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  1. If almost every single time you check after a match the winning team has a obviously higher average win percent then losing team, this proves it’s not a case of “well in the long run we’ll split up the most skilled and split up the weaker players”
  2. Try actually reading the post. The claim is that a large chunk of the more skilled players each match are stacked onto the same team, making most match outcomes predetermined. The proof of this is comparing the win % of both teams and noticing how the winning side has a noticeably higher average win percent. If the averages were close, then either side could win. So someone responds to a thread not bothering to read what was actually written? My goodness! *mind blown*.
  3. SeigeTank2010

    Racial Slurs in Chat

    It’s an intentional movement to censor points of view or to incite racial tension while getting those you pretend to defend to vote for your party. Mental slavery.
  4. SeigeTank2010

    Racial Slurs in Chat

    They’re not. I never see them. The real issue is people trying to incite racist hate by publicly screaming “racist!!” That you tried to pretend racist comments are not dealt with if reported was your first Freudian slip. This thread needs to be deleted.
  5. I said in the original post almost always. Sorry I didn't say it again. So if it's almost always, then that's ok?
  6. Go play a CV at tier 8 and 10 then find out from experience how lacking your knowledge of CVs are. CVs are horrible and overlapping AA makes them almost useless.
  7. Well when it’s a fact that the top 5 of a winning team always has a higher average win percent than the losing team, that proves balancing the win percents will go a long way towards making most matches balanced.
  8. I’m not commenting on detonations specifically. But a game element is not what leads to the predetermined wins and losses. It’s the clear stacking higher number of higher win percent players on the same team. When a match is over check the win percent of top 3 or 5 players of both teams: the winning side on most games has higher average win percent. Many notice how games are being stacked and wins handed out as those who benefit now try to claim win percent does not mean you’re better. LOL. This after years of bragging how good they are by pointing to their win percent. WG needs to change this and start splitting up players to give both teams the same average win percent as close as possible.
  9. SeigeTank2010

    CVS Still deleting DDs ( Rant/rage)

    Surrounded by allies, pop smoke, reinforced sectors, and claim you are 90% dead in 90 seconds? lol. If you’re going to exaggerate that much it becomes rather obvious.
  10. SeigeTank2010

    CV currently have the best stats in the game

    So gimp carriers so that most people hate them because they’re so horrible is an intentional part of their design “balance equation”? You continue to make it clear you understand nothing about carriers and that you just want to make sure they remain gimped so that they’re hardly played You’ve been exposed as only playing 2 games with carrier and yet you still try to pretend your win rate with only two games means they’re easy because your 2 game win rate stat (which could only be 100, 50 or 0) is better than your 1404 games win rate stat. This deception goes right along with your deceptive use of the stats you cite and your false claim of what they mean it’s unfortunate the devs seem to be listening to such clueless (or outright dishonest) posters.
  11. SeigeTank2010

    CV currently have the best stats in the game

    Sure. It’s obvious you don’t play them because in games 8-10 ships are all grouped up and you wipe if you try to attack. But go ahead and claim “it’s too easy ... taking easy shots” anyway proving you hardly play them now, if at all (edit: so you played twice, none since last gimp patch, and falsely try to claim that proves they’re easy Your being dishonest) Go ahead and post 3 replays of you playing the carrier showing how “easy” it is to take shots at grouped up ships in tier 8-10 without wiping. Make sure you show the date stamp proving it was done after the last anti carrier gimp job done by devs. Then show you got more xp and damage than every other ship type. PS your team winning doesn’t mean you’re the one that won it. If you’re handed a stronger team, you’ll win and vice versa regardless of your own ship type. The MM is broken and seems to be stacking more higher win stat players in same team and vice versa. Show your personal stats out-performing every other ship type, since “CV currently have the best stats in the game” So much for that false claim. The fact that you hardly see carriers in tier 8-10 just like before the rework is proof they gimped carriers, not proof they balanced it that you dishonestly push.
  12. SeigeTank2010

    CV currently have the best stats in the game

    Try again. The facts are the less skilled players have given up playing them. Tier 8 to 10 only see carriers 1 out of 4 matches that I don’t play one as opposed to seeing carriers every match when it first started before the first nerf They had a large new base. Now that they’ve gimped carriers into the ground less skilled players have factually all but given up. They’re now playing other ship types so if course average carrier numbers will go up while other ship types stats go down: do to switch of weaker players When they force every player to play 1 game on each ship type, then you’ll find out how much CVs are gimped. So stop with the deception. You’ve been told this before. And if carriers are so powerful then go play one. Oops. So much for that false claim.
  13. SeigeTank2010

    CV currently have the best stats in the game

    Then why aren’t people playing them? So much for your ignorant deception that you were schooled on before, but go on to lie and make the same false claims.
  14. SeigeTank2010

    CV currently have the best stats in the game

    Using your logic let’s get all the less skilled players to stop playing carriers because they were nerfed into oblivion, have them play all other ship types, then when the average stats of carriers go up and average of every other ship goes down we can pretend that means carriers have to be nerfed even more! if carriers were superior most people would be trying to play them yet they’re back to being played almost as infrequently as before the rework. Take a basic stats class to learn about knowing all the variables instead of falling for the deception of someone’s claim which ignores many critical variables.
  15. SeigeTank2010

    The real truth about your blowout losses

    Utterly false and complete nonsense. Here’s proof. After every match check the win % of the top 3 or top 5 and calculate the average. Almost every time the winning team has a higher average win %. That’s called a broken MM as outcomes are being determined before the match starts. More proof: there’s no way you’d so often see teams where half of one try to cap and only a couple of the other team try to cap So it needs to be fixed. If you have 24 players that come to play a sporting event, you split up the skilled players and split up the less skilled players so you have an interesting match. You dont instead put most of the skilled on one (just because they’re friends for example a.k.a. Divisions) and most of the less skilled on the other. That sets up a predetermined outcome and there’s no point. You can tell during the early part of a game of one side has more of these skilled players when half their team tries to cap while only 1 or 2 of yours does likewise. Already you can see the most likely loss coming. WG needs to fix it to split up the win % so the average of both teams are as close as possible. For many years these people with higher win percents using percents to gloat about their skill and the lack of skill of others, now they’re scampering to try pretending win percent now means nothing or that changing it won’t fix the problem, or that there just isn’t a problem. That’s rich. What a shame if now you’re no longer having stacked teams and being handed predetermined wins and instead will be getting as many losses as wins because finally the matches will be (gasp!) balanced.