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  1. It is interesting reading the back and forth arguments about it. I'll just share my two cents, as I am a secondary fan and my Mass is by far my most played ship. I have all the 3 new German ones (Sieg, Odin & Agir - the Sieg & Odin are both setup for secondary max range and accuracy, but not RoF.) I also have the GK setup the same way, but I don't bother with the 10% for BFT. Without a doubt IMO, the Mass is a far better secondary ship compared to all other secondary ships in the way the game actually plays out. Yes, the German secondaries have a touch more range 11.5 v 11.3 - and in the ideal situation where the higher penetration makes up for the reduced accuracy they can actually be better than the Mass. But on average, in most situations I would say that the Mass is the stronger secondary ship 90% of the time compared to the Sieg & Odin, and 75% of the time compared to the GK. Because the GK can tank so much more than the Mass when you can get her up in position and the target is willing to stay for the attention your giving, it can be a far better secondary platform, but that just doesn't happen nearly as often for the GK as it does for the Mass. With that said, I'm not going to say that the German BBs just need any simple buff to accuracy. I do think the way (from what I've seen, as I don't have one,) the Graf can eat up a DD that there might be more subtle balancing that can improve the way it all works. And I would definitely like to see secondary accuracy (especially if you invest in the +20% & +60% dispersion boosts,) improved - but I don't think it can be done simply. Side note 1: I noticed before the new ship launch that the various secondaries on the new ships were of various sizes, and there are a few other pre-existing ships with different sized secondaries. I would love if WG made it so that the small secondaries were shorter range but extremely accurate against all targets. I don't know how do-able that would be, but it would be very interesting to see how it would play out. For instance, some ships (GK & Odin) have both 150mm and 128mm secondaries. If the 150s were more accurate than presently at max range, and the 128s had their range cut by 1/3 and then were more accurate, how would it play out in battles? I would love to see something like that tested. I would love to see if you get a DD within 3km that your small secondaries (and maybe even AA guns,) start ripping her up. But for DDs if moving to be nearly safe from secondaries in the 8-12 km range because of accuracy limitations. Side note 2: And regarding DDs, one thing I don't think I'd seen mentioned at all on the forums is the way that the really fast moving French and European DDs are effectively invulnerable to secondary fire (if they're moving at speed and adjusting.) They simply can't be hit by any ship secondaries if they're trying to avoid it. Which is a balance issue thing IMO, but is something I find particularly annoying to deal with.
  2. TheArc

    Hot Damn..Nice Super Container

    Oooh, shiny! There are 3 ships I'd love to get - Benham, Missouri and Belfast. I won't buy randoms for the shot, nor pay a ton to get them, but I'm totally jealous of ya! I got an SC the other day, 15,000 coal... not bad, but not really any different from 100 random flags - actually there are a few flags I'd rather get 100 of for sure ;)
  3. Hrm. I hadn't even paid attn to the ultimate reward, which I also already own. Can I "bow" out of the chances to get it and defer it to someone who might have it? I'm in it for the camo mostly anyway... and just something to do :P
  4. Well, I got mine in early... since I'm EST, and 9 AM central is 8 AM EST :)
  5. TheArc

    That sound, when you hit a red ship

    I don't find it horrid, but I do wish it weren't quite so awkward. Would be better IMO to just give us a check box to turn it off completely.
  6. Yeah, that's why I put the nerf in parenthesis. I think giving DDs a better idea on how to position to defend themselves will play out as a nerf in the end - but only time will tell. And FWIW, I'm also fine with the change.
  7. TheArc

    PTS Venezia 9.7

    They must've thought it was still over performing I guess.
  8. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/51 Rocket's aiming reticle turned by 90 degrees, and now it is elongated horizontally. Also, buff to US DD DefAA - Bonus to AA continuous damage from "Defensive AA fire" consumable increased from +75% to +100% Not sure if these are in addition to, or in replacement of the DD AA fire spotting tweak they were testing.
  9. TheArc

    2020 summer sale

    I was all set to buy Pi camo, but they skipped that this year too. Someone somewhere in their marketing department must've done the math and said the little sales weren't as profitable as crap like the California bundles. But I suspect they're quite wrong in the big picture on that, the true whales buy everything, but the long term guppy players are more pick and choose.
  10. TheArc

    Iron Cross Camo Requirements

    The extra 2500 is ultimate for cool looking, plus a few regular camo & flags. But like you, I'm hard pressed to see the value in it. I did think they were going to sell it outright as well, and Hapa said "soon" when I inquired, but I haven't seen the price for it verified. Either way, I've only ever bought one tier 10 camo, pretty sure I'm never buying another, $20 for something which isn't really as good as all the single use camo we get isn't worth it, no matter how cool it looks IMO.
  11. I got the T6 Weser in my second regular container, so I've been playing it a bit. And yup, I have a hard time making out the color of the rocket circle on the water. I don't play CV a lot, and I'm not sure if the colors are the same for all nations but I never noticed any issue with it on other nations. I also have found that (I assume because of the angle the rockets fire at,) that if you go over an island the reticle is extremely far from where it normally would be and slow to come back towards the ship, so rockets are extra tricky that way. Personally so far totally worthless to me if I go over islands, but I'm sure some unicum will find a way to shoot them down smoke stacks into citadels or something ;) As to the bomber drops, you have to really move the view angle dramatically and it seems like the RNG intentionally makes it so you can't land any bombs at all if the ship is not very well lined up for the drop. For the most part, I've found the German CVs very frustrating, and it seems to be a LOT more luck based than skill, part of that luck being dependent on if the target knows how to adjust to give you bad angles for the rockets. Either way, only 2 more kills and I have the Camo for the Weser and then I'm pretty sure I'm mothballing it for now. Just isn't a lot of fun IMO.
  12. TheArc

    Too Many Events!

    I've seen this kind of remark a few times, and I guess I'm just not the kind of "must have all the toys" kind of player who gets bothered by these incomplete events. I would much rather have lots of events to choose from than to limit it to where everyone could finish all of them easily. Why do folks feel they "need" to complete all the events? Why not look it over and choose which event(s) you can and want to complete and then just ignore the rest of it and be glad you had options?
  13. TheArc

    Are all T4 and below premiums worthless now?

    It's always worth keeping the premiums, just so you don't acquire them again in any crate. As to your perception about the lack of value since there are bots at tier 4 and lower now, I think for the health of encouraging new players to learn the game it was a smart move by WG. Most folks don't want to be the seal and get clubbed.
  14. You must be searching for specific terms to keep pulling them up. I wish they would just start to lock threads that were dead for a couple months, it would stop this kind of silliness from happening.
  15. TheArc

    Got Alasaka for a cheap price

    Sorry man, the Alasaka only looks just like the Alaska. It is actually a tier 4 that runs on Coal. Kinda like that Dolce & Banana purse your wife got such a great deal on. :P