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  1. TheArc

    Anybody else staying in bronze on purpose?

    For that matter, I've seen you in there a few times a long the way... I guess it restarts again today. Prolly see ya again soon! o7
  2. TheArc

    Anybody else staying in bronze on purpose?

    I've done that with Silver. No point in moving to Gold, the return for the effort isn't worth it, not to mention the salt and frustration.
  3. TheArc

    A dedicated Battle Cruiser line

    One option for something along these lines would be to create a new set of captain skills as an option for certain ships to select. Anything that's a super or battle cruiser, and perhaps even the pocket battleships, etc. It'd definitely allow for some more variety on ship play, and by creating a new set of captain skills for it they could prevent any concern about abuses, etc.
  4. TheArc

    Can`t log in

    Anyone else having trouble logging in today?
  5. TheArc

    Thanks WG for the Benham buff.

    Actually I am pretty sure the current mechanic does more than just make you pink. It can block you from earning any XP or credits in your battle, and if you do enough damage it does reflect back on you. If all it did was turn you pink, who cares?
  6. TheArc

    Thanks WG for the Benham buff.

    If penalties happened because WG measured the damage that might have been done rather than some wacky number of hits, this wouldn't be an issue.
  7. I'm pretty sure that WG redefined what almost every CV's rocket planes role is, however they weren't at all clear about what they expect it to be. Does seem to me that the long term goal is to help clear DDs from being easy CV targets so that they can better hunt subs when that comes sometime soon™
  8. Unfortunately, based on the other ships stats, I think yes they need something. WG seems to be thinking (and perhaps purchases reward it...) that new ships can't be subtle changes and unique in little ways, but rather larger ones. And IMO it's screwing up the balance of the game significantly with each new gimmick. But when subs come out, if they do better balancing them than what they've shown on test... everything will be different than it was anyway, so... for now, it just all feels temporarily in suspension to me.
  9. I played it on the test server a couple times. Terrible concept. Big slow ships to burn down or torp easily. Personally, I have ZERO interest in the mode.
  10. TheArc

    Just bad luck so far?

    Yeah, the Tone was the last of the hybrids for a bit though, right? The US tier 9 one just started testing IIRC. Super bummed about the tier 9 one, since those all tier 9 matches were extra fun because there were no spotting planes, but those days are numbered now.
  11. TheArc

    Just bad luck so far?

    I did say "both" - are your reading skills as good as your interpersonal? And I did deal with it, I voiced my frustration and concern for the impact on the game. Are you not adult enough to realize that? Or has something else got your panties in a bunch that you have to be childish and derisive? I already was pretty AA spec'd but I did drop ASM for AA Guns in slot 3. Which meant in the 3rd match there was only 1 CV per side, and none of the hybrids. I take full credit for that. Not unlike bringing an umbrella anywhere means you won't see any rain.
  12. Played two matches so far, both had double CVs and 2 hybrids per team. Definitely not fun & engaging so far. /whinemodeoff
  13. TheArc

    Hak and FDR banned from Clan

    I'd say your opinion matches my experience with it.
  14. TheArc

    Hak and FDR banned from Clan

    You're listening to the wrong people.