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  1. TheArc

    T9 is the sweet spot

    Hrm, I don't see most of them that way, but a fair share - especially since there are as many all T10 matches as there are now. As to the CVs, that's been my consistent issue from the redesign. The tier balance is absolutely crap.
  2. Most of my shots were at an Iowa and a Neptune. I suspect the Iowa capt had everything to diminish fire chance b/c he just never ever caught fire. Definitely didn't abide the kind of ship cleaning with Kerosene that is common in some fleets! Yah, I hear ya. Not going to deny it, sometimes the two or three fires from a single salvo kinda RNG happens too. Though I won't come here to whine about that ;)
  3. And all the dakka dakka ships shouldn't be able to keep firing without the barrels heating up and causing the shells to get progressively less accurate. And fuel consumption on planes. And a finite number of planes on carriers. And carriers needing to launch a wing of planes before they can actually head out as a group in a sortie. And none of this wacky press R stuff to stop all fires and floods. Ya Durrrrrrrrrrrrr?
  4. Guys, that's the value they put on the PTS, if that's the "real" value then they simply aren't going to get many players to cash in that much FXP for them. They can't be worth that much, and if they are, the cries about "OP" will be as loud as ever.
  5. So, I think that's my lowest fire starting luck ever. Carrying both fire flags as well. I do have IFHE but no DE, so that should reduce my fire chance by 1% - but, well... geez. And no, the ships I was shooting at weren't already on fire. But wow... that's got to be my lowest fire % ever
  6. I must've been playing against you on Sunday. But on Monday we swapped teams. I chalk it up to the law of averages.
  7. TheArc

    New here

    Welcome aboard the board. And remember, no matter what anyone says, at the end of the day, it's all just pixels ;)
  8. TheArc

    Moskva becoming a premium ship

    The reason has to be to incentive the upcoming heavy cruisers. The Mosk doesn't really fit the way the whole line plays as it is now, so moving it to the heavy would work, but folks probably wouldn't grind the 8 & 9 if they already had that 10 unlocked. Yeah, I bought one lunar premium crate, got a camo for a premium ship I don't own. Last crate I'll ever buy from WG.
  9. TheArc

    The Albemarle is a chore to play

    Yah, the range and the terrible AP make it a very poor HE lobber. I hated the Hawkins, thought the Devon was solid, the Surrey was pretty meh, but the Albe has been a real chore. I had hopes that "heavy" cruisers would have AP as an option, but nopers. I'm sure the upcoming Russian line of paper ships will though. Yup. I have definitely found more success with DefAA than hydro. No point in getting up THAT close to the action if you can get nuked so easily by BBs - which is why I think it is so much better in late game than early, less chance of showing broadside to some ship way off in the distance. And decent enough AA to keep (at least tier 8,) CVs from just beating you endlessly.
  10. TheArc

    Research Bureau Reset

    I keep doing the UK DDs too. I had a bunch of captains for the UK line without ships, so it seemed like an easy fit. And the short frequent UK smoke seems to work well with the CV problems for most DDs. I'm almost done with the Jut again, I think this is my 4th run on the line. Still hate the Jervis... donno why but just can't win with her.
  11. TheArc

    Steamroll Hypothesis

    As others have mentioned and requested (and WG has always resisted,) some form of skill measuring in the MM is the only reasonable way to balance teams out. The impact might be minimal, but if don't smartly (after the teams are already picked, so that it doens't slow the teams getting set up,) then it would at least be SOMETHING to try and fix the issue. Agreed. The value of good players, especially a division of 3 very good ones is significant in any match, but most matches it seems to be the team with the most people licking their monitors clean that decides the battle. Can't blame it all on new folks too, there are plenty of people with thousands and thousands of battles who seem intent on dying as fast as they can and/or contributing as little as possible to their team. WG sure does seem to lock any discussions about it, don't they? :-/ I think that would be an incredibly stupid way of demonstrating how "smart" they think they are. They're losing a lot of experienced and money spending players because of the poor state of the game, so yah speeding up battles burns flags and camo, but if you think flags & camo sales are what drive the game I have to disagree with ya on that. Of course, WG does some unfathomably lame brained things - the way that they responded to the outcry regarding the Puerto Rico was a perfect example of just being stupid, lazy and short-sighted.
  12. Not sure if it has been mentioned, but the way that the smoke works for the Smol is particularly unique (as far as I know,) and it is extremely hard to accurately guess where it is in the smoke compared to other ships because of the way that the muzzle fire shows up. Someone posted a bunch of screenshots and info (months ago,) comparing how far the muzzle flash from the Smol was against other ships - but I can't find the post about it for more info.
  13. Yeah. I played 3 more games after my post last night, never switching the AP once and fared much better. I'm quite disappointed in that I really like the value of switching ammo types as a part of the prediction and play and mistakenly assumed because these were the 'heavy' line that they would pack the punch which made that kind of switch valuable. Clearly that is NOT the case. FWIW, I assumed 99% of his post was in jest. Well, I remain cautiously optimistic about the impact of the changes. Only time will tell. Of course with a name like "Killjoy" - you have to live up to it ;)
  14. Well, blerg. I guess I'm glad at least to know it wasn't just one of those 'git gud' moments. So, HE spam it is, how novel!
  15. Hrm. I didn't mind the Algerie. I thought the Lyon was an ok BB at T7, though she gets up tiered a lot and she's a fat target. The Rich was a huge improvement for sure. I agreed 100% on the Freddy. She was painful - though supposedly she's not as bad now with the accuracy buff. I think I spent half the FXP to get over her. I didn't mind the Icarus, but I have no luck with the Jervis at all. I love the Lightning & Jutland, but I just can't seem to get wins in the Jervis. Izmail I thought was a fine T6, though the Sinop is OP at 7 IMO. One I'll add is the Izumo, though after a friend suggested I stop trying to get the 3rd turret in play b/c of how terrible her armor is, I did a LOT better - though I think I spent half the FXP on skipping her as well.