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  1. Maybe I am the only one, but here lately I have become very irritated with the in-game daily containers. I select containers with the purpose of getting what the items that the container claims to contain, not a whole bunch of random crap that I didn't choose. Let me start by saying that I am very appreciative to WG for allowing us to obtain Premium items for free on a daily basis, it keeps me playing with no worry of having to spend doubloons on Damage Controls. However, could we please REWORK the containers to ONLY give out items from the selected category? I opened 115 containers tonight because i stockpile them for the fun of it and open them at the end of each month. Tonight was supposed to be a fun night of seeing how much stuff i had gotten from the containers that i had chosen. Sadly i did not get even close to what i had EXPECTED from the containers i chose. Coal is a new resource, so as avid players we want to stockpile this new resource, so we select the coal containers expecting them to be loaded with coal to spend in the arsenal. This is definitely NOT the case. 95% of my coal containers were loaded with items other than coal. I got free exp, flags, a port slot and other junk in my COAL containers. Coal Container Rewards are as follows: Coal/Flags/Flags: 10% Coal/FreeXP/Flags: 10% Coal/FreeXP/FreeXP: 75% Coal/Coal/Coal:5% Roughly the same numbers for the Consumables Containers I opened tonight as well. WHY? Why is there so much unrelated crap on containers. If I wanted free exp I would grind it. If I wanted credits I would go for the credits containers. If I wanted flags, I would go for the flags containers. If I want consumables, I will go for consumables containers. does anyone else feel kinda cheated when they select what they WANT from a branded container, only to get something that IS NOT supposed to be in there?
  2. Planetos

    Azur lane camo?

    i too have been looking for them since they were mentioned. granted I only have Cleveland Nelson and Hood. i did pick up the halloween camo for Tirpitz and a few other ships but thats about it. Nothing for Azur Lane so far.
  3. Planetos

    Is anyone else feeling burnt out?

    I too feel a bit burned out. the race to tier 10 is getting to the really grindy, not so fun part, Especially with all the HE spam going on. Fires need a nerf of some kind. I also feel that a more spread out pattern of events would be nice, not to mention make events for a lot more tiers of ships. i have a lot of the "unique" event ships from the past year that are indeed collecting dust due to the tier restriction of tier 4 and higher. Make events that are available to more than the run of the mill tiers. hell it might even make the lower tiers more interesting based on what ships people have. the burned out feeling is real WG.
  4. has anyone eles noticed a bug with special camo on their ships? i just found a nasty looking one on my Richelieu. the camo on the guns elevates and disappears into the casemate but the decorations on the guns stay at normal resting position. the bug is barely noticeable in port, but clearly evident in battle. just looks wierd.
  5. Planetos

    Fix broken USN fighter squadrons

    the Zuiho is my go to for ship sinking missions, but its extremely annoying to go against 7 tier 5 fighters that can somehow, shoot down all 5 of my fully boosted IJN fighters. I run Dog-Fighting Expert, and both modules that boost the effectiveness of my fighters ( no need for reduced service time at tier 5), and the flag that increases fighter DPS, but still end up losing too many fighters. i am not asking for IJN fighters to win every time, but seriously, fix the RNG fest, when the stats on IJN are clearly better, they need to show.
  6. i understand what the OP is saying about battles becoming too long ranged and drawn out. but you want a real solution to the long range fighting? nerf DD torp alpha in half and reduce the DOT damage of Flooding. Battleships are staying at long range because torps are extremely OP. and it literally only takes 1 torp to ruin 90% of a battleship. and yes i know to save my DC, but thats not the problem. it is too easy for DDs to just spam torps and run away without a sufficient counter. Battleships are supposed to be the best equipped ships on the water, why are they does it take soo long to fix flooding or fires on a floating city? cruisers and DDs are not equipped to be self-sustaining, yet they are the ships that got the reduction to fire times. If you want closer battles, then something needs to be done about alpha strikes on all sides.
  7. For the love of ships, WG please fix how broken USN fighters are. no matter what combination of modules and loadouts I use i cannot EVER win a straight up fight against USN fighters. its not balanced its not fun. fix it. its extremely annoying how much of an RNG fest there is when fighters dogfight. even 3 USN fighters magically shoot down all 5 of my IJN ones, which HISTORICALLY were always better than USN fighters as far as armament. yet for some reason this game always lets the USN fighters win. fix it.