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  1. The ship should come with the purchase of a 50 dollar digital copy.
  2. Notser talk some sense into these guys!!

    Homing torps NO good!!! Auto depth charges NO good!!! the whole fun of this game is the skill aspect !!! why do you think everyone liked the old cv style. I was excited to manually roll off depth charges and become a hunter or get good at leading my targets in a sub... not so much anymore... Why the lame gameplay look at a game called STEEL OCEAN they did it right.

  3. I am a ship builder hobbyist. I would like to get a physical ship of the premium ship I purchase. Why not offer it? WOT used to.
  4. ThePoacher

    Display cases instead of port.

    Captain, Thank you for your feedback. We will pass this on to the development team. In the meantime, what are your opinions on our Armada series? Love it.
  5. ThePoacher

    Display cases instead of port.

    Great feedback!!!
  6. WG, I am a model ship builder and personally would rather see my "collection" of ships in a sort of display or glass case view instead of an arcade port. Would'nt it make more sense to have a collection view? Would it encourage "collections" or "collectors"? Maybe even a choice of designing it? Museum view? You would be able to put your historical videos and ship history incorporated into it. This would give me a way to look at my ships close up in detail in a case or a shelf. I would be able to stand back maybe walk around my ships on display or see them on a shelf instead of this lame carousel.......blaa. Just an idea