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  1. There's a decent influx of "returning players" in Mass and JBs. I know a few folks who have returned that way. Which only adds to the higher tier folks who have no idea what they're doing in their ship aspect too.
  2. TheArc

    Top 3 Best "looking" camo in the game

    Yah, pretty much how I see it. I find the unrealistic camo to be tedious 99% of the time.
  3. Doesn't that depend on the clan?
  4. Just to make sure I'm clear here... I get 30K and I don't have to play a single ship to get that? Just reset the line? Because THAT tempts me.
  5. Even though it says you get the 10K only for resetting the lines? Or is it another 10K for resetting a line - so 20K free?
  6. When I moused over it in the armory it showed the 10,000 for first reset. Well, I never reset anything, but just spent 200 of the RP for Sierra Mike flags. So... I guess 10K free for doing nothing other than having enough tier 10 ships?
  7. TheArc

    a question of 3 coal cruisers

    I hear ya, but bad players being bad in any ship isn't the issue... it is good players being OP in a ship that's the issue.
  8. TheArc

    a question of 3 coal cruisers

    From everything I'm seeing, it will have to be... so OP it is annoying as hell.
  9. TheArc

    Smolensk is too weak Buff it WG !

    Needs lasers... PEW PEW PEW
  10. TheArc

    Did they change the Dynamic Crosshair?

    Like yourself... I'm thinking something is different. Not sure what's up, I use Aslain's but had used the default "dynamic" crosshair and I also have noticed that it seems less accurate since the last patch. I just updated my Aslain's and set one of the crosshair options from it instead - but it isn't working. So... I too am suspecting something the way it was setup and working has changed. I mostly eyeball it anyway now a days. Folks vary up direction and speed smartly at higher tiers anyway.
  11. It's been that way for me, but it depends on how much you're playing. If you are striving for the premium ships that they reward for the events it requires most of all the events to achieve it, but if you ignore the ship reward, they give you plenty of event money to buy camo or flags with.
  12. TheArc

    Großer Kurfürst

    I second this. And though I use and love manual secondaries on my Mass, I don't use them on the GK, instead letting it just spam at anything it can. The biggest tricky part of it in my opinion is keeping a smart distance until you're ready to fully get in the fray and get the advisors working. She's more vulnerable at range than a lot of other battleships are, but she can definitely tank up close, especially if you have maximum fire prevention setup.
  13. TheArc

    So, about the new event tokens...

    I've learned to just ignore all the last few ones, the rewards are definitely not worth the effort.