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  1. I have seen players buy alternative camos for premium ships that come with camos, because they liked the design of the alternative camo better. Whatever, it's their money.
  2. Burnsy

    Wargaming, I have a conundrum.

    Why is it in your view, that one must be getting paid by WG to say that they enjoy the game or to purchase things? It is possible for others to like something that you don't and not be a shill, for any product, or that that just a WG thing?
  3. Burnsy

    Get rid of the small games!

    No. For example, if a bot can see you, it knows the second you launch torps and instantly takes evasive action, even if nothing has detected the torps. About the only way to torp a bot is to do it so close that it's impossible for them to get out of the way. 2-3km away, right in their face. Humans on the other hand, don't know you have torped until the torps are detected by something. In this way, torping on coop and torping in randoms, works completely differently. It would be a pain to have to remember the two different methods, only in the middle of the night and only for some ships in the same game. Bots also go full throttle straight ahead right form the start. All that would happen is everyone would gun down the charging bots first and the "real" game would begin.
  4. Burnsy

    Get rid of the small games!

    20 players isn't even 1 full match.
  5. Burnsy

    Get rid of the small games!

    It's not based on your wait time specifically, it's based on the person who has been waiting the longest. One of those players had been waiting a good while. The MM's rules said it needed to make a game for that person and you got pulled into it when you queued up.
  6. And if you had won a bunch of ships that were worth more than you paid for the crates, you would have been really happy instead. Sometimes loot crates go the way you want them to, sometimes they don't. That's just the nature of them. It's odd to be mad at WG for something that you agreed that could happen, when you made the purchase. You are correct though and it's good advice for the future. If you are not going to be happy with the minimum possible rewards that can drop from a crate, do not purchase.
  7. You didn't get scammed. Scammed means that something is fraudulent or a party cheated. The description on the loot crates explains what they can drop. They didn't cheat by changing the rules, after you agreed to purchase them. You didn't get what you wanted, but that's what happens with loot crates sometimes.
  8. I understand "burned out". It happens to everyone and taking a break is sometimes required. You have played this game over 13K times, that's a LOT. That doesn't mean that everyone else currently is though.
  9. That's what happens with this community. About EVERYTHING.
  10. Factitious. When the Asashio came out, this forum acted like the world was ending and no-one was ever going to play a BB again. Now you hardly ever see an Asashio in a match.
  11. What are you going on about. You can see them if you want to see them. They are free tech tree ships that are available to everyone. The only thing the loot boxes do in this case is get them a few weeks earlier than everyone else.
  12. Burnsy

    Password Breach

    Then the only safe route, is to not give it to them in the first place. Most companies don't intend to have their data stolen. Its really bad for business. For whatever it is worth, the "save my card info" thing, is way more for you than anyone else.
  13. Burnsy

    Password Breach

    They are not "now", as in it's a normal thing. A few in Cali did it on a volunteer basis to replace RFID door access cards some years ago. I don't think that many are going to step forward and volunteer themselves for something of that nature any time soon. I most certainty won't be at least. I loves me some technology and it's been my life's career but...no thanks
  14. Burnsy

    Password Breach

    The topic got around to passwords vs biometrics and the reasons for them. You said the state cannot do something. I gave real world and very recent examples of they can, they will and it's been decided upon. I agree, that we should get back on topic about account security and this game. I did so in my posts after.