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  1. Destroyers and carriers win or lose a game, not battleships or cruisers.

    1. Special_Kay


      Yeah, pretty much. Cruiser-saturated matches can be rough though, at which point the early plan becomes cruiser-hammering. In a way, battleships and cruisers get to determine how the late-game CV/DD shenanigans play out.

  2. Iowa is one of the most overrated ships in the game.

  3. Seems like Skylate cpus have a few bugs. Fortunately I'm able to work around the problem

  4. Looks like it's time to try a new motherboard with my old i7 2600. And hope.

  5. Trying an old 460 to see if my computer is upset because of a bad vid card....

  6. New computer up and running. Still a few bugs though, including a very annoying freezing issue.

  7. AP is fixed, times are good. :D

  8. Not going to bother playing until 5.1 is undone.

  9. When will teams learn that if you let destroyers linger past about 10 minutes you lose the match?

  10. So I finally broke down and got a Tirpitz. Love how that boat just shrugs off enemy shells.

  11. I'll give this release one thing: Tier 8 battles sure are different now.

  12. So no more beta. Guess this is good enough to call done now.

  13. I'm starting to wonder where the fun in this game has gone to.

    1. nexisking


      no one knows tbh wargaming imo is going downhill for letting extremely stupid people play their games


  14. Back to normal games. :)

  15. Think I'll take this 2x weekend off. Too many window lickers come out on them. :(