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  1. Naughtius_Maximus

    Tips for DD Duels

    Guy has better concealment, but that doesn't change how you'll handle him. It is up to him if he wants to make this duel a sustained duel to the death. This is determined by which way he is facing. I tend to mirror their moves, as Sims has advantage within detection ranges, but fares poorly engaging outside of that (so engaging past 7km is bad.) So long as he is heading towards you you should engage. Means he is getting closer, and the closer he gets the bigger advantage the Sims has. If his tail is facing you, you should also turn away. Get your licks in up until he gets to ~6.5 km (sooner if he's already running full speed,) then stop firing and get back under concealment. He can't keep you lit while you're both running away. Reset the matchup. Rinse and repeat, if you must. Unless he is crippled you never want to go chasing (and firing at) fleeing enemies past 6km range. USN DDs aren't particularly fast and you'd need to angle to bring full DPM to bear, allowing them to pull away further into ranges where the USN 5" shell arcs come into play. Never bother with torpedoes until they're within 4km. Personally I would not bother with them at all until 2km. They are unreliable, you'd typically be missing one if not two reloads worth of damage, and those two salvos could be enough to determine if you win immediately, or die and maybe get the flesh wound medal 10 seconds later. It's also super unproductive versus German Hydro.
  2. Naughtius_Maximus

    One of World of Warships biggest problem that no one addresses

    Pretty sure I addressed this over a year ago. Quit the game about the same time in disgust Softest way to fix this would be to scale all guns properly. We can either only give them ONE buff per tier. If there is an extra turret well that's the buff then. If caliber increases, ditto. No more hey this new tier has an extra turret, better pen, accuracy, AND range. Meanwhile defense remains stagnant at best, regressive would be more accurate. Or instead of arbitrary line limits and radar, you scale all shell velocities so that the Cleveland's current shell flight times are the fastest. Aka nerf the bejesus out of everyone's shell flight time. ~12 seconds to fly 14km, fastest shell velocity. Only gets slower from there. Cleveland (well tier 6 Cleveland, haven't played in a while) was where it was at. If you had all Clevelands the game was to be quite entertaining as many closed the gap just so they can hit each other. More skilled players shot from further away, but max range (16km with pre nerf AFT) was fairly difficult to land. You can play in the open in Cleveland only fight just because the shell flight time made accuracy more.....historical.
  3. Naughtius_Maximus

    Premium Ship Review: Atlanta 3.0

    The only thing I'd want from her currently are 1. Usable torpedo arcs. Yeah they're pretty bad, almost IJN CA arcs. 2. Usable torpedoes. 4km is at disaster range, especially since you first need to approach then do almost a full turn to bring them to bear.
  4. Naughtius_Maximus

    Premium Ship Review: Atlanta 3.0

    There is little need for both Hydro and Radar on Atlanta. You aren't exactly fast or durable enough to approach hydro, and premium radar has a low enough CD for all needs. DF however is immensely helpful in eradicating spotter planes (for when they inevitably approach your island,) and to ward yourself from the occassional good CV players in ranked. Atlanta is surprisingly squishy to planes without DF as a deterrent.
  5. Naughtius_Maximus

    Premium Ship Review - USS Sims 2.0

    Tier 2 reload for tier 2 torpedoes Seriously though, would definitely be a buff yet differentiate it from the Mahan.
  6. Naughtius_Maximus

    Premium Ship Review - USS Sims 2.0

    I generally shy away from using the torpedoes at all in a DD fight. Many people make this mistake when initially getting into the fight, and can spend up to five seconds getting the tubes aimed. Within that five seconds <7.3km range I can easily (and usually do) deal critical damage from which you can't come back from in this engagement. You'll have to retreat or die, usually by popping smoke. And if you live through it now you have to undergo the same horror except with a huge health disadvantage. Also, I get your smoke. At best I would release the torpedoes vs other DDs well into 3km range, and vs a Sims in particular it would be best to hold them until 2km. I generally begin turning away from enemies by 3.5km for exactly this reason. Sims is still extremely deadly to other DDs at 3.5km-5km range even if I have to turn away
  7. Naughtius_Maximus

    Premium Ship Review - USS Sims 2.0

    There really is only one place the Sims excels at, surprising and forcing a close range engagement with other destroyers. Barring maybe Minekaze and its clones (still unlikely,) there are absolutely no ships that can detect a Sims without itself getting detected shortly afterwards. In fact there are very few situations at all where people can do this 1. They are sailing parallel from you at the time of detection. If you're sailing towards objectives, this means they've been sailing away from the objective. Or at bravest shaving away at the distance in preparation for flight. Yeah have fun with that, I'm going to go win now. 2. Stern facing you at speed. He either is prepared for flight or you caught him desperately trying to run but are gaining on him since you're faster. Either way they are running from you, and if you're heading towards objective, they're running from objectives. 3. If enemy is not a complete moron, they'd at least try to sail towards objectives, and here's where you catch them If you sail the Sims with confidence there are only very few situations where you would need to turn away. 1. Cruiser or BB <10km of you, but you can see all except Atlanta by the time this becomes an issue 2. Fletcher, you can somewhat handle Bensons and even Udalois. 3. More than one DD, with IJN not counting as a DD of concern. Aka you can easily handle USN + Fubuki or whatever. In all other situations if you continue to sail straight on you will encounter the enemy DD, who will now either 1. Engage you at <7.3 km range and be highly disadvantaged (read: die.) 2. Turn away or be in the process of turning away, ruining his turret traverse, slowing him down allowing you to approach, and basically giving you 20-30 seconds to wail on him at <7.3km range if he does not pop smoke 3. Pop smoke a. If they stay in smoke, as the most agile DD in these tiers there are no ships better at knife fighting into smoke like the Sims. More often than not he'll die. b. If he's smart he would forfeit his smoke and bail, giving you free smoke and securing your immediate area for the next five minutes. If they leave said 7.3km range just stop firing, get back into stealth, and repeat the process until they die. They will almost always trade worse than you will. This is pretty much the only situation Sims (or other low concealment USN DDs) excels in. Sims in particular sucks in everything else, as LWM has mentioned. Huge Warning Sign: If you cannot play like this DO NOT BUY THE SIMS. It will absolutely destroy your overall stats. To play the Sims (or any USN DD in general) you absolutely need to understand when to be bold. Benson and higher give huge leniency in this regard due to their IJN like concealment, but despite that the overall gameplay is the same. This is the key tactic to playing USN DDs, don't play this class of DDs (or buy the Sims for that especially) unless you understand this. This is especially true if you're the type to immediately turn away when lit. You forfeit the entire tactic above if you turn away, as the entire tactic of engaging close falls apart if you yourself are trying to get some distance with your surprised foe.