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  1. Also, everyone has the right to use the chat that's available in game. Additionally, we all have the right blacklist someone if they're input is... unappreciated. I'm a big fan of the idea of saying what you mean, without saying it mean. Rather than throw insults, try saying things like "Hey man, do you have shots from way back there???" (instead of) "You cowardly tater, you are costing us the match!!!" Either way, you've come here @Michael_MM_ to literally share your opinion about not liking when other share their opinion. So... do you have shots from back there? ;)
  2. TheArc

    Opinions for a good DD killer.

    LOL, nope. Maybe two salvos, depending on tiers. But even an Italian cruiser can't one shot a DD, especially if it can't spot it ;)
  3. TheArc

    Opinions for a good DD killer.

    The Italian cruisers are definitely the best at killing DDs - just need to make sure they are spotted. IMO though, the lack of radar does mean that I'd think that any light cruiser with radar might be an overall better DD hunter.
  4. TheArc

    AFK ship on one side in a Ranked battle

    I chalk that kind of thing up to the RNG of war. FWIW, I had a match last week where my team had an AFK and we won without a loss. Their team got really nasty with each other it seemed (chat spilled over into all chat, asking us to report various players.) So, an AFK hurts, but don't give up. But definitely report it.
  5. Do we know if they're removing (altering) the option of the steel tier 10 camo?
  6. Oh for sure, though when the balance is wrong it goes from being "more dangerous in experienced hands" and "deadly in expert hands" into a state of "deadly in experienced hands" and that's what top tier subs have been like. In fairness, I've stuck almost entirely to ranked battles over the last couple months since I'm not a fan of subs, nor of the game mode (I'm blanking on the name...) where you have all the boosters drop down and then you have to get into the single cap in the which shrinks down... so, I haven't see how the latest sub tweaks really impact it.
  7. The subs are better than they were, the latest tweaks have helped. But IMO the real horror of subs seems to happen now at top tier (though the new tier 8 Japanese one from the dev blog sounds very sketchy...) The great majority of sub players aren't very good, but those top tier ones, in skilled hands... were game breakingly good. And the big reason they were so much worse than DDs was the ability to be invisible right in front of you. DDs just can't do that. No spam? Really? Hrm. Did you check your spam folder? My bro gets a "free super container" and "free premium ship" offers all the time. He's made it a habit of intentionally taking 3 months off (FYI, you can't play ANY matches, but can login and get your free daily stuff...) and after 90 days, WG tries to marry their daughter to him ;) I'll agree with you 90% of the time, subs aren't any more scary. It's that 10% of the time when the player really knows what they're doing that subs are just borked. Getting a stream of torps in your face from a totally invisible enemy who you can't even see to hurt just isn't any fun. But WG does keep testing and tweaking. They've made the invisible and untouchable nature of subs less of an issue. Now if they would only stop them from moving faster than French DDs! ;)
  8. That's my hope too. I want top tier "available" to everyone, but I'd really prefer if people had to at least work to earn the opportunity to play there, (by skills, time invested, or just flat out money to keep the servers running...) rather than how some seem to do it now, by just repeatedly YOLO'n over and over and over. *boggles*
  9. Personally I'm rather ok with that. Hopefully it can encourage players to learn how to play the game a bit better before they go up to the top tiers. As long as it is balanced smartly, it will really only "punish" the really bad players... you know, the guys who are dead within 2 minutes or go all the way to the edge of the map far from any actual battle.
  10. TheArc

    Which is better?

    Not that I'd actually use either that much in the game (since I have all the tech tree 10s out...) but I'd rather have the flexibility and speed of the Monty in ranked and the GK in random for the meme factor. Though I'd much prefer the Schlieffen over the GK in... well every instance.
  11. TheArc

    Replace Karma

    Generally it works that way. Unless you're a jerk. Or drive a CV. Or a sub. Or a super ship. Or it's a "Wild Wednesday" at the office.
  12. TheArc

    Which is better?

    Assuming I have 21 point commanders and there's no other missions going on etc. A) GK B) Monty C) Monty D) GK E) GK
  13. TheArc

    More maps needed

    They're never going to please everyone, but that's never been what drives the game development.
  14. TheArc

    More maps needed

    Given that all maps are relatively symmetrical, and the great majority of them have the A/B/C setup in the middle areas, and it's already divided nicely into a 10x10 format, I've always been surprised that WG couldn't come up with some way to mix and match parts to create a semi-random map generator to add variety.
  15. TheArc

    Sell price of expendable camos

    The problem is you literally can't use up all the boosts. I have 687 200% boosts (and 59 800% and 1 1600%) - I know I'm not going to ever use 687 boosts. WG gives out those flags faster than I can ever use them, might as well sell them. They're like AOL CDs back in the day ;) The PTS is never accurate on the costs of things. As long as the return on selling them is the same after the rework as before, then I agree with you 100% - however has WG told us that? I figure no point in not selling some of the absurd excess of them now to get the credits rather than just holding hope they're still worth the same (or better,) value after.