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  1. The bow is a heck of a torpedo :).
  2. Burnsy

    We need CVs!

    I think they are a good addition to the game and I would love to see more CV lines.
  3. Burnsy

    WG - ETA for CV bug fixes?

    I agree with you. Bias has no place in this and I wish it could be separated. If there is a bug, it needs to be fixed, no doubt. I wish the community would look at it with their personal wishes and preferences set aside and consider the question at hand in isolation.
  4. Burnsy

    WG - ETA for CV bug fixes?

    I am a large advocate of the CV class and I spend most of my posts defending them. The drops in the video clips provided are certainly suspect to me. The player dropped them on the extreme edge of the rng spread area, yet the game registered that a very large amount of damage was done. Either that was the luckiest two bomb drops I have ever seen and will never see again, or something is up. Those drop results on the very edge of the drop zone, are certainly something that I have never experienced nor would expect.
  5. Burnsy

    WG: Thanks for the new CVs!

    I am certainly not the best player in the world, very...very far from it. I also understand that the class is not done yet. There are likely many more changes to come. That disclosed, I agree. Wasn't that part of the problem though? Wasn't that part of everyone's complaint with the old CVs, that they had way to much influence? I am finding that the longer I play them, the more I am able to apply what I am learning effectively. My results are slowly starting to become better as I learn the nuances. I certainly don't have an I win button....but no one should.
  6. * I fully expect the rest of this thread below my post, to derive into a complete mess. TLDR: Thank you for the new CVs. They are not done, they need continued adjustment but they are much better than they were. I am happy about what you have done with them. There are a lot of "CV hate threads" floating around right now. Just a reminder that the squeaky wheel often gets the grease and that it is very common that only the people who are upset, voice their opinion. I think it's easy to forget what CVs used to be like. To forget that high tier CVs could pick and choose, at will, who lived and died with a single and almost instant attack. The chosen victim of the torp cross drop could do next to nothing about this.....other than die. It was a problem, it was grossly unbalanced and it was unhealthy for the game. It was also zero fun for the players on the wrong end of the stick. Their only hope was that their CV player was better with his fighters than the red one. If that was not the case, not just one player's game, but the entire match was often over before the countdown even started. I think so many people are wrapped up in their side of the debate that they have forgotten (or simply will not admit) that this step is a massive improvement over CVs of old. That other than a few REALLY good outlier players, CVs now don't end up on the top of the damage boards every single game they are in. It is now WORK to do well in a CV, as it should be for every class. In the mess of chaotic feedback that are these forums, it is easy to overlook that a single good CV player is now, not all important. That some are not rendered ineffectual, the very second a really good CV player joins the battle, as they once were. The rework did a LOT toward fixing that problem. Are the CVs done being balanced? No. Are they MUCH better than they were? Absolutely! I have been playing them all night and I am having a blast! They are much more fun to play, they are much more balanced and they fit in better with the rest of the game. So I thought I would make a thread to let you know that there are those of us really like the new foundational structure of the CV play style. We don't want OP ships, we don't want an OP class and we don't want any unfair advantages. We want to play the class because we like it and we want that class to be a part of the game for the rest of the game's life cycle. I think the changes you have made are a great leap toward that goal. Overall, I like the new CVs and I will be keeping all of them, including all my long owned premiums. When you put the few premium CVs that I am missing back up for sale, I will have them too. Thank you for your continued work on this class. While I cannot speak for all, I speak for me and it is appreciated.
  7. Burnsy

    Naval Battles

    I usually play at least some every day. I know "oh noes the weekend players are here" is a "thing" in this game but to be honest, I have never really noticed much difference.
  8. Burnsy

    CV refund period.

    That sounds like it was a good idea and it worked out. I was referring to the doubloon refund from the premium CVs though, with the tier bump they got. If you don't like a premium CV that you own and you are going to refund it, the only way to benefit from the refund, is to never buy it back again. If you refund it but then at any point in the future, buy it back again, you are out more real money than you would be if you just left it in your port and ignored it during that time span.
  9. Burnsy

    CV refund period.

    Just keep in mind that as I stated above, premium CVs got bump in tier in some cases. If you decide to buy them back at a later date, you will pay more money to do so, than you paid before the rework. You will end up with a monetary net loss.
  10. Burnsy

    CV refund period.

    I stated what I understand one design goals to be, that players cannot spent real money to have a match winning advantage. If you agree with those goals and if your claim is that the these ships align with those design goals, I fail to see how that is a bad thing.
  11. Burnsy

    CV refund period.

    Due to the known benefits that a premium ship brings, which we all know so I won't start listing, but they are all related to saving time and effort. If premium ships were designed, as a general rule, to preform better in matches overall than what can be obtained for free, the game would in fact be "pay to win".
  12. Burnsy

    CV refund period.

    The only recent change to it is the bomb fall time and I think it was the rebuild time? I still starts off the game with a larger than most, number of available planes.
  13. Burnsy

    CV refund period.

    As a general rule and as I understand, fully researched line ships are "supposed" to be "better" than premium ships of the same tier anyway. Premium ships are "supposed" to save time and effort, not be pay to win.
  14. Burnsy

    CV refund period.

    One other note on the refunding of premiums. Some of them got moved up a tier, so if you refund them, you will be refunded what you paid for them at the tier that they were at when you bought them. If you buy them back again in the future, they will be more expensive than they were when you first purchased them.
  15. Burnsy

    CV refund period.

    Go into your inventory. There is a button in there specifically for CV refunds. You have 11 days left to refund them if you wish. They just spend over a year's worth of time and a bunch of money redoing CVs to try to balance them with the other classes. If they were going to just remove them, doing so would have been much much cheaper. This action shows us WG's intention is for the class to remain and be a balanced one. I understand the controversy around this topic but I for one, am very happy about it. One example for this joy, is that they are a fantastic tool to counter the "hide behind all the things and camp" meta that so many have complained about. While the rest of the team can only charge the camper's islands in a attempt to dislodge them, taking all the damage along the way, the CV can reach out and.....suggest that they move along.