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  1. A good meta change would be to either nerf accuracy or nerf shell flight time. The former would be difficult to implement given how many people just like to point and click. The second would be much easier to implement and more difficult to protest against. You'll still have your accuracy. Whether you have the same hit rate at 15km with 15 sec flight time is a different story. That's really the goal though, to lower hit rates, make it less punishing to be broadside. In reality ships used all their guns in battle to maximize their chances of hitting the enemy. We've just made hitting the enemy so easy it's better to prioritize minimizing the ship profile than utilizing the rear 33-50% of your firepower.
  2. Naughtius_Maximus

    Has wargaming commented on this disaster?

    Wow, it's almost as if you limiting yourself to forwards and reverse opens you up for torpedoes. And moving like normal ships do opens you up to getting cits. Who knew? All I hear from this is "Wahhhh! I can't travel at <20 knots for extended time periods and be resistant to all forms of damage! Unfair!"
  3. Yeah, you're still a tad too close in the Gneisnau. You need to be a few hundred miles further out. Now you can use that armor to tank a couple extra bombs and torpedoes. Oh look you can't because you can't dodge as many or shoot down as many planes as the 30 or something DDs that it cost to make you. Oh look the one AA platform that can't even keep up with the fleet went down and now we have no screening for the CV. Guess we lost. That what if is very farfetched given the superior production might and oil reserves the US had over everyone else. We play the underdog card way too much, enough so that most people aren't aware of how dominating the US was in this era. It was no exaggeration to say that the Western Hemisphere (mostly US and some Venezuela) had over half of the usable oil production at the time of the war, and Lend Lease (both supplies and logistics) exemplified the massive production capabilities of the US over the other Great Powers. What if that happened? Then you just hop islands, burn their fuel reserves while they have constant oil shortages, and are eventually immobilized as glorified port decorations. Oh yeah, Yamato is going to push the US all the way back to California due to its sheer might "if" it had AA support and we had no Iowas. It just isn't realistic even under what if scenarios.
  4. You're ignoring the part where BBs are also relegated to screening vessels. WG should really make BBs a screening vessel. I mean, that's mostly what they did in WW2. Screened for the real capital ships. You're basically pointing out something that obsoleted one role from all ship classes in WW2. To engage other surface ships. Yes, it diminished the DD class. It flat out obliterated the other two. Kinda why nobody made WW2 era designs of Battleships. All built BBs are prewar designs.
  5. It is, but also irrelevant. WG has been keeping track of players WR vs tank wr since....2013? As in, they see if a tank is overperforming at different Player WR brackets. So no matter how many 60% WR players quit DDs, they'd still have specific data from other 60% WR DD players. Just less. It's going to be hell to try and pull up that thread, but shortly after switching to that method they nerfed a slew of "hidden" overperforming tanks. Such the new tier 10 TDs they introduced (invisible [edited]. Or worse, [edited] that just ran right up in your face and out DPM'd you while being impossible to flank like Foch or Object 268), and the KV-1S.
  6. Incorrect question to ask. Guns and torpedoes evolved into missiles. Its role remained the same, to screen for larger ships. BBs and CAs could also upgrade to missiles, except regardless of all that with the existence of CVs they are still shunted to the same screening and ASW role as DDs, and they are vastly inferior in that role. Dare say, obsolete.
  7. Yet again, applies to both BBs and Cruisers. If anything they came out worse off, as the definition of a surface battle evolved to hundreds of miles away in WW2 alone. If anything it'd be more accurate to say with the coming of CV DDs were made the least obsolete of the three other classes.
  8. Surface gunfire support.....yeah, not really useful there. We island hopped to install airfields that could bombard strongholds, if not bypass them entirely. You're quoting a handful of times BBs were useful. Meanwhile for the rest of it they're a vastly more expensive and less useful for doing the really important work. Screening for capital ships (Carriers.) USN BBs weren't used offensively because they were obsolete. It was simply cheaper and more efficient to screen the real capital ships with smaller ships. As you said. They can't do the task. What about the British and Germans in the Atlantic are you even going to quote? What did they show us? That both the Germans and Italians had to keep everything in port due to chronic severe oil shortages? They may as well not have had a surface navy.
  9. Pretty sure that applies to every non CV in the navy. If anything what you said applies even more to larger surface ships like BBs, except they're even worse at screening and ASW. The only things the new capital ships needed.
  10. Naughtius_Maximus

