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  1. TheArc

    End of the Forum

    Such a stupid decision. Not that I've been playing anymore, but these forums are far better than anything you can find on discord for organized and useful information. And that kind of player information was the only thing that might bring my interest back to WoWS. :-/
  2. Yup. The total lack of any effort to put in any type of skill based valuation on the match maker, plus the changes in meta (subs creating more cautious play, enormous numbers of skilled players leaving, etc...) have really caused the frequency of competitive matches to go down.
  3. TheArc

    left mouse button stops working?

    FWIW, I don't play CV, so whatever is causing it for me is something other than what might be causing it for you, but I have that issue too, the fix (someone told me in game) that works for me is to hold CTRL and left click on the mini map. After that it unlocks it. I suspect it's a bug related to something with Aslains. Hope that fix works for you - a clan mate of mine said it did not work for him, so there might be more than one thing causing it.
  4. TheArc

    A game too far for me at this point

    Tnx for testing it.
  5. TheArc

    A game too far for me at this point

    While we're in dreamy land, if pigs had large enough wings they could fly. :P Unfortunately I didn't save the original screenshot, so perhaps I was mistaken. I've been wrong before, never should've married her back in '09... ;)
  6. TheArc

    A game too far for me at this point

    I know it was just a "queue dump" but this was the make up of my 5v5 match this morning. No point in playing til later in the day if this is what's going to happen. Especially as our supership CV spent the match trying to kill their supership CV, while their CV simply killed off all of us (and kept us lit so his teammate the Musashi could nuke us all.) Not any fun at all. :-/ *edited to correct "teammate"
  7. TheArc

    A game too far for me at this point

    IMO having Double top tier CVs is the single worst thing that WG has allowed in this game. Toss in subs, and I can't blame you for one second for making this post and voicing your frustration. All you are in that match is a slow moving target for the other players. I become more and more convinced that WG really screwed up by not having an odd tier for CVs, and by making sure CVs were NEVER top tier in a battle (but being mid tier.) That would help balance it a good bit IMO.
  8. Over the course of 600 battles, if your win rate is below 40% you've done a helluva job causing that.
  9. If that happened once, or on occasion, even if he was just a selfish person and every time he was fully updated he just went ahead and suicided... That still would not bring you the kind of horrifically bad win rate that he's got. This is about we're talking about. Look at that win rate, it's not over 50 games or 20. That's over almost 600 games. That's an enormous negative impact on every single team he's on.
  10. Well, I'd be fine with losing a LOT more battles in co-op. Like I said, I play co-op only for the reason of having an easy time milking the stats to get through one of the mission trees. Otherwise I find co-op less interesting than playing mind sweeper. I know some folks find it enjoyable, I find it tedious. Though not as tedious as trying to get 1000 secondary hits in randoms, or getting 25 fires, 12 citadels... or just winning 9 battles, etc. I'm weird, I'd much rather lose a close and interesting match, than win a stomp. A lot of players don't understand that, and folks think that the voices who complain about absolute lack of any skill in setting the teams in the match maker is just about being able to win, but those folks are wrong about me. I simply want interesting battles that challenge my skills. Co-op doesn't do that. FWIW, evidently my co-op record is 1401-31, so I have lost a few co-op matches. ;)
  11. TheArc

    Happy Login Reward "Super" Container Day!

    Same here. Credits & Capt XP.
  12. Wait... those co-op stats, right? Because, not to sound snarky, but if someone wants to play co-op by using their foot to control their keyboard & mouse that's ok with me. Co-op matches are so fast and lopsided, anything that reduces the impact of another ship player in it is a good thing IMO. Heck, when I do play co-op (99.99% of the time...) it is to get one of those mission chains out of the way quickly and easily, I'm happy when there are bots on the player team too. Gives me a better chance to just farm things. But in PvP mode, that's a different story IMO. Anyway, just my two cents.
  13. Ah well, hopefully WG will deal with it sooner rather than later. Bad play is bad play and internet disconnects happen, but for someone to have that huge an impact on their teams that they can get a win rate that low proves they are either doing it intentionally, or there is not actually a player there but some kind of bot.
  14. In a tier 6 BB - the ship simply sailed straight towards our line. Never deviated once. Never fired once. Died first. Stats show what kind of an impact that type of play has on their team long term - for those who think that wins or losses are entirely out of their control, this proves IMO how clearly just one player can have an impact. Not sure what the best way to report this kind of bot is to get WG to take notice... reported for afk? I did save the replay to send it, but just don't know how to address it. @Ahskance, any suggestion where to send the replay?
  15. TheArc

    Ohio ASW

    It's a nerf on the Ohio, plain and simple. Just like the 5km ASW range on the Mass, Musashi and other good premium/special BBs that supposedly would never be nerfed.