so riddle me this batman....why does your opinion matter concerning what WG does or doesn’t do again? Not being snarky (maybe a lil) but you troll people here all the time, now WG makes a decision you object to and your losing it?
  14. Theodin

    Reset #2 Underway

    Stoopid is as stoopid does I guess your proof...