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  1. Theodin

    Reset #2 Underway

    Stoopid is as stoopid does I guess your proof...
  2. Theodin


    Where so you get off with all the “we” garbage? Just speak for yourself, and pointing fingers and calling others selfish? Time to get back on your meds guy... If it doesn’t grow the game dies...believe it or not WG is trying to protect your investment by keeping the game fresh and introducing new content. Such narrow minds and unimaginative people in these forums. And your so invested in having your own way that you stop supporting the game financially thereby losing everything...do you guys even think these thoughts through to their logical conclusions? No money, means no game...gone, shut down and nothing but a memory. Is that your goal?
  3. This dramatic nerfing and buffing ‘pendulum’ has become ‘new game content’. As long as people are bickering about ‘balance’ they won’t unite and demand actual game quality and content improvements. WG are a sophisticated, intelligent group, none of what’s happening here is from incompetence or mistake. Thats why they are on record as having “no regrets” concerning the current state of the game. My two cents...
  4. Thanks 🙏 Clear and concise. Upvote for you sir!
  5. Just curious... No one from WG has chimed in, 8.5 was AA effective enough to significantly reduce CV population by what. 74%? 8.6 and 8.7 double down to catch the last few die hard CV drivers... So why are we even discussing this, WG has shut down the class with full knowledge of what they were doing. Just like they did a year before the rework to justify it. If someone is waiting for a official announcement that CV are no longer viable from WG it ain’t gonna happen, that would open the refund flood gates. just not getting why this is even a topic? EU forums have the same perception, and yet still no word from WG? Actions always speak louder than words...its over right? Or someone please direct me to where WG has demonstrated a different outcome? thanks in advance for any enlightenment offered.
  6. Theodin

    This, is World of Warships. Why We Play.

    The only history I see here is in the ship models. Bow camping, invisible destroyers firing unseen from smoke? Japanese torpedoes spotted at the greatest distance even though they were actually not? Island humping in cruisers firing unseen? British CL with brutal AA that cannot shoot HE? This game is a lot of things but not seeing history here... Mostly its just a slow paced shooter for people with less than stellar eye/hand coordination. Failed at COD or Battlefield? Play WoWs and be great! Lets not even bring up dispersion, Rng and the homogeneous direction the next few patches are bringing for the sake of balance. The game tried to be accurate the first year or so, there were even discussions in the forums about correct ship models and characteristics. Glorious days indeed. Thats all gone now and its only about the ever elusive ‘balance ‘ that people want to discuss. I have had my fun, but lets not kid ourselves about what this game really is. The sexualization of japanese school age girls really kind of says it all? Or the road warrior type captains fighting Yamamoto or Nimitz...
  7. Theodin

    Can't see your #'s increasing

    This game had a less than 10% retention rate after three months last time I saw the numbers. With all the drama over the last six months I would not expect that number to have improved. Your literally joining a WiP beta test. As long as you keep that in mind it should manage your expectations. Also, the player base is one of the most toxic around, so theres that as well. When its good, it’s great, but those moments are fleeting so take a screen shot!
  8. To clarify my point,; Adults attempting to run a business for profit and keep that business solvent are... Being shouted down and coarse corrected by near juvenile levels of nerd rage. Step back for just a moment and see the big picture.
  9. This is mob rule like I have never seen before. Being a detached observer, my first thought to the people in here ‘ its a game, get over yourselves ‘. Then to my amazement, WG caves... Just crazy to watch.
  10. Actually I used to log in every day, and play relentlessly. That ended awhile back. Same with the purchasing. I still drop a lot of coin, just on [edited]. Accept what WG is doing with/to their game or move on, I did. I just didn't come in here and whine about it. I check back every once in awhile to see where things are going. You should dial back your hostility really, there's enough rage in these forums already. I am just making an objective observation and your all worked up...
  11. I saw a CC fly in circles for almost 10 minutes and talk about how fun it was. Someone posted that video on these forums. Why would anyone want to do nothing but watch for ten minutes? Honestly, I am against just about every decision WG has made these last few years years. Couldn't stop the train then, cannot now. This is end game stuff. No more content (convoys, anchorage attacks etc...) 'Skeleton crew' time to cut costs and throw a bone in here once in awhile. All my clan quit, all my friends stopped playing months ago, and none look back. My point is, if your still here after paying WG to test their product, your probably not going anywhere else ( at least in their minds).
  12. Your specifically one of those people, amazing your still here, but your still threatening to leave after subs are implemented. Quote
  13. No ones going to leave. The CC will get on board and explain how great it is and make it all better. I don’t know how many people just complain and complain and yet they ate still here months, years later. Anyone with sense saw where this was going awhile ago and have slowly, quietly leaving ...the game peaked on USA servers back in February at 16k. Now it looks to be around 10k. Did you notice that CV bonuses were missing? Wonder what that means...
  14. Theodin

    What kind of player community is this?

    You just summed up this community very well! I ‘think’ its the free to play nature of the game that attracts them. Not looking to invest anything but time makes a ‘strategic goal’ of burning the game to the ground a bonus as those of us that have spent cash experience the loss. I tried to recommend this game to friends years ago, they looked at me in horror and referenced the well known toxicity of the ‘community’. Then WG made top ten most toxic game communities. It won’t improve.
  15. Theodin

    I promised you a text wall

    Specifically I was referring to the increase in plane loss, the subsequent increase in forum rage and suggestions on how to fix it. All from a group that can never agree with each other and take it in turn to hate on whatever... There are good ideas that come up here. But they get lost in the background noise of this place. If you look at any game forum it’s the same. Bunch of no-lives screaming about this is bad, my idea is better, why do the devs hate the game and ruin it....always the same. I actually saw a response once that went something like this...forums represent about 5% of the player base. Roughly half disagree with the other half on just about every topic. So why, they asked, should they listen to 2.5.% of a vey vocal yet very small proportion of the game community? Sooo....they don’t, they do what they think is best, monitor the statistics etc... For the forums, well just hire some really thick-skinned people to deal with the inevitable malcontents and ingrates that usually populate same.