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  1. Planetos

    Weekly Combat Missions: Black Friday

    i only got one black ship last year and it was the Mass. very good ship. not gonna complain at all as the box was free, and anything free is totally awesome.
  2. Planetos

    Public Test - 0.8.4 - Bugs Report

    i have an account on the NA Server and the RU server. but still have no access to the Test server. WG Center won't accept either login for the Test Client. i go to submit a password reset and i never recieve the activation emails even tried registering a new account and it says my email is already in use, but if the email is already in use why am I not getting the password reset emails for the PT server? i am getting the password reset emails from the RU and the NA server. just a little frustrating. i guess i will miss out on a free tier 6, but clearly the problem is on WG's end. i have covered my bases as best i can for now.
  3. Planetos

    Public Test - 0.8.4 - Bugs Report

    only problem i have so far is that NONE of my WG IDs are working to long in on the NA PT server.
  4. Planetos

    Better Incentives for PTS

    the incentives are nice. i just want to be able to access the test server, i have a RU server and an NA server account, but neither credentials are working.
  5. same here. I am not getting the emails sent to the account I have registered with WG. never have. Even when i signed up for WOT Sandbox and got accepted, I still never got the registration emails.
  6. hard to handle the HE spam when you get insta popped with 4 fires. also IFHE helps mitigate the supposed HE resistant deck armor. So far the USSR BBs are not all that appealing. i have all 4 of them at present and have to say, the Vlad at tier 8 is abysmal. it takes the first 5 min of a match to even get to acceptable firing at max range, and before that you are already spotted and taking damage, if not ON FIRE already. the limited number of DC is just plain stupid. just about every match i get HE spammed to death in my USSR BBs and take, what i consider too much damage for being "designed as accurate close range BBs" Being on fire the whole match because you have limited number of DC is not fun and engaging at all. WG needs to lower the chance of catching fire in USSR BBs significantly for them to actuallly be able to survive on the front, especially at that 15km range where cruisers will rip you apart with IFHE and fires. and unless the sigma is tweaked a little more, the USSR BBs are just different colored USN ships with limited DC. i have been at 10km from an enemy bb and still miss 75% of my shells, and yes i do have aiming system equipped.
  7. I am quite positive i am not the only player that has a lot of low tier ships that they like to play. However with a full time job, and trying to keep up with all of the Tier 5 and up events and missions, my low tiers are starting to collect dust . before anyone says anything stupid, I know the missions and events are NOT necessary, but when these events are going on, the low tier MM is also pretty scarce. What would you think if WG came up with a special event that required LOW TIER ships (Tier 2-4) to complete, as opposed to the usual (Tier 5-X) missions and events? There are plenty of special and unique ships at low tiers that could be used by players of any skill lvl, which would add some flavor to the low tiers for a limited time. Share your thoughts please.
  8. Of course WG are going to lock certain ships behind Anime Collaborations. Their objective is to make money, and if the only way to get it is to buy the Anime ship, then you either grow a set of balls and get over the fact that it has a nice camo, or you live without. I personally LOVE that WG is creative enough to collaborate with other companies for these unique types of content. Just sad that the "realists" want to whine about adding new flare to the game. If you don't like it, you don't have to spend money on it. If we are going to be on that topic of "why is this ship ONLY for Anime", well, where is the NON STEEL version of the Stalingrad? Oh, there isn't one? thats a shame. lets whine about it until there is one. WELL DONE WG, keep up the Cool Collabs. forget about the whiny people that want a vanilla version. Keep it unique.
  9. Planetos

    Total crap with the FPS drops.......

    can't believe i am still having these FPS Issues. and its ONLY with WOWS. i have installed multiple other games and am able to run them at max res with no issues. WOWS still struggles even when i run reduced gfx settings.
  10. Just curious to see if anyone from WG can shed any light on whether the OKT will get any kind of accuracy buffs to put her in line with the rest of the new USSR BBs that have recently been added. Been playing her a lot in order to get commanders ready fr the new ships, but have noticed that her accuracy at close range is still all over the board. She does not reliably hit anything, even under 10k. If she will not be getting any kind of accuracy buffs or anything thats fine, but I feel that a SLIGHT buff would help her feel more at home when training captains as a premium ship. just my opinion. thoughts?
  11. consider it a done deal. I love my Vampire, just wish there were premium skins for it, but WG does not seem to show love for low tier ships :(
  12. Planetos


    so lets get this straight. during early testing, the "NEW" rocket planes were INTENDED to counter DDs. however their damage is still fairly low and you are basically removing any ability to kill dds now? what is this [edited]? you put attack planes in the game specifically to kill DDs, but since they are good at this role they need a nerf? but DDs don't get a nerf to torp damage, or main battery shell damage? if you are going to reduce the ability for us to hit DDs with rockets, at least increase the chance to set them on fire SIGNIFICANTLY. and for crying out loud, FIX AA. its waaaay more broken than CVs atm. losing entire squads to and ALREADY DISSIPATING flak burst is just dumb, and continuous damage is too high. I was excited for the CV rework after playing on the test server, CVs felt fun. Now you are just taking away anything that WAS fun to do as a carrier. if CVs are not buffed significantly in the very near future, i will probably put this game down for good like i have with many games before this due to the favoritism toward a single class being completely OP, that class being DDs. DDs have seen the ABSOLUTE MOST buffs since the game went live out of beta. FIX IT
  13. looks like the first poster has absolutely no life. 14k battles and he is whining about only 100 coal. if it is legitimately 100 coal per win, i am down. don't worry WG, the second poster probably just bots his matches and is completely unhappy with the sun coming up everyday. I always enjoy the Holiday Events. Keep them coming.
  14. Maybe I am the only one, but here lately I have become very irritated with the in-game daily containers. I select containers with the purpose of getting what the items that the container claims to contain, not a whole bunch of random crap that I didn't choose. Let me start by saying that I am very appreciative to WG for allowing us to obtain Premium items for free on a daily basis, it keeps me playing with no worry of having to spend doubloons on Damage Controls. However, could we please REWORK the containers to ONLY give out items from the selected category? I opened 115 containers tonight because i stockpile them for the fun of it and open them at the end of each month. Tonight was supposed to be a fun night of seeing how much stuff i had gotten from the containers that i had chosen. Sadly i did not get even close to what i had EXPECTED from the containers i chose. Coal is a new resource, so as avid players we want to stockpile this new resource, so we select the coal containers expecting them to be loaded with coal to spend in the arsenal. This is definitely NOT the case. 95% of my coal containers were loaded with items other than coal. I got free exp, flags, a port slot and other junk in my COAL containers. Coal Container Rewards are as follows: Coal/Flags/Flags: 10% Coal/FreeXP/Flags: 10% Coal/FreeXP/FreeXP: 75% Coal/Coal/Coal:5% Roughly the same numbers for the Consumables Containers I opened tonight as well. WHY? Why is there so much unrelated crap on containers. If I wanted free exp I would grind it. If I wanted credits I would go for the credits containers. If I wanted flags, I would go for the flags containers. If I want consumables, I will go for consumables containers. does anyone else feel kinda cheated when they select what they WANT from a branded container, only to get something that IS NOT supposed to be in there?
  15. Planetos

    Azur lane camo?

    i too have been looking for them since they were mentioned. granted I only have Cleveland Nelson and Hood. i did pick up the halloween camo for Tirpitz and a few other ships but thats about it. Nothing for Azur Lane so far.