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  1. IMO, if you remove the two newest top tier DDs that players (especially DD focused ones,) are going to be playing a LOT, your stats are going to be worthless.
  2. TheArc

    Captain skills after 8.0

    If they don't allow us to respec all our captains for free, they're doing us wrong.
  3. TheArc

    Giveaway code - HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    Thanks, worked as posted in subject line (all caps) HUMBLEGIVEAWAY
  4. TheArc

    This is not fun anymore

    As annoying as it is, you might want to try to fix that on your end. The game hasn't had any crashes for me in a couple of months. I'd suggest making sure your graphics drivers are up to date, then if it still happens, I would either try to "repair" the install (I'm pretty sure that feature exists within the Wargaming Center,) or just do an uninstall and reinstall. Either way, good luck with it - I hope you find a fix soon.
  5. TheArc

    Favorite Premium

    That I bought: Massachusetts That I got from a container (Black Friday): AsashioB
  6. The best thing about having the KK in my dockyard is I don't have to get the KK again from another container! :)
  7. As of right now, I'm 95% sure that's what I'm gonna do. :)
  8. Thanks everyone for the replies and clarification that I did not miss an official post about it. Gah... I'm at 750, so I'm so tempted to get the Musashi, but then I'll be without the AK for quite a while as I grind up the FXP again. Hrmpf! I hear ya man... sadly, should doesn't pay the bills!
  9. I just spent about 30 mins trying to find the answer, and I don't see anything official. So I figured I'd just ask: So, is the Alaska coming in the 8.0 patch? Is there an official word out there that I missed? Anyone got link?
  10. TheArc


    Nothing is required, you could stop playing a CV in ranked, or just stop playing ranked, or do what is "expected" of you. FYI - if you spread out your bombers you can use them to spot too, keep them back so that you can run over your allies for def AA support. Either way, if you're getting penalized then you're doing something wrong.
  11. TheArc

    Last 5 santa crates and a surprise!

    Wow, I think... someone just gifted me a regular crate?!? And I can only guess its b/c of my post here (haven't made any other posts lately...) Can't see any mission or anything that would've caused it. If so, thanks Anon! :)
  12. TheArc

    Last 5 santa crates and a surprise!

    You must be luckier than I am. Your post inspired me I got 5 large... I got 3 sets of the NY camo, and 2 of the type 59. I guess they had a glut of camo to give out after you took the ships!
  13. TheArc

    Wargaming, I take it all back.

    Hrm. I unspec'd IFHE when they gave us free capt respecs at the start of Dec and haven't regretted it. My secondaries can still do a LOT of damage, and with Fire Prevention I seem to last a lot longer. I'm no super star captain though, so I'm sure how folks play it affect how it all works out.
  14. TheArc

    too many overpens?

    I've seen it too, ever since the DD fix went in. The super flat broadside hits are over pens no matter what type of target. I actually wait til they angle now to work around it, even though that is entirely counter to how it should work against cruisers and battleships.