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    One of World of Warships biggest problem that no one addresses

    Pretty sure I addressed this over a year ago. Quit the game about the same time in disgust Softest way to fix this would be to scale all guns properly. We can either only give them ONE buff per tier. If there is an extra turret well that's the buff then. If caliber increases, ditto. No more hey this new tier has an extra turret, better pen, accuracy, AND range. Meanwhile defense remains stagnant at best, regressive would be more accurate. Or instead of arbitrary line limits and radar, you scale all shell velocities so that the Cleveland's current shell flight times are the fastest. Aka nerf the bejesus out of everyone's shell flight time. ~12 seconds to fly 14km, fastest shell velocity. Only gets slower from there. Cleveland (well tier 6 Cleveland, haven't played in a while) was where it was at. If you had all Clevelands the game was to be quite entertaining as many closed the gap just so they can hit each other. More skilled players shot from further away, but max range (16km with pre nerf AFT) was fairly difficult to land. You can play in the open in Cleveland only fight just because the shell flight time made accuracy more.....historical.