    The Current State of DD vs. CV

    I find CVs have been the same as before. Less annoying even, because nowadays they need to fully commit to you in order to end your game. Previously a CV can just hover a fighter over you to end your game, and worse be able to do other things while doing so. It was especially worse since planes could just immediately spot your torpedoes, so you'd basically be stuck with guns in smoke the entire game. I'm guessing players are getting salty that CVs now actually try to damage you instead of just spotting you forever, but hell, old CVs could do that too. They just didn't often do so unless they were really good and were willing to use their precious runs to end a DDs game rather than farm damage.
  11. Naughtius_Maximus

    Tips for DD Duels

    Guy has better concealment, but that doesn't change how you'll handle him. It is up to him if he wants to make this duel a sustained duel to the death. This is determined by which way he is facing. I tend to mirror their moves, as Sims has advantage within detection ranges, but fares poorly engaging outside of that (so engaging past 7km is bad.) So long as he is heading towards you you should engage. Means he is getting closer, and the closer he gets the bigger advantage the Sims has. If his tail is facing you, you should also turn away. Get your licks in up until he gets to ~6.5 km (sooner if he's already running full speed,) then stop firing and get back under concealment. He can't keep you lit while you're both running away. Reset the matchup. Rinse and repeat, if you must. Unless he is crippled you never want to go chasing (and firing at) fleeing enemies past 6km range. USN DDs aren't particularly fast and you'd need to angle to bring full DPM to bear, allowing them to pull away further into ranges where the USN 5" shell arcs come into play. Never bother with torpedoes until they're within 4km. Personally I would not bother with them at all until 2km. They are unreliable, you'd typically be missing one if not two reloads worth of damage, and those two salvos could be enough to determine if you win immediately, or die and maybe get the flesh wound medal 10 seconds later. It's also super unproductive versus German Hydro.
  12. Naughtius_Maximus

    One of World of Warships biggest problem that no one addresses

    Pretty sure I addressed this over a year ago. Quit the game about the same time in disgust Softest way to fix this would be to scale all guns properly. We can either only give them ONE buff per tier. If there is an extra turret well that's the buff then. If caliber increases, ditto. No more hey this new tier has an extra turret, better pen, accuracy, AND range. Meanwhile defense remains stagnant at best, regressive would be more accurate. Or instead of arbitrary line limits and radar, you scale all shell velocities so that the Cleveland's current shell flight times are the fastest. Aka nerf the bejesus out of everyone's shell flight time. ~12 seconds to fly 14km, fastest shell velocity. Only gets slower from there. Cleveland (well tier 6 Cleveland, haven't played in a while) was where it was at. If you had all Clevelands the game was to be quite entertaining as many closed the gap just so they can hit each other. More skilled players shot from further away, but max range (16km with pre nerf AFT) was fairly difficult to land. You can play in the open in Cleveland only fight just because the shell flight time made accuracy more.....historical.
  13. Naughtius_Maximus

    Premium Ship Review: Atlanta 3.0

    The only thing I'd want from her currently are 1. Usable torpedo arcs. Yeah they're pretty bad, almost IJN CA arcs. 2. Usable torpedoes. 4km is at disaster range, especially since you first need to approach then do almost a full turn to bring them to bear.
  14. Naughtius_Maximus

    Premium Ship Review: Atlanta 3.0

    There is little need for both Hydro and Radar on Atlanta. You aren't exactly fast or durable enough to approach hydro, and premium radar has a low enough CD for all needs. DF however is immensely helpful in eradicating spotter planes (for when they inevitably approach your island,) and to ward yourself from the occassional good CV players in ranked. Atlanta is surprisingly squishy to planes without DF as a deterrent.
  15. Naughtius_Maximus

    Premium Ship Review - USS Sims 2.0

    Tier 2 reload for tier 2 torpedoes Seriously though, would definitely be a buff yet differentiate it from the Mahan.