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  1. saber1979

    Possible Solution to Radar

    yea but it really really irritates a lot of players when a dd won't cap or be bait.
  2. saber1979

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Don't be so sure. The more dds refuse to cap or be a team member the more toxic the game will get and that will cost wg money in the long run.
  3. saber1979

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Doesn't matter either way, its retarded that you can have that much in a battle.
  4. saber1979

    Possible Solution to Radar

    That's what i do. I just did in in a match we lost, and a dead on my mino cried like a baby and actually asked the red team to report me. I'm not going to be bait so his moron self can lay back and farm damage from smoke.
  5. saber1979

    So you want to be toxic in chat?

    That's [edited]. I just had A tier 10 Okinawa match we had 6 BBs 4 CA, and 2 DDS. Guess what happened. I went C in my gearing and one CA and BB followed me. one BB and 2 CAs went B. The other dd went A and was followed by the other 4 BBs and CA. An you guessed it 2 BBs went through and 2 even bigger morons in a Yamato & Conqueror went around the top. Those of us outside A almost pulled it back, but just missed killing the shima who had 2k health left. All match everyone outside of A was telling them to get out, but they kept lemming training it. You know what, they deserved every bit of it, and its a good thing you can't reach through a monitor.........
  6. saber1979

    yolo day?

    Seriously wth is going on? 4 matches today and 4 strait losses even though i'm averaging 90k in my Gearing
  7. I've actually seen this work at high tiers.
  8. Their power would be more situational, since the planes would have fuel constants. they can't camp at the back of the map, and attack enemies on the far side of the map They can't loiter in a given area indefinitely denying that region of the map to the enemy They can't perma spot. They have to move up and be susceptible to damage if they want to hit targets. This is where the forced team play comes in, Now the CV needs a DD or a CA or both to run a screen for them.
  9. Yea it definitely wouldn't be across all tiers, it would be at the higher ones where an AA specked ship or can seriously tear up planes.
  10. The game puts such a high priority on stealth because, the maps are so small. stealth would be less important if being spotted didn't yield so many people shooting at you. Not to mention game modes can be tweaked to make battle quick even on big maps. for example. The longer you hold a cap the faster you acrue points. Only accrue points if a ship of yours is in the cap Tie points to the amount of damage done by your team while holding the cap Add a multiplie for the number of caps held. Also we do have some precedence for this, ranked & clan battles are 7 on 7. This is very similar to having a larger map for 12 on 12, the player density is lower so you have less people within range shooting. Not directly no, but they are responsible for it if they want to continue to make money. You need to keep it interesting for long term players who have learned everything they need to, but at the same time you have to make sure new players have a chance. If long term players get to stomp the crap out of a new player any time they make a tiny mistake that usually doesn't bode well for a games long term expectancy.
  11. Its a fine line though, because at some point its more chance/luck than skill for your average player. I'f I'm going to blow cash on something that's 90+% luck I'd rather do it at a casino where the potential reward makes it worth it.
  12. I had a ridiculous series of battles last night, every single battle was lopsided one way or the other, and it got me thinking. Pretty much everything people complain about at higher tiers other than radar working through islands (should be fixed period), is a spatial problem. Tier 10 maps come in 3 sizes. 36 Km x 36 Km = 1296 Km^2 42 Km x 42 Km = 1764 Km^2 48 Km x 348 Km = 2304 Km^2 Compare that to the ranges of some of the wepons in games. Yamato - base main battery range 26.6 Km - 2222 Km^2, more area than all but the largest map. Russian CA range - 11.7 Km (greater than a Gearings base main battery range) - 430 Km^2 33% of the smallest map, 18% of the largest map 16.5 Km torpedoes - 855 Km^2 65% of the smallest map, 37% of the largest map Now look at the way way meta is currently going. DDs won't cap unless they can get into strong cover, or the enemy radar ships are either all dead or accounted for. CAs hug rocks because they don't want to get deleted by a BB salvo BBs snipe from maximum range, because they don't want to get heat spammed or torped to death CVs are super rare, because all they can do is spot for the first part of the game till ships take significant damage to their AA guns. Lots of people hate cvs because they can perma spot indefinitely. The game keeps getting dumbed-down, and skill keeps getting removed and replaced with luck. Hence the reason play keeps becoming more and more passive. You make one mistake and all those ships that where outside detection range or just behind that island will light you up, because they are within firing range. Reliable Team play is non existent, unless you are in A division with people you can trust. Imo, this all comes back to a spatial issue, the maps are to small for all the ranges involved. Two possible simple fixes decrease all the ranges - Unless the code base is utter garbage, this should require almost no work. make the maps larger - Again this shouldn't be very difficult, its not like they are developing a completely new concept Make CV planes have fuel limits, so their ranges are limited. Lowe the AA ability of ships to give CVS a chance. what this accomplishes. Team play is encouraged, because going off on your own will limit you ability to deal damage to the enemy as they are further away. You can also end up in a real hurt locker, if you run into a group of reds because you have no one within range to support you Its easier for DDs to cap, spot, and flank. However they will be punished more harshly for mistakes, because your support is out of range, and the enemy can focus on you more. CAs can spend more time in the open, because half the enemy team isn't withing firing range. But they can't camp as much now because they run a higher risk of being flanked, spotted and/or torpedoed by a DD, or taken out by a CV. Not to mention since their range is reduced they must move up if they want to deal damage and help the team. BBs will have it much the same as CAs. If your spotted by a DD it's not so bad, he might be the only one within range to attack you. No more getting spotted by a dd and then lit on fire by multiple ships HE spamming you. On the positive side wen a CA makes a mistake you can really put the hurt on him, because he has less support, and is out in the open, not lobbing shells over an island with impunity. CVS Have a real chance of damaging any ship in the game, because AA isn't so dangerous, because ships are more spread out so you might only be withing range of one ships AA guns. Also its not as powerful as it currently is. However, your planes have limited fuel/range, so you can't hide at the back of the map, and you can't perma spot. When you are spotting someone they will be less likely to take damage because your support won't all be withing range of them. Honestly, i think this would push the game in a direction that's much more team oriented, because every type of ships is heavily punished for yoloing, and hanging back.
  13. saber1979

    yolo day?

    I mean look at this [edited], I have not seen matches this lopsided in a long long time.
  14. saber1979

    yolo day?

    was today yolo day or something? I literally had my worst day ever, 9 wins 15 looses. so many dar dars dying in the first 6 or 7 minutes.
  15. saber1979

    Possible Solution to Radar

    no genius, it proves you don't know crap about the differences between various dds lines. Try dodging rounds coming in from several ships in a Gearing. Hint, it doesn't work as well in all lines